Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-11-28/Log

[3:31pm] cary-office: Yes, starting the meeting ----------------
[3:31pm] Platonides: very few people..
[3:31pm] cary-office: seanw says he has SCHOOL work
[3:31pm] brianmc: heh it's wednesday, I'm actually meant to be here
[3:32pm] cary-office: heh
[3:32pm] cary-office: I have two items on the agenda
[3:32pm] cary-office: New projects
[3:33pm] cary-office: First off... reaching out to the Japanese community
[3:33pm] htchie1: it's lunch time here
[3:33pm] htchie1: will get lunch box after this meeting 
[3:33pm] cary-office: Ultimately we'd like to have a Wikimedia presence in Japan
[3:34pm] cary-office: A chapter, etc.
[3:34pm] htchie1: that's great
[3:34pm] brianmc: If I can help out getting stuff cross-wiki for ja.wikinews let me know
[3:35pm] cary-office: Well, I think the first thing we need is to identify active translators
[3:35pm] cary-office: So we can understand the concerns of the communities
[3:35pm] Markie996: slap transcom and their channel?
[3:35pm] cary-office: noooo
[3:35pm] Markie996: hehe
[3:35pm] Markie996: ok then
[3:36pm] cary-office: We need a large group of people who can speak English and Japanese
[3:36pm] cary-office: So we can get some idea of what the issues with Chapter creation are with the community
[3:36pm] brianmc: cary-office: I am working on the principle at the moment that we accredit one reporter from each non-english community as a liason.
[3:37pm] htchie1: I think there will be a issue in the ja community
[3:37pm] htchie1: the ja community is a little close
[3:37pm] brianmc: Can they put forward one rep?
[3:37pm] cary-office: htchie1: Right.  Which is why I want to start with people who can read both Japanese and English
[3:37pm] htchie1: not very open to non-ja people
[3:37pm] cary-office: To allow us to communicate
[3:38pm] htchie1: ya
[3:38pm] cary-office: This is a very busy page:
[3:38pm] cary-office: htchie1: Also, The Yen is the 5th biggest currency in the fundraiser
[3:38pm] cary-office: If people can't donate tax-deductable
[3:38pm] htchie1: cary-office: that's great
[3:39pm] cary-office: We want to reach out and help them organize
[3:39pm] cary-office: But the first step is identifying people willing to be intermediaries
[3:39pm] htchie1: as to what I saw, they are already in progress
[3:40pm] cary-office: Yes, but where in the process?
[3:40pm] cary-office: Who can read that?  
[3:40pm] patricio_ joined the chat room.
[3:40pm] htchie1: I can read some of them, the chinese part
[3:40pm] cary-office: Oh, there is Chinese there too?
[3:41pm] htchie1: Japanese is from Chinese
[3:41pm] cary-office: Right
[3:41pm] htchie1: so they still keep some Chinese in the sentence
[3:41pm] htchie1: but I cannot read all of them
[3:41pm] htchie1: there are transformations already
[3:42pm] patricio_ left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[3:42pm] htchie1: they are still voting for the creation of the chapter
[3:42pm] cary-office: Right?
[3:42pm] htchie1: I can see the voting result is "OK, let's create one"
[3:43pm] cary-office: But the vote has lasted so long
[3:43pm] htchie1: they want to have 20 or more volunteers to create the chapter, now they have 24 votes for OK
[3:43pm] htchie1: ya, it's in August
[3:44pm] cary-office: So how do we follow up?
[3:44pm] htchie1: let me check the rest of it
[3:44pm] cary-office: I need someone who speaks Japanese willing to contact these people and find out how they're doing, what they need, etc.
[3:45pm] brianmc: I am pissed I no longer get BBC World here. Want to see jimmy's interview with them while he is in UK
[3:45pm] htchie1: hum....
[3:45pm] htchie1: cary-office: do you think Aphaia can do it?
[3:45pm] cary-office: htchie1: no
[3:46pm] htchie1: althouth Aphaia seems not to be welcomed in the ja community.... 
[3:46pm] cary-office: htchie1: We need someone who is welcome in wikija
[3:46pm] htchie1: then we need someone else
[3:46pm] cary-office: Aphaia can help us figure out what they're saying
[3:46pm] cary-office: But beyond that
[3:46pm] htchie1: We Wikimedia Taiwan has one editor on and knows how's it going on
[3:47pm] htchie1: maybe I could check with him
[3:47pm] cary-office: heh
[3:47pm] htchie1: his ja ability is ja-2 I guess
[3:47pm] cary-office: oh, that's great
[3:47pm] htchie1: but only the writing ability, not to speak
[3:48pm] htchie1:
[3:48pm] cary-office: okay, well that's one
[3:48pm] htchie1: cary-office: I think you know who he is, he is Alex SH
[3:48pm] cary-office: So, htchie1 I will count on your help in finding people 
[3:48pm] cary-office: Ohhh, Alex SH
[3:48pm] cary-office: And brianmc too
[3:48pm] cary-office: ---- note here cary ----
[3:48pm] cary-office: heh
[3:48pm] brianmc: cary-office: This thing has taken on a life of its own, if we manage 4-5 languages within an hour of the embargo being lifted we'll make AP and Reuters look like amateurs.
[3:49pm] cary-office: brianmc: Let's make sure the English doesn't look Amatuerish 
[3:49pm] brianmc: I will rewrite as required
[3:50pm] cary-office: Okay, second item on the agenda
[3:50pm] cary-office: New Projects - New project. How best to identify areas in the various parts of the Wikimedia communities that need people to be involved, in order that we can coordinate involvement and communication among them.
[3:50pm] cary-office: Okay
[3:50pm] cary-office: one of the biggest complaints about CPG is that we have nothing to do
[3:51pm] cary-office: Well, the thing is, there's plenty to do around Wikimedia
[3:51pm] cary-office: It's just not been brought here in a format that's agreeable
[3:51pm] cary-office: So I'd like to find out how to identify places that need help
[3:51pm] cary-office: Like Wikibooks card catalog, for instance
[3:52pm] HistoryOnTheRoad joined the chat room.
[3:53pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Hello
[3:53pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheRoad has volunteered
[3:53pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Meeting over? (I've been trying to get on for more then 10 minutes)
[3:53pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad guesses not
[3:53pm] cary-office: No, I'm on the second agenda item
[3:53pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: What am I doing cary?
[3:53pm] cary-office: We've worked through the first one
[3:53pm] cary-office: I'll repeat it all
[3:53pm] HistoryOnTheRoad:
[3:53pm] cary-office: cary-office: New Projects - New project. How best to identify areas in the various parts of the Wikimedia communities that need people to be involved, in order that we can coordinate involvement and communication among them.
[3:53pm] cary-office: [3:50pm] cary-office: Okay
[3:53pm] cary-office: [3:50pm] cary-office: one of the biggest complaints about CPG is that we have nothing to do
[3:53pm] cary-office: [3:51pm] cary-office: Well, the thing is, there's plenty to do around Wikimedia
[3:53pm] cary-office: [3:51pm] cary-office: It's just not been brought here in a format that's agreeable
[3:53pm] cary-office: [3:51pm] cary-office: So I'd like to find out how to identify places that need help
[3:53pm] cary-office: [3:51pm] cary-office: Like Wikibooks card catalog, for instance
[3:53pm] htchie1: some of the discussion on meta WPJP page mentioned the fake education background scandal on last year
[3:54pm] cary-office: Essjay?
[3:54pm] cary-office: neat!
[3:54pm] cary-office: so they are paying attention!
[3:54pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok
[3:54pm] htchie1: yes
[3:55pm] cary-office: and I've got htchie1 helping out with the first agenda item
[3:55pm] cary-office: and brianmc in his wikinews way
[3:55pm] cary-office: so this second part
[3:55pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: I think the best way is to DO one or two projects ... things with clear goals, deadlines, and definate needs
[3:55pm] cary-office: Well, then the Japanese outreach project
[3:55pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: So, if WB card catalog has a clear goal and we can work on a deadline 
[3:55pm] htchie1: let me check if Alex is online
[3:57pm] htchie1: it seems he is sleeping now, since it's 5am in Taipei 
[3:57pm] cary-office: It's okay
[3:57pm] Markie996: how dare he 
[3:57pm] htchie1: I will contact him later today
[3:57pm] cary-office: In order we properly use CPG, we have to have a project 
[3:58pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Well, eventually several projects ... or dozens ....
[3:58pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: but we have to bring one from infancy to completion
[3:58pm] htchie1: I guess CPG could be a channel to help to promote WM projects in many ways
[3:58pm] cary-office: Exactly
[3:59pm] htchie1: blogs, newsletters, journalist, etc.
[3:59pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: "to help to promote WM projects in many ways" <-- I agree, but this is our issue .... "many ways" is kinda wishy washy.
[3:59pm] htchie1: just find the way we could do
[4:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I think we have lots of people who are able and willing, but we need to be working toward something specific.
[4:00pm] htchie1: I agree
[4:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: What is the JP project?
[4:00pm] cary-office: I'm putting it up now
[4:00pm] cary-office: Wikimedia Japan - New project. How best to improve relationships with the Japanese Wikimedian community, and help develop a chapter in one of our largest user bases.
[4:00pm] cary-office: All your user base are belong to us
[4:01pm] htchie1: I think we could have ChapCom and Aphaia as consults on the WMJP case
[4:01pm] cary-office: indeed
[4:01pm] cary-office: I've already let Delphine know
[4:01pm] htchie1: great
[4:02pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: Could our project be more specific?
[4:02pm] htchie1: We might need to have some media coverage in Japan to change what ja people think
[4:02pm] cary-office: Right, well the initial phase is to identify translators
[4:02pm] cary-office: not necessarily translators
[4:02pm] cary-office: ambassadors
[4:03pm] cary-office: bilinguals
[4:03pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Translators or English speakers ... plus maybe a member of that group to occasionally drop by?
[4:03pm] cary-office: The translators have been lacking
[4:03pm] htchie1: For now, I heard ja people think JAWP is thier project and WMF should leave it alone.
[4:03pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Let's put them as bullet points ... so there are a number of subgoals here
[4:03pm] cary-office: htchie1: Except that is a core group of people
[4:03pm] htchie1: ya
[4:04pm] cary-office: htchie1: Not everyone's opinion
[4:04pm] htchie1: I understand
[4:04pm] cary-office: Okay:
[4:04pm] cary-office: I've added your name, htchie1, because you know what we're talking about
[4:05pm] cary-office: When we have an active project leader (Maybe Alex?) then we can take our names off of there 
[4:05pm] cary-office: I don't know what the CPG project format should be
[4:06pm] WIki_blue joined the chat room.
[4:06pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WIki_blue: wave
[4:06pm] WIki_blue left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
[4:07pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: If I understood the scope/timeframe I could help a bit more with that.
[4:07pm] htchie1: I think maybe Alex is not proper to be the project leader for WMJP case, because the ja community does not trust someone who is not a Japanese easily
[4:07pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheRoad: Maybe you can help define the scope/timeframe
[4:07pm] cary-office: I'm here to provide ideas
[4:07pm] htchie1: but we can through his help to identify a leader in the ja community
[4:08pm] cary-office: Raw stuff
[4:08pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Ok ... I'll ask PM questions. 
[4:08pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheRoad: This is truly where you come in... to help us project manage 
[4:08pm] cary-office: The Prime Minister of what?
[4:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: When do you want this task completed? (is it days, weeks, months?)
[4:09pm] cary-office: I put down a week, but I think that's too soon
[4:09pm] cary-office: Actually
[4:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: Just of CPG project scoping 
[4:09pm] cary-office: I think a week is ppossible
[4:09pm] cary-office: possible
[4:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Let's be realistic. Better to overestimate and beat it then be late.
[4:10pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: 2 weeks.
[4:10pm] cary-office: 2 weeks
[4:10pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: And what do we need completed by the end of that period?
[4:11pm] cary-office: Identify a group of 3-5 bilingual persons with some time to act as ambassadors
[4:11pm] cary-office: time and willingness
[4:12pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok. Do we have or know of any JP speakers?
[4:12pm] cary-office: Aphaia.  Tangotango
[4:12pm] htchie1: and they can recognize that WMF's position is to help WMJP
[4:13pm] cary-office: Yukichi (although I don't know his meta name)
[4:13pm] htchie1: not to stop them
[4:13pm] cary-office: Look for people who've done translations on meta and commons
[4:13pm] cary-office: look for Japanese speakers on enwiki
[4:13pm] cary-office: Look for English speakers on jawiki
[4:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok
[4:14pm] htchie1: Maybe we can start from the volunteers who sign their names on meta WMJP page to help on WMJP?
[4:15pm] cary-office: Well, we have to see if they speak English !! 
[4:15pm] HistoryOnTheRoad:
[4:15pm] htchie1: apparently some of them could. I saw English-Japanese sentences there 
[4:16pm] Platonides: has a list of en-speaking users
[4:16pm] Platonides: willing to act as embassors
[4:16pm] htchie1: on that page, 協力者 means "volunteers to make things done"
[4:16pm] cary-office: Platonides: THANKS!
[4:16pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: I'm willing to help facilitate this, now that I have a better idea on scope/timeline .... I'm not sure how much grunt work I can do in the next week though.
[4:17pm] htchie1: Platonides: thanks a lot!
[4:17pm] • cary-office grunts
[4:17pm] cary-office: Sometimes people just need to be politely approached
[4:17pm] cary-office: especially Japanese people
[4:17pm] htchie1: yes
[4:18pm] htchie1: and polite is very important in the ja community
[4:18pm] cary-office: So.
[4:19pm] cary-office: I'm leaving work early because I am afraid St. Pete will be mobbed tonight
[4:19pm] cary-office: YouTube Republican Presidential Debate
[4:21pm] htchie1:
[4:21pm] cary-office: So is there anything else?
[4:22pm] htchie1: so who will keep the log for Sean (and others)?
[4:22pm] cary-office: I will post the log
[4:22pm] htchie1: ok
[4:23pm] • cary-office bangs the gavel
[4:23pm] htchie1: Action items: look for ja volunteers as leaders in the ja community
[4:23pm] htchie1: deadline: 12/2 or 12/9?