Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-10-17/Log

21:35:15 <seanw>	[20:35:06] [@ChanServ        ] [ Erkan_Yilmaz_bye] [ millosh   ] [ SB_Johnny] [ ST47      ] [ Zirland]
21:35:18 <seanw>	[20:35:06] [ brianmc         ] [ Markie996       ] [ patricio  ] [ schiste  ] [ unilinky  ]
21:35:22 <seanw>	[20:35:06] [ CraigSpurrier_aw] [ Martinp23       ] [ Platonides] [ seanw    ] [ Wiki_Blue_]
21:35:25 <seanw>	Okay, who is here/
21:35:28 <seanw>	?
21:35:34 <schiste>	i'm around
21:35:41 <schiste>	but over overbusy
21:35:42 <SB_Johnny>	actually I am, for once
21:35:50 <brianmc>	It's alive! OMG quick, kill it!
21:35:55 <SB_Johnny>	lol
21:36:01 *	cary-office (n=MissingT@wikimedia/Bastique) has joined #wikimedia-cpg
21:36:32 <SB_Johnny>	shhh, don't tell cary I'm here, he might faint from surprise
21:36:40 <cary-office>	hein?
21:36:50 <brianmc>	And the secret word for today is...?
21:37:04 <cary-office>	cermuppance
21:37:46 <seanw>	Okay
21:37:48 *	seanw finds the agenda
21:37:55 <seanw>	cary-office, any sign of Sandy?
21:38:04 <cary-office>	nope
21:39:25 <Markie996>	im here sorry
21:40:03 <cary-office>	seanw: She'll probably not be attending
21:40:28 *	SB_Johnny wonders if sean found the agenda
21:40:38 *	SB_Johnny didn't know there were agendas
21:40:56 <seanw>	Patience.
21:40:58 <seanw>	cary-office, okasy, thanks
21:41:08 <Markie996>	wernt anything on there when i looked
21:41:17 <cary-office>	a hidden agenda
21:41:18 <brianmc>	Agendas are usually kept hidden until a strategic point. ;)
21:41:26 <seanw>	Okay all, we have nothing to discuss today :)
21:41:37 <seanw>	Does anyone have anything they wish to bring up?
21:42:12 <Markie996>	theres allways the new wikimania site
21:42:25 <Markie996>	need help getting answers and stuff for that but thats i minor thing
21:42:38 <Markie996>	and involves real work...
21:43:28 <Markie996>	its more of a thing that needs doing nearer the time
21:43:50 <Markie996>	outreach to people, companies etc so maybe not for here
21:43:51 <Markie996>	but still
21:43:54 <Markie996>	i blabber
21:44:11 <SB_Johnny>	does wikimania ever really serve as outreach?
21:44:18 <cary-office>	oh, indeed
21:44:34 <seanw>	Markie996, how do you think COmProj could help?
21:44:43 <SB_Johnny>	huh, I'm surprised, to be honest
21:45:11 <Markie996>	not sure really 
21:45:15 <Markie996>	what you for lol
21:46:02 <brianmc>	How can ComProj help with a wikinews writing contest?
21:46:07 <Markie996>	pr and marketing??
21:46:12 <Markie996>	outreach
21:46:12 <seanw>	brianmc, we could publicise it :)
21:46:20 <seanw>	brianmc, that is exactly what ComProh should be doing.
21:46:21 <brianmc>	Can we draw in prize donors? (I'm skint)
21:46:52 <Markie996>	im a student so ditto
21:46:53 <seanw>	Hmm.
21:47:05 <seanw>	Ask on foundation-l about that; the board should be able to answer.
21:47:10 <brianmc>	We did one last year, I want to either disqualify or handicap all our accredited guys
21:47:20 <SB_Johnny>	someone remind me where it is, please?
21:48:16 <Markie996>	try
21:52:54 <Wiki_Blue_>	hey sean
21:52:57 <cary-office>	hey Wiki_Blue_
21:52:57 <Wiki_Blue_>	i can't see
21:53:05 *	Wiki_Blue_ ( has left #wikimedia-cpg
21:53:17 *	Wiki_Blue_ ( has joined #wikimedia-cpg
21:53:22 <Wiki_Blue_>	ll
21:53:25 <Wiki_Blue_>	hey gusy
21:53:37 <seanw>	Oh hey Wiki_Blue_
21:53:40 <cary-office>	Wiki_Blue_: do this:  /nick Wiki_Blue
21:53:46 <SB_Johnny>	hi
21:53:48 <seanw>	We don't have any agenda items, so we were just chatting around.
21:53:49 *	Wiki_Blue_ is now known as WIki_blue
21:53:52 <cary-office>	yay!
21:53:54 <WIki_blue>	ahh cool
21:53:55 <cary-office>	no more hanging _
21:54:02 <cary-office>	Markie996: had something
21:54:08 <WIki_blue>	so you guys know I am not going to san fran...that means I'll be an active CPG member
21:54:18 <WIki_blue>	:)
21:54:26 <Markie996>	cary:???
21:54:35 <cary-office>	I'm saying you had an item Markie996
21:54:47 <Markie996>	ahh that was above and it wasnt really an item
21:55:00 *	cary-office notes that he would have expected WIki_blue to be an active member even if she *were* going to San Fran
21:55:02 <Markie996>	just a thing to get minor help on kinda like a kick up the a**
21:55:12 <seanw>	WIki_blue, glad to hear that you are still taking part - I like the idea of you working with our type of thing rather than just answering the phone :)
21:55:31 <WIki_blue>	well, I'll def. have more free time :)
21:55:39 <WIki_blue>	was up with you guys
21:56:00 <seanw>	Well
21:56:13 <seanw>	I was discussing with Cary how COmProj isn't doing a lot right now.
21:56:21 <seanw>	And I think we need a) more people b) more enticing projects
21:56:31 <seanw>	(sorry all, this was a pm conversation, but we should all discuss it)
21:56:37 <WIki_blue>	you know what i thinK?
21:56:45 <WIki_blue>	i think that hte most active members (ie you etc)
21:56:50 <WIki_blue>	are too busy doing administrative stuff
21:56:55 <WIki_blue>	like the cpg page etc
21:57:13 <WIki_blue>	and thats the biggest problem :( you guys are bombarded with the organization of it etc
21:57:24 *	WM-Thunderhead (n=wm-thund@unaffiliated/wm-thunderhead) has joined #wikimedia-cpg
21:57:25 <seanw>	For myself: I am not doing projects due to lack of time due to school, so am just doing chairing and 17 21:57:29 <seanw>	FOr others: you are probably right :)
21:57:33 <WIki_blue>	right.
21:57:44 <WIki_blue>	and I'm swamped with stuff right now....etc
21:57:46 <WIki_blue>	but give it time
21:57:48 <WIki_blue>	thats all
21:57:51 <WM-Thunderhead>	Great, made it in time: hi everyone
21:57:53 <WIki_blue>	we have done alot
21:57:54 <seanw>	Okay, thanks :)
21:57:57 <seanw>	For teh advice
21:57:58 <WIki_blue>	really
21:57:59 <seanw>	WM-Thunderhead, hey :)
21:58:01 <SB_Johnny>	I'll have some time in a month or so, if there's something to do
21:58:10 <cary-office>	Be persistent
21:58:51 <SB_Johnny>	who?
21:58:52 <seanw>	mm :)
21:59:49 *	WM-Thunderhead is now known as thunder-meeting
22:00:01 <brianmc>	we want to run a writing comp. on Wikinews, and I can't afford to sponsor this one
22:00:02 *	cary-office is now known as cary-meeting
22:00:50 <thunder-meeting>	I'd actually like to see a Wikimedia-wide writing contest, but it would take a lot of organization. Perhaps "Wikimedia Open House" expanded a bit further?
22:01:12 *	cary-meeting is now known as cary
22:01:34 <brianmc>	I don't know, and I'm not totally happy with a "last man standing" approach to a competition on wikinews
22:01:35 <cary>	somebody was using my nick >:(
22:01:50 <seanw>	Hmm.
22:01:54 <seanw>	Might want to suggest this to comcom>?
22:02:27 <thunder-meeting>	Will do
22:02:40 <schiste>	thunder-meeting: I don't really see how comcom would be involved in this
22:02:49 <schiste>	exept in creating PR and stuf
22:02:52 <schiste>	stuff*
22:03:18 <schiste>	Meanwhile, I think it's exactly the kind of stuff CPG could organise/help organising
22:03:30 <SB_Johnny>	oh, can I bring up a topic?
22:03:37 <SB_Johnny>	something I've been thinking about
22:04:30 <seanw>	Well I think we would need comcom's advice on a project-spamming thing
22:04:31 <seanw>	wer
22:04:33 <seanw>	spanning*
22:04:34 <SB_Johnny>	basically endorsing userboxes to identify people from other online communities
22:05:04 <SB_Johnny>	like gardenweb, for example (big web forum)
22:07:31 <SB_Johnny>	like this:
22:07:44 <thunder-meeting>	Well, there was an ArbCom case on Wikinews regarding userboxes, which forced the creation of a whitelist (which never DID get created)
22:07:58 <thunder-meeting>	So I'm worried about what kind of effect this would have on communities that look down on userboxes
22:08:12 <thunder-meeting>	See
22:08:22 <SB_Johnny>	I was thinking of the smaller projects
22:09:00 <brianmc>	SB_Johnny: That was one of the more egregarious pieces of advertising I've seen recently.
22:09:26 <SB_Johnny>	Wikipedia (english) can be a bit daunting for forum people
22:09:33 <SB_Johnny>	brianmc: huh?
22:10:01 <brianmc>	I wanted to stab the producer and webmaster with a big fork.
22:10:21 <SB_Johnny>	webmaster and producer of what?
22:10:48 <cary>	thunder-meeting: OWWWWWW
22:10:48 <brianmc>	The advert that took up half my screen when I clicked the link
22:10:53 <cary>	that link hurt my eyes
22:11:02 <SB_Johnny>	oh, yeah, sorry :)
22:11:09 <brianmc>	I do not want a Chevvy
22:11:18 <SB_Johnny>	I think wikimedians forget sometimes that the rest of the web looks like that
22:11:24 <thunder-meeting>	cary: The link to the ArbCom case?
22:11:27 <cary>	yes
22:11:41 <cary>	of course, Amgine broke my heart
22:11:44 <brianmc>	I don't, I grumble about it on a regular basis
22:12:02 <thunder-meeting>	Sorry :(
22:14:39 <SB_Johnny>	but anyway, I'm not active on gardenweb anymore (I stopped posting there after it was bought up and the big giant ads appeared)
22:15:03 <SB_Johnny>	but I would like to link to some wikimedia content from there.
22:15:05 <seanw>	All, I need to go. Please keep going, and post logs afterwards.
22:15:09 *	thunder-meeting hits giant ads with a large trout
22:15:38 <SB_Johnny>	I'm just worried they'll think I'm trying to woo people away (which I would, in fact, be trying)
22:16:01 *	cary is dealing with several things
22:16:24 <SB_Johnny>	but hey, if they're linked from a bunch of our userpages, their google ranking will benefit, I suppose
22:16:51 <SB_Johnny>	I dunno, it seems shady, but I really would like to woo those people
22:17:22 <thunder-meeting>	See ya, seanw
22:17:49 <cary>	bye seanw
22:18:31 *	patricio_ (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikimedia-cpg
22:20:30 <cary>	eh, patricio !
22:21:03 <patricio_>	eh cary!
22:21:19 <cary>	:)
22:21:27 <cary>	The meeting was just becoming quiet
22:22:09 <patricio_>	sorry, i could attend :(
22:22:14 <patricio_>	couldn't*
22:23:02 <thunder-meeting>	Well, technically we're still logging, i believe
22:23:36 <cary>	Yes, so we could still theoretically accomplish something
22:24:25 <thunder-meeting>	World Peace?
22:27:24 <SB_Johnny>	gotta run, bye
22:27:26 <cary>	whirled peas
22:27:32 <cary>	bye John
22:27:36 <thunder-meeting>	bye
22:28:04 <cary>	shalle we end the meeting?
22:28:31 *	patricio has quit (Nick collision from services.)
22:29:00 *	patricio_ is now known as patricio
22:29:20 *	thunder-meeting bangs the gavel