Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-10-03/Log

[4:36pm] seanw: seanw bangs the gavel
[4:36pm] loco-en-baires: hellou 
[4:37pm] ST47: >.>
[4:37pm] ST47: seanw = nickspammer
[4:37pm] seanw: Okay guys, let's just check on our status with Sandy.
[4:37pm] seanw: ha
[4:37pm] seanw: cary-office, still on the phone is she?
[4:37pm] cary-office: I'm here
[4:37pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: here
[4:37pm] cary-office: She is not coming
[4:37pm] • Platonides awakes
[4:37pm] seanw: kay fair enough, let us discuss the agenda items.
[4:37pm] Cbrown1023: ST47: it's a /names command 
[4:37pm] seanw: FIrst item is the projects system
[4:38pm] seanw: THANK YOU CBROWN1023!
[4:38pm] • Cbrown1023 smiles
[4:38pm] seanw: Cbrown1023, I hope you noticed your wikithanks I sent
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: (FYI, its my birthday and I am leaving early today)_
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: soryr guys
[4:38pm] loco-en-baires: Wiki_Blue:  
[4:38pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: yes thank you
[4:38pm] loco-en-baires: hi
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: hey loco
[4:38pm] Cbrown1023: Wiki_Blue: oooh, happy birthday!!!!
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: thanks guys 
[4:38pm] • Cbrown1023 huggles
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: thanks
[4:38pm] • Cbrown1023 makes you a chocolate cake
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: L) appreciate it
[4:38pm] loco-en-baires: FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS Wiki_Blue ! 
[4:38pm] Markie996: happy bday
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: loco gracias
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue:
[4:38pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Wiki_Blue: Happy B day
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: thanks gusy 
[4:38pm] • Cbrown1023 won't ask how old Wiki_Blue is, though I'm guessing 21
[4:38pm] Cbrown1023:
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: yes 21
[4:38pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: haha
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: kay
[4:39pm] loco-en-baires: wow 
[4:39pm] Erkan_Yilmaz: Happy birthday in Turkish: "Yas günün kutlu olsun" incompatible encoding
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: seanw was just going to talk about projects system
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: merci
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: kay
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: i'm offi
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: to home
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: we'll miss you
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: but have fun
[4:39pm] seanw: Okay, so back on topic..
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: btw, loco, really quick you guys are doing some communications stuff for us
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: bye
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: enjoy you're birthday, Wiki_Blue
[4:39pm] loco-en-baires: will you invite us to the party, Wiki_Blue ? 
[4:39pm] brianmc: Is there a topic?
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: brianmc: yes
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: the agenda
[4:39pm] Cbrown1023: brianmc:
[4:40pm] seanw: So
[4:40pm] brianmc: nice and detailed. 
[4:40pm] seanw: Cbrown1023 has sorted out our priojects system
[4:40pm] ST47: yay!
[4:40pm] seanw: We now have a working system that allows us to list projects and categorise them
[4:40pm] seanw: THe only thing now is that a lot of projects are without project managers.
[4:40pm] Platonides: felicidades Wiki_Blue
[4:41pm] Cbrown1023: and statuses, seanw
[4:41pm] seanw: And also that they don't have people working on them.
[4:41pm] seanw: A lot are also inactive.
[4:41pm] seanw: Cbrown1023, we need to get the template doing defaults more easily I think.
[4:41pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: When I was templating them, it seemed non-obvious who might be directing them
[4:41pm] seanw: Well, because we have added PMs now, that makes sense HistoryOnTheRoad
[4:41pm] seanw: So we need people to adopt projects
[4:41pm] seanw: And also projects need closing down
[4:41pm] seanw: cary-office, a lot of the projects are based aruond you, and some Sandy
[4:42pm] Cbrown1023: or att least marked as inactive
[4:42pm] seanw: cary-office, can you have a filter and work out which can be closed?
[4:42pm] cary-office: seanw: let me pencil that in
[4:42pm] Cbrown1023: heh
[4:42pm] seanw: So organised.
[4:42pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Could we also put a target date on stuff from these meets?
[4:43pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, agreed, it's a good idea. Sometimes hard to achieve though.
[4:43pm] seanw: Proects can be deadlines now (and should default to ongoing if that is not present, although that is only partially working)
[4:43pm] cary-office: What I'd really like to see is someone take the reigns of the projects that revolve around me
[4:43pm] Cbrown1023: most work a lot better with deadlines 
[4:43pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Understood ... but if we can produce concrete action items with dates, we can see if things are happening or not more easily.
[4:43pm] Cbrown1023: where are our project manageers?
[4:43pm] Cbrown1023: Greeves --> missing
[4:43pm] seanw: cary-office, so can you set deadlines for them please? That would help
[4:43pm] Cbrown1023: symode09 --> sleeping
[4:43pm] brianmc: Deadlines... I love the whooshing sound as they fly past
[4:43pm] seanw: Martinp23 is on wikibreak btw
[4:43pm] Cbrown1023: Martinp23 --> no clue
[4:44pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad volunteers to bug ^B^B^B^B help cary
[4:44pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: he's kinda here... kinda not 
[4:44pm] cary-office: schiste?
[4:44pm] seanw: Cbrown1023, he is on wikibvreak  Otherwise he would be coding something for me.
[4:44pm] Cbrown1023: ahh, Historybuff is the other one
[4:44pm] seanw: Okay, I have another item - australian=-frienldy meetnigs. We can discuss that at the end.
[4:44pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: 
[4:44pm] seanw: Any more thoughts on this topic or can we move on?
[4:44pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: Austral-Asian*
[4:45pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheRoad is here
[4:45pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I is. 
[4:45pm] cary-office: Yes, HistoryOnTheRoad, now that Toronto is not working on 2008 bid
[4:45pm] cary-office: You have a bit more time
[4:45pm] Cbrown1023: yeah, cary-office, I forgot he was a PM
[4:45pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: :S We might do a 2009 bid, but I'm still here 
[4:46pm] cary-office: Well, you've already done half the work!
[4:46pm] seanw: Right so
[4:46pm] seanw: THe FUndraise
[4:46pm] seanw: r
[4:47pm] seanw: This was added by cary
[4:47pm] seanw: Cary, go ahead 
[4:47pm] cary-office: Okay
[4:47pm] cary-office: um
[4:47pm] cary-office: I've been compiling comments from
[4:47pm] cary-office: what I need help with is picking good comments out from there
[4:47pm] cary-office: to go on the sitenotice banner in rotation
[4:48pm] Cbrown1023: I saw that
[4:48pm] Cbrown1023: long list so far
[4:48pm] cary-office: Lists of comments by languages are at
[4:48pm] cary-office: I'm gently making pages for each language
[4:48pm] cary-office: And ultimately I need a page for top comments
[4:49pm] cary-office: But I need people to sort through them and pick the good ones out
[4:49pm] seanw: Okay
[4:49pm] seanw: Habve you created this as a project?
[4:50pm] cary-office: I'm hoping someone can do that for me
[4:50pm] cary-office: For instance:
[4:50pm] brianmc: "Have you maxxed your credit card recently? Help Wikimedia, it won't make you financially better off"
[4:50pm] • cary-office pokes that at loco-en-baires
[4:50pm] loco-en-baires: oki cary-office  
[4:51pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: We should be encouraging the project starters to create the page with the needed info (hint hint) 
[4:51pm] loco-en-baires:  cary-office ?
[4:51pm] seanw: Yes
[4:51pm] loco-en-baires: "Publicamente Y Ante el mundo declaro a Jesucristo como el Salvador de mi alma ojala que el me declare delante del padre el dia del juicio Ho Dios tu santo nombre exaltare!!!!"
[4:51pm] seanw: cary-office, create the page 
[4:51pm] loco-en-baires: what is that cary-office ?
[4:51pm] cary-office: Comments people have given with donations
[4:52pm] loco-en-baires: but that person is talking about religion, cary-office  
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023: lol
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023: "Ho Dios"
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023: "Jesucristo"
[4:52pm] loco-en-baires:
[4:52pm] cary-office: loco-en-baires: Then it 's a bad comment and we don't want to use it
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023: loco-en-baries: cary doesn't speak spanish
[4:52pm] cary-office: We only want good comments
[4:52pm] Cbrown1023: remove them if he made a mistake 
[4:52pm] cary-office: Cbrown1023: Yes I do
[4:53pm] CraigSpurrier left the chat room.
[4:53pm] cary-office: no, don't remove them
[4:53pm] cary-office: Bring the good ones to another page
[4:53pm] Cbrown1023: oh, okay, then nevermind
[4:53pm] cary-office: or bold them
[4:53pm] cary-office: which ever way is better
[4:53pm] cary-office: Put a check by the really good ones
[4:53pm] loco-en-baires: and what do you need of me, cary-office   ?
[4:53pm] Platonides: what are 'good ones'?
[4:53pm] cary-office: Well, I need 1) a project manager
[4:54pm] cary-office: Platonides: The kind that we can use to promote our fundraiser
[4:54pm] cary-office: that will go in the sitenotice banner
[4:54pm] Cbrown1023: and they will all cycle
[4:54pm] Cbrown1023: like it does for the anon-notice on en?
[4:54pm] Platonides: like people saying "awesome tool" ?
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue left the chat room.
[4:55pm] cary-office: Platonides: Well, that doesn't sound very special 
[4:55pm] Platonides: well, what's special?
[4:55pm] Platonides: 'God blesses you'?
[4:55pm] Cbrown1023: heh
[4:55pm] Cbrown1023: maybe
[4:55pm] loco-en-baires: hehehehe
[4:55pm] loco-en-baires:
[4:55pm] Platonides: 'Go on'?
[4:56pm] cary-office: "Wikipedia changed my life"
[4:56pm] loco-en-baires: Se cada um de nós doarmos um dólar (irrisório), faremos um mundo no qual qualquer pessoa tenha a liberdade de acessar gratuitamente todo o acervo do conhecimento humano...
[4:56pm] Platonides: i don't think popele put such comments on donations 
[4:56pm] loco-en-baires: there are portuguese msgs too, cary-office  
[4:56pm] seanw: Okay guys
[4:56pm] seanw: Do we have volunteers for this?
[4:56pm] brianmc: "I donated to this project because it delivers. They need money to keep running. Will *you* deliver?"
[4:56pm] Platonides: hay algun otro portugues 
[4:56pm] cary-office: loco-en-baires: Then remove those to the pt page 
[4:56pm] loco-en-baires: oki oki cary-office  
[4:57pm] cary-office: Sometimes Portuguese looks Spanish to me
[4:57pm] cary-office: There's a Castilian page too
[4:59pm] cary-office: Oh, and someone can take out the hyperlinks too
[4:59pm] • Cbrown1023 complains @ seanw
[4:59pm] Cbrown1023:
[4:59pm] Cbrown1023: (re: otrs-en-l)
[4:59pm] seanw:
[4:59pm] seanw: OKay.
[4:59pm] seanw: Clearly no-one wants to volunteer to help Cary 
[4:59pm] Cbrown1023: he needs a PM
[4:59pm] • Cbrown1023 votes HistoryOnTheRoad
[5:00pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheRoad volunteered
[5:00pm] • Cbrown1023 may pop-over and help with the actual page randomly sometime
[5:00pm] loco-en-baires: lol cary-office... some people thinks that in the OTRS.. and sends portuguese tickets to the es-list 
[5:00pm] cary-office: He's probably working on it RIGHT NOW
[5:00pm] Cbrown1023: hehe
[5:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Yes, I think I did 
[5:00pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: he'd be awesome if he was.
[5:00pm] Cbrown1023:
[5:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Is this for the projects list, or for the Fundraising stuff though?
[5:01pm] Cbrown1023: fundraising
[5:01pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: k k
[5:01pm] SB_Johnny: did I miss the meeting?
[5:02pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: You have to create the page, and put me as the PM. I think I know what it is we want to be doing 
[5:02pm] Cbrown1023: SB_Johnny: we're either in the middle or the end of it
[5:02pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: what do the groups mean?
[5:02pm] SB_Johnny: ok
[5:02pm] cary-office: Cbrown1023: The thousand I sorted
[5:02pm] cary-office: Group 14 is the most recent thousand
[5:02pm] cary-office: followed by group 13
[5:02pm] cary-office: er... preceded
[5:03pm] SB_Johnny: so we're talking fundraising, eh?
[5:03pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: 
[5:03pm] cary-office: Yes
[5:03pm] Cbrown1023: SB_JOhnny: basically
[5:03pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: and you will continue to post them on that page
[5:04pm] SB_Johnny: I had a thought about that a while ago
[5:04pm] Cbrown1023: and we will bold the good ones or move them to another page?
[5:04pm] cary-office: Well, I'll make a group 15
[5:04pm] seanw: Okay all#
[5:04pm] seanw: I think we need to move on - okay?
[5:04pm] SB_Johnny: does the foundation have any special agreement with CafePress about its logos?
[5:04pm] brianmc: Fundraising eh? Threaten to randomly replace pages with a YouTube Video of Abba playing "money, money, money" and you'll make millions"
[5:05pm] cary-office: SB_Johnny: We don't
[5:05pm] cary-office: we'd love to entertain any other manufacturer
[5:05pm] SB_Johnny: ok
[5:05pm] • seanw decides we can move on
[5:05pm] seanw: SO the next item is having more time-friendly meetings for Australians and Asians etc.
[5:06pm] seanw: Where did we get to with this?
[5:06pm] cary-office: seanw has no patience today
[5:06pm] seanw: ha
[5:06pm] cary-office: Well, it seems if we have an asian/australian friendly meeting, you won't be able to attend
[5:06pm] cary-office: However, that's not critical to having a meting
[5:06pm] SB_Johnny: well, what if any "joe editor" could make up a T-shirt (or coffee mug, or whatever) with a wm logo and a pd or cc image, orders 25 of them, then sells them to other wikimedians
[5:06pm] seanw: No 
[5:06pm] cary-office: we can still use it for networking
[5:06pm] cary-office: etc.
[5:06pm] cary-office: I thought that 1500 UTC was a good time
[5:06pm] seanw: We can have someoe else chair it
[5:06pm] SB_Johnny: nm, I guess I missed the party
[5:06pm] seanw: Well
[5:06pm] seanw: 1500 is 4pm here
[5:07pm] seanw: I coouuld potentially charge home to do it
[5:07pm] seanw: But it would kinda mess usp my schedule; too much work really.
[5:07pm] Cbrown1023: I'm sure symode09 would love to chair it 
[5:07pm] Cbrown1023: if you can't
[5:07pm] seanw: um
[5:07pm] seanw: Well
[5:07pm] seanw: We can worryu about that later 
[5:07pm] Cbrown1023:
[5:07pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: When is 1500 UTC in EDT?
[5:08pm] cary-office: 1100 AM
[5:08pm] cary-office: Actually, I think we were thinking about 1300 UTC
[5:08pm] cary-office: sorry seanw
[5:08pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: 9AM?
[5:08pm] cary-office: 1300 UTC is still quite late in Australia
[5:08pm] Markie996: is this for a second meeting or moving this one??
[5:08pm] cary-office: second meeting
[5:08pm] Cbrown1023: second meeting
[5:08pm] Markie996: cool
[5:08pm] Cbrown1023: one for Australians or Asians who can't make this meeting
[5:09pm] Cbrown1023: (but anyone can visit, it's just timed toward them  )
[5:09pm] seanw: cary-office, 1300UTC? I;m in school, nooo way 
[5:09pm] Cbrown1023: hehe
[5:09pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Suggestion: Why don't the Aussie/Asians have a meeting first?
[5:09pm] cary-office: No way you'll be there
[5:09pm] cary-office: HistoryOnTheRoad: Because someone has to motivate it
[5:09pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: it's kinda hard to have an Australian/Asian friendly meeting without you missing it
[5:09pm] Cbrown1023: that's kinda the point of the other meeting
[5:09pm] seanw: I have no probvlem with missing it Cbrown1023 
[5:10pm] Cbrown1023: lol
[5:10pm] cary-office: Unless you want to do the meeting on a Saturday or Sunday
[5:10pm] Cbrown1023: then why did you say "nooo way"? 
[5:10pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary-office: I mean have a meeting prior to this one... then we can address anything they've brought up (unless this was the idea)
[5:10pm] cary-office: Right
[5:11pm] • cary-office thinks "*Ich liebe Euch!!!" is not spanish
[5:11pm] seanw: cary-office, fine, but we lose Sandy
[5:11pm] Cbrown1023: lol
[5:11pm] • Cbrown1023 thinks cary-office is right
[5:11pm] Cbrown1023: seanw: 
[5:11pm] Cbrown1023: but yeah
[5:11pm] Cbrown1023: she doesn't sign on on the weekends
[5:11pm] Cbrown1023: she's not wiki-a-holics like us 
[5:12pm] cary-office: seanw: Technically, you're not supposed to need either of us 
[5:12pm] seanw: We don';t need you
[5:12pm] seanw: We just awnt you 
[5:13pm] Cbrown1023: hehe
[5:13pm] seanw: Okay
[5:13pm] seanw: So
[5:13pm] seanw: I really can't help organise this 
[5:13pm] seanw: It is up to those who want the meeting to do it.
[5:13pm] seanw: And then I can help after that point.
[5:13pm] cary-office: Those who really want the meeting aren't here
[5:13pm] seanw: Roughly how many people are we talking about?
[5:13pm] seanw: cary-office, good point
[5:13pm] seanw: THis is therefore an ML thing I think.
[5:14pm] seanw: Oka
[5:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Yes, we can't organize a meeting for those that aren't here. Put a call on the ML
[5:14pm] seanw: Anything else before we close?
[5:14pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, I thjinkw e actualy had one with little response..
[5:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Please, let's summarize the action items with deadlines before we close.
[5:14pm] cary-office: Japanese (we need some)
[5:14pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: (and make it a regular practice 
[5:14pm] cary-office: Chinese (Hsaing-tai for instance)
[5:15pm] cary-office: and Australians (like symode
[5:15pm] seanw: er
[5:15pm] seanw: Okay
[5:15pm] seanw: Item 1 was the projects system
[5:15pm] seanw: What deadline do we want to have allo projects being worked on or closed?
[5:15pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Let's give it 2 weeks
[5:16pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Sound ok?
[5:16pm] seanw: Okay 
[5:16pm] Cbrown1023: yup
[5:16pm] seanw: Second item was Cary's fundraising thing
[5:16pm] seanw: Cbrown1023, dedaline?
[5:16pm] cary-office: That needs a much shorter deadline
[5:16pm] seanw: er
[5:16pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok, add it to the agenda in 2 weeks for followup.
[5:16pm] seanw: cary*
[5:17pm] cary-office: yah?
[5:17pm] cary-office: The fundraiser starts Oct 22
[5:18pm] Cbrown1023: we would probably like that a few weeks before then, right?
[5:18pm] Cbrown1023: it's oct 3 now
[5:18pm] seanw: OKay
[5:18pm] Cbrown1023: cary-office: week and a half?
[5:18pm] seanw: So last item was the meeting
[5:18pm] seanw: End of next week?
[5:18pm] cary-office: I'll be in Quebec
[5:19pm] Cbrown1023: ooh, fun
[5:19pm] Cbrown1023: woah
[5:19pm] • seanw bangs the gavel