Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-09-19/Log

Note: Hours are in CEST
22:31:15 <seanw> [20:30:20] [ cary-office] [ LeBron          ] [ newmanbe  ] [ seanw    ] [ Wiki_Blue     ]
22:31:18 <seanw> [20:30:20] [ Cbrown1023 ] [ loco085         ] [ Platonides] [ ST47     ] [ WM-Thunderhead]
22:31:21 <seanw> So, welcome tot he meeting everytone.
22:31:26 <newmanbe> Boo.
22:31:28 <cary-office> ------------- start of meeting above--------------
22:31:29 <loco085> are there a party here?
22:31:30 <Cbrown1023> (i.e. logging starts here)
22:31:30 * WM-Thunderhead waves
22:31:38 <seanw> cary-office, noooo by gavel is the indicator :P
22:31:38 <ST47> or does it start here?
22:31:41 <Wiki_Blue> :)
22:31:47 * ST47 points at the gavel
22:31:47 <seanw> Hosted by seanw and his lovely assistane Sandy :O
22:31:51 <seanw> So.
22:31:51 <Platonides> better start it below :)
22:31:52 <Cbrown1023> O_O
22:31:54 * Wiki_Blue plays latin music
22:32:01 <Cbrown1023> hehe
22:32:01 <Wiki_Blue> hold on cary and i are being called
22:32:02 <seanw> First item on the agenda is the projects system.
22:32:03 <Wiki_Blue> continue though
22:32:07 <seanw> Is it working?
22:32:31 <WM-Thunderhead> It's more organized, but we do need to migrate a few to this system
22:32:48 <cary-office> seanw: If I'm doing the logs, I need something I can see
22:33:08 <seanw> cary-office, np.
22:33:20 <seanw> Okay - who is williong to do that transfer?
22:33:51 <cary-office> elaborate
22:34:20 * brianmc has joined #wikimedia-cpg
22:34:27 <Cbrown1023> brianmc: you're late ;-)
22:34:28 <seanw> cary-office, we need the old projects organisiong
22:34:33 <seanw> Templating and categorising.
22:34:41 <WM-Thunderhead> cary-office: i'm working on a commons licensing presentation for you
22:35:00 <cary-office> WM-Thunderhead: great :)
22:35:00 <Wiki_Blue> well, if no one working on old projects, is it necessary?
22:35:07 <brianmc> I have a woman opposite me who won't stop talking. I am yping this without looking at the keyboard
22:35:08 <cary-office> WM-Thunderhead: Read Johntex's note on commons-l
22:35:09 <loco085> hi brianmc  :)
22:35:38 * WM-Thunderhead opens another tab
22:35:42 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, no, I guess not - but this is another issue
22:35:52 <seanw> What projects are actually being worked ion right now?
22:36:11 <Wiki_Blue> ohh, thought you were talking about migrating projects
22:36:25 * DragonFire1024 has joined #wikimedia-cpg
22:36:46 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, I was, but you pointed out another issue :)
22:37:01 <cary-office> Let's stay on topic
22:37:27 <Wiki_Blue> ahh kay.
22:37:55 <cary-office> Because just because nobody is working on the old projects doesn't mean thier not still valid
22:37:58 <cary-office> or important
22:38:03 <cary-office> or maybe the data is old
22:38:08 <Wiki_Blue> or completed
22:38:10 <seanw> OKay Caru, so is anyone willing to organise it?
22:38:35 <cary-office> You need someone with [[organizational skills]]
22:38:35 <unilinky>
22:38:40 <Wiki_Blue> why not just send an email to comproj, asking people to move their projects, and those that aren't moved, will be put in archive
22:38:52 <cary-office> Because some projects aren't owned
22:39:04 <Wiki_Blue> right, and those will prob. not get done
22:39:18 <cary-office> Unless someone claims them after the move
22:39:20 <Wiki_Blue> b/c there has been no interest
22:39:26 <seanw> Well
22:39:36 <seanw> I have triwed e-mailing comproj.. didn't get a lot in response 8)
22:39:52 <seanw> Okay, well, what is more important is that new projects are being categorised correctly.
22:39:58 <Wiki_Blue> right. thats my point, if no one has participated that means people prob. didn't like them
22:40:00 <seanw> As fara s I can tell they are ebing, so we are okay :)
22:40:02 <cary-office> Wiki_Blue: Okay, how about "Communication Projects Group/Success stories - how has Wikimedia changed your life?"
22:40:07 <cary-office> No owner
22:40:08 <Wiki_Blue> thats working
22:40:11 <Wiki_Blue> and thats not a project
22:40:12 <Wiki_Blue> really
22:40:14 <cary-office> But who will migrate it?
22:40:16 <Wiki_Blue> thats why it son teh front page
22:40:20 <cary-office> it's listed under projects
22:40:22 <Wiki_Blue> of comproj
22:40:23 <cary-office> that's what I'm saying
22:40:49 <Wiki_Blue> yeah, but there is no action there required
22:40:57 <Wiki_Blue> know what i mean
22:40:59 <Wiki_Blue> anyway
22:41:00 <Wiki_Blue> do whatever
22:41:05 <Wiki_Blue> I'm migrating the one project i like :)
22:41:07 <cary-office> this is my point
22:41:27 <cary-office> I need someone on Wikibooks PR
22:41:30 <cary-office> I'm sorry there's no interest
22:41:37 <cary-office> But that doesn't mean that it doesn't need someone
22:41:52 <Wiki_Blue> you are right, but that means osmeone who that interest
22:42:00 <Wiki_Blue> i don't think people are going to work on project sthat don't interest themm
22:42:01 <seanw> So. Migrating the projects will take a couple of hours tops.
22:42:08 <seanw> Is anyone willing to do it? :)
22:42:15 <seanw> (I'm sorry, I really don't hjave the time right now)_
22:42:45 <Cbrown1023> cary-office: "Wikibooks PR" --> SB_Johnny, maybe?
22:42:57 <cary-office> Cbrown1023: SB_Johnny is working on Wikiversity
22:43:23 <Cbrown1023> cary-office: well... he's a big dude on 'books too, isn't he?
22:43:40 <cary-office> Maybe darkcode
22:43:42 <cary-office> but that was just a point
22:43:45 * LeBron is now known as Chef_Hexasoft
22:43:50 <cary-office> Someone needs to migrate those projects
22:43:59 <cary-office> Cbrown1023: You have time?
22:44:11 <Cbrown1023> cary-office: some, what needs to be done exactly?
22:44:14 <Cbrown1023> just a mass-moved?
22:44:15 <Cbrown1023> -d
22:44:18 <seanw> Templated
22:44:23 <cary-office> get with seanw :)
22:44:25 <seanw> Article name moved if necessary
22:44:32 <seanw> Cbrown1023, if you are willing to do it I will brief you up.
22:44:45 <Cbrown1023> O_O
22:44:47 * Cbrown1023 is scared
22:44:58 <Cbrown1023> send me an e-mail or PM and I'll fit it in
22:45:04 <seanw> *hugs*
22:45:06 <seanw> Okay, next item.
22:45:15 <Cbrown1023> :-)
22:45:19 <seanw> Recruitment :)
22:45:22 * Chef_Hexasoft is now known as LeBron
22:45:24 <seanw> Let's take a look at our membership list
22:45:44 <WM-Thunderhead> "I want YOU for the Communication Projects Group". Let's get a Commons artist to do that. :-)
22:45:59 <Cbrown1023> hehe
22:45:59 <cary-office> I can't get Commons artists to do web buttons
22:46:06 <Cbrown1023> what do you mean?
22:46:19 <cary-office> grmbl grmbl
22:46:28 <Cbrown1023> WM-Thunderhead: you could always ask Miranda, she's been doing a few of those ;-)
22:46:44 <cary-office> Yes, let's get Miranda off web buttons :)
22:46:52 <seanw> Why?
22:46:56 <seanw> It keeps her busy.
22:47:02 <cary-office> blinking blinking blinking
22:47:30 <seanw> ?
22:47:37 <Cbrown1023> hehe
22:47:37 <cary-office> animated
22:47:41 <cary-office> a bit hard on the eyes
22:47:45 <Cbrown1023> seanw: he does nto find them asethetically appealing
22:47:47 <Cbrown1023> (spelling)
22:47:53 <seanw> Oh, right, fair enough.
22:47:55 <cary-office> But she'd be good for WM-Thunderhead's suggestion
22:48:02 <seanw> Do we have any other ways of recruitment?
22:48:13 <Cbrown1023> you already sent to all the lists...
22:48:19 <cary-office> Village Pumps
22:48:24 <WM-Thunderhead> And we've got a link in the sidebar on Meta
22:48:29 <cary-office> Leaving message on talk pages of bored editors
22:48:30 <brianmc> Get people drunk then club them over the head
22:48:32 <seanw> WM-Thunderhead, oh, taht survived?
22:48:44 <cary-office> at enwiki
22:48:48 <seanw> britty, efs and I were arguing that one out.
22:48:48 <WM-Thunderhead> Meta, i mean
22:48:56 <WM-Thunderhead> enwiki doesnt
22:49:02 <Wiki_Blue> a long time ago, i started contacting communications departemnts at universities
22:49:13 <cary-office> Oh, outside help
22:49:21 <Cbrown1023> that seems cool ;-)
22:49:22 <cary-office> sorry
22:49:23 <Wiki_Blue> but the problem is that there has to be a welcomer"
22:49:26 <Cbrown1023> cary-office: what's wrong?
22:49:39 <cary-office> I have people who've sent emails that want to volunteer
22:49:43 <Wiki_Blue> someone to show them the rpoes
22:49:47 <Wiki_Blue> ropes
22:49:50 <brianmc> Wiki_Blue: We have someone on en.wn would be interested in that for getting journalism schools writing on Wikinews
22:49:53 <cary-office> And not hang them in them
22:50:07 <Wiki_Blue> that would be awesome brianmc
22:50:09 <seanw> cary-office, you are the volunteer co-ordinator!
22:50:19 <Wiki_Blue> irc, blah, blah,
22:50:23 <Cbrown1023> Wiki_Blue: "show them the ropes" --> volunteer manual? :-)
22:50:28 <Wiki_Blue> exactly! :)
22:50:33 <Wiki_Blue> and be point of contact for questions
22:50:37 * Cbrown1023 is always here
22:50:42 <Wiki_Blue> wiki world is a bit confusing when you first come in
22:50:51 <seanw> Okay.
22:51:03 <seanw> Cary: do you have tiem to do some recruitment as volcol?
22:51:03 <Wiki_Blue> that could be a comproj position, couldn it :)
22:51:05 <Wiki_Blue> lol
22:51:09 <Cbrown1023> :-)
22:51:16 <Wiki_Blue> ComProj Welcomer
22:51:17 <Cbrown1023> seanw: cary, have time?
22:51:17 <Wiki_Blue> lol
22:51:17 <cary-office> Time?  I'll have to make some
22:51:20 <Cbrown1023> hehe
22:51:31 <seanw> cary-office, good, please do so.
22:51:33 <Cbrown1023> brb, /me has to help set up a bed
22:51:34 <seanw> Onto our next item :)
22:51:44 <Cbrown1023> argh
22:51:45 <seanw> "ComProj new member "Must-Read" list? (as brought up last meeting)"
22:51:47 <Cbrown1023> the one I put on
22:51:48 <seanw> Do we need thjis?
22:51:51 * Cbrown1023 has to brb
22:52:00 <WM-Thunderhead> Meh. I personally don't think we need a *must read* list,
22:52:27 <seanw> Well
22:52:31 <seanw> Neither do I particularly.
22:52:39 <seanw> But it was brought up so I am asking for opinions :)
22:52:54 <Wiki_Blue> i think it should be optional, but available
22:53:09 <brianmc> Recommended Reading List
22:53:10 <Cbrown1023> "do we need this?" --> some had no clue what wikizine was
22:53:17 <seanw> Cbrown1023, I see what you mean
22:53:23 <seanw> So, if someone wants to do this, go ahead.
22:53:30 <seanw> Otherwise we don't have to :)
22:53:31 <WM-Thunderhead> Reccomended Reading List is good
22:53:40 <cary-office> Ah, yes
22:53:46 <Wiki_Blue> you guys saw what Mike H was working on/
22:53:51 <cary-office> Subscribing to important stuff
22:53:53 <seanw> WM-Thunderhead, remind me? :)
22:53:57 <Wiki_Blue> add it to newbie manual
22:53:58 <WM-Thunderhead> Yes, sir.
22:53:59 <Wiki_Blue> :)
22:54:09 <WM-Thunderhead> :)
22:54:33 <seanw> Great.
22:54:39 <seanw> Wiki_Blue*
22:54:43 <seanw> I mishighlighted abiove,.
22:54:46 <Wiki_Blue> was up?
22:54:50 <seanw> "# Press pack, images of relevant people (symode09)
22:54:50 <seanw> # Setting up the stats group and setting up the stats software (symode09)"
22:54:54 <WM-Thunderhead> Wiki_Blue, can *you* remind me what Mike H was taking about?
22:55:00 <Cbrown1023> he's not here /me sobs
22:55:00 <Wiki_Blue> ahh hold on
22:55:01 <seanw> Can we do these without symode09?
22:55:08 <Cbrown1023> but, Wiki_Blue, stats group, how's that?
22:55:36 <Wiki_Blue>
22:55:40 <cary-office> We need to have alternate meetings available to Australians
22:55:53 <Wiki_Blue> well, there were was interest, but these were all people new to the wiki process
22:55:58 <seanw> cary-office, yeah :\
22:56:00 <Wiki_Blue> and i think alot of them got scared off
22:56:01 <Wiki_Blue> for real
22:56:05 <Cbrown1023> awww
22:56:10 <Cbrown1023> how?
22:56:11 <loco085> :O
22:56:27 <Wiki_Blue> well, number one setting up IRC is overwhelming if you are nto technical
22:56:32 <brianmc> hey, loco085 you'
22:56:46 <cary-office> There is a web based IRC client
22:56:52 * Cbrown1023 is on right now
22:56:53 <brianmc> ve not been promoting
22:57:14 <WM-Thunderhead> Wonder if Wikimedia would consider setting up something like
22:57:17 <Wiki_Blue> good too know!
22:57:27 <loco085> it can be use for people send news, brianmc ?
22:57:30 <WM-Thunderhead> CGI:IRC sucks, but still, good to have it available
22:57:32 <Cbrown1023> WM-Thunderhead: no
22:57:33 <brianmc> Yes
22:57:42 <loco085> oh, i didn't know... brianmc
22:57:45 <WM-Thunderhead> No?
22:57:47 <Wiki_Blue> well, its great, just daunting for people that aren't techies
22:57:49 <Cbrown1023> WM-Thunderhead: seanw wanted to put a better CGI:IRC On the ts
22:57:52 <Cbrown1023> but river shot him down
22:57:57 <WM-Thunderhead> ahh
22:57:57 * Cbrown1023 forgets why
22:57:59 <seanw> WM-Thunderhead, I have looked into that. It was denied several times.
22:58:00 <Wiki_Blue> and second this "new way" of volunteering was weird
22:58:04 <Wiki_Blue> (some stated)
22:58:07 <Cbrown1023> seanw: ;-)
22:58:07 <seanw> WM-Thunderhead, waht do you mean?
22:58:30 <WM-Thunderhead> What do I mean what?
22:58:30 <Platonides> have an irc client is not technical
22:58:39 <Platonides> not more than any other IM
22:58:52 <Cbrown1023> Platonides: :-/
22:58:58 <brianmc> loco085: You'll get the mail, terinjokes will and me too - get a few more spanish speakers and coverage will be better
22:58:59 <seanw> Ack
22:59:00 <seanw> WM-Thunderhead, sorry
22:59:06 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, what do you mean byu that? :)
22:59:16 <cary-office> has a chat client
22:59:32 <Cbrown1023> yup
22:59:37 <Cbrown1023> it's easily accessible too
22:59:40 <Wiki_Blue> well, at least in US in larger cities (wehre most of these people were based) its common for professionals to volunteer, but you actually have real meetings in person lololol
22:59:43 <cary-office> But you can't get into this channel
22:59:46 <loco085> oki, i will promote it, brianmc  :)
22:59:50 <seanw> cary-office, we can fix that - mail walter
22:59:53 <Wiki_Blue> nto over the it was a bit strange
22:59:55 <seanw> Wiki_Blue, agreed.
23:00:06 <Wiki_Blue> so they got scared :(
23:00:10 <cary-office> seanw: I was planning to
23:00:29 <seanw> So.
23:00:51 <seanw> Where are we with this? :)
23:00:52 <Cbrown1023> Wiki_Blue: well.... we could all fly down to FL every wednesday... :-)
23:01:01 <Wiki_Blue> how awesome would that be :)
23:01:06 <Cbrown1023> :-D
23:01:15 * Cbrown1023 would see Wiki_Blue and tower over her ;-)
23:01:55 <WM-Thunderhead> heh, if I can get out of school every Wednesday, i'll give it a go ;-)
23:02:21 <Wiki_Blue> well, maybe one day well have the donations to start doing that type of stuff
23:02:28 <Wiki_Blue> like community interships over the summer etc
23:02:45 * cary-testing has joined #wikimedia-cpg
23:02:54 <WM-Thunderhead> Internship... sounds good to me
23:02:55 <cary-testing> IRCatWork seems to be okay
23:03:05 <cary-testing> Hi cary-office
23:03:05 <seanw> IRCatWork is a cool thing.
23:03:09 <cary-office> Hi cary-testing
23:03:45 <loco085> lol cary-
23:04:00 <seanw> Okay.
23:04:03 <cary-office> I want to follow up on something from last week
23:04:05 <seanw> This is basically all we have the the agenda.
23:04:08 <seanw> Oh, go on Cary :)
23:04:19 <cary-office> Did anyone follow up with Wikizine?
23:04:33 * cary-office forgets who was going to work with walter on it
23:04:42 * WM-Thunderhead will
23:04:56 * cary-office is chatting with Walter right now
23:04:58 <WM-Thunderhead> Mind, i can't give *too* much time, but I can write stories
23:05:03 <Cbrown1023> cary-office: well... he's sent out a post to all the mailing lists too
23:05:22 <loco085> I just entry some times from Wikizine, cary-office... when i am not at my house
23:05:40 <seanw> Anyone can submit stuff without being on staff.
23:05:44 <seanw> If you don'[t have time for commitment.
23:05:45 <cary-office> I can't keep up with my own blog
23:06:13 <Cbrown1023> hehe
23:06:29 <cary-testing> No, cary-office, and I've been meaning to talk to you about that
23:06:50 <cary-office> seanw: Commitment is a difficult thing, it seems, around here
23:07:17 <seanw> cary-office, good point.
23:07:22 <seanw> Okay,.
23:07:27 <seanw> Do we have any issues others would like to raise?
23:07:52 <WM-Thunderhead> Nope, not that I can think of
23:08:24 <cary-office> Walter is going to add it right away
23:08:40 <cary-office> seanw: What time do you think it would be good for you to do an Australian friendly meeting
23:09:38 <seanw> cary-office, what is the aurtaslian timezone?
23:09:52 <cary-office> I'm not sure where symode09 is
23:10:16 <cary-office> Perth
23:10:21 <loco085> he has 11 hours more than me.. i think
23:10:32 <loco085> here it's 6:09 PM
23:10:46 <cary-office> Perth is UTC + 8 now
23:10:49 <cary-office> UTC + 9 in summer
23:10:59 <seanw> Hmm
23:11:00 <Cbrown1023> symode is in Perth
23:11:02 <seanw> So early morning
23:11:03 <Cbrown1023> so, yeah, you're right
23:11:10 <seanw> I can potentially do that at the weekend, but not realy during the week.
23:11:19 <seanw> Hmm
23:11:24 <cary-office> Melbourne is UTC +10/11
23:11:27 <seanw> cary-office, can you point this out on the ml please?
23:11:32 <cary-office> sure
23:11:46 <Cbrown1023> seanw: and I need that e-mail when you can
23:11:49 <Cbrown1023> for that first thing
23:11:53 <Cbrown1023> whatever you enlisted me for ;-)
23:11:56 <cary-office> I think having some "Asian Zone" participants, we might get more interest
23:11:56 * Cbrown1023 doesn't even know yet
23:12:55 <cary-office> Walter will be adding that to the dropdown poste-haste
23:13:08 <seanw> Cbrown1023, yeah, thanks, remind me at some point - sorry
23:13:11 <seanw> cary-office, what's this he is adding?
23:13:23 <cary-office> #wikimedia-cpg to the dropdown list on
23:13:35 <WM-Thunderhead> #wikimedia-cpg to the IRC list
23:13:49 * WM-Thunderhead hits lagging computer
23:15:17 <WM-Thunderhead> So I assume that's all for this meeting?
23:15:50 <seanw> Ah cool.
23:15:50 <seanw> Okay
23:15:55 * seanw waves the gavel threateningly
23:15:59 <cary-office> looks that way
23:16:01 * WM-Thunderhead steals gavel
23:16:31 * WM-Thunderhead has left #wikimedia-cpg
23:16:38 <Cbrown1023> O_O
23:16:59 * Wikizine_guest32 has joined #wikimedia-cpg
23:17:04 <Cbrown1023> hehe
23:17:23 * seanw bangs the gavel.
23:17:25 <seanw> Meeting over.
23:17:28 <seanw> I have to go - thanks guys :)
23:17:37 * Wikizine_guest23 has joined #wikimedia-cpg
23:17:41 <Wikizine_guest32> Notice: this channel is added to the IRC service of  That is all.