Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-09-12/Log

[4:33pm] seanw bangs the gavel
[4:33pm] cary-office: I'm not sitting here all evening 
[4:33pm] • casey_in_meeting rings her up
[4:33pm] WM-Thunderhead: All rise for the honorable Sean Whitton!
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[4:33pm] seanw: (heh, I am basing this off another irc meeting I was at earlier tonighr)
[4:33pm] • effeietsanders bonks his head to the ceiling
[4:33pm] • casey_in_meeting waits for his infamous "names" command
[4:33pm] seanw: So, first item is to evaluate the new system of projects.
[4:33pm] seanw: Oh:
[4:33pm] seanw: [20:31:55] [@ChanServ      ] [ cary-office    ] [ jtico    ] [ SB_Johnny] [ WalterBE      ]
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[4:33pm] seanw: [20:31:55] [ al_tally      ] [ casey_in_meeting] [ LeBron    ] [ schiste  ] [ WM-Thunderhead]
[4:33pm] seanw: [20:31:55] [ BrianNewZealand] [ cormaggio      ] [ Martinp23 ] [ seanw    ] [ zuirdj        ]
[4:33pm] seanw: [20:31:55] [ btdn          ] [ CraigSpurrier_aw] [ Platonides] [ unilinky ] [ zzxc          ]
[4:33pm] seanw: cary_in_meeting, hehe, I was just thinking that.
[4:34pm] btdn: PONG
[4:34pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw: that one was me
[4:34pm] jtico: hi there
[4:34pm] seanw: Right now, Greeves is the only person who has done any work on the project system.
[4:34pm] • casey_in_meeting changes to kibble so that you don't get confused again
[4:34pm] casey_in_meeting is now known as kibble.
[4:34pm] seanw: er
[4:34pm] seanw: Sorry.
[4:34pm] kibble: seanw: this better? 
[4:34pm] cary_in_meeting: we think Sandy left
[4:34pm] kibble:
[4:34pm] seanw: cary_in_meeting, couldn't handle the pressure?
[4:34pm] kibble:
[4:34pm] kibble: seanw: remember, public logs
[4:34pm] kibble:
[4:34pm] seanw: hehe
[4:35pm] cary_in_meeting: dunno
[4:35pm] kibble: seanw: FYI, don't stop doing your meeting reminder posts on the list
[4:35pm] seanw: So, I think we need volunters to transfer all our old projects onto the new system.
[4:35pm] • kibble always forgots and that reminds me
[4:35pm] seanw: kibble, I wont.
[4:35pm] kibble:
[4:35pm] seanw: That means moving poages where it is needed, categorising and filling in the templates, and fixing dpl.
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[4:35pm] seanw: Is anyone willing to do it?
[4:35pm] seanw: (I don't have the time)
[4:36pm] WM-Thunderhead: The new system looks excellent, I can try and work on it
[4:36pm] cary_in_meeting: hurrah
[4:36pm] • cary_in_meeting seconds the nomination
[4:36pm] seanw: I SAID: is anyone willing to do it?!
[4:36pm] seanw: Okay
[4:36pm] HistoryOnTheRoad joined the chat room.
[4:36pm] seanw: Hang on
[4:36pm] seanw: We need more than just thunderbird 
[4:36pm] seanw: (thanks tb)
[4:36pm] seanw: (tb from base: Scott, where are you? *hides*)
[4:36pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad peeks in
[4:36pm] seanw: Hye HistoryOnTheRoad
[4:37pm] WM-Thunderhead: hii
[4:37pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Heya
[4:37pm] seanw: I am trying to recruit people to transfer projects onto the new system.
[4:37pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad hides
[4:37pm] • WM-Thunderhead raises hand
[4:37pm] seanw: Right now we have ione volunteer.
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[4:37pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I have to fiddle the templates a bit more too
[4:37pm] seanw: kibble? Can you?
[4:37pm] kibble: can I what?
[4:37pm] seanw: Work on the above job 
[4:37pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: Do we need projects transferred, or PMed?
[4:37pm] • kibble thought Thunderhead was doing that
[4:38pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, both. Trasnferred, corrcetrly named and templated is the priority
[4:38pm] seanw: kibble, we need more than one 
[4:38pm] seanw: Okay, anyway, we need to move on.
[4:38pm] • kibble stabs seanw, and after that talk we had too!
[4:38pm] kibble:
[4:38pm] seanw: Next thing is evaluating PMs. We don't have any 
[4:38pm] seanw: hehe
[4:38pm] kibble: Thundheread: if you need help, just bug me
[4:38pm] seanw: Guys, ComProj isn't doing anything 
[4:38pm] seanw: I don';t know what is wrong.
[4:38pm] seanw: Our projects are stagnant.
[4:38pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad raises hand to PM ... I'll give it a go 
[4:38pm] kibble: seanw: we're busy elsewhere 
[4:39pm] kibble: all*
[4:39pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, great, add yourself to the list and take some projkects
[4:39pm] cary_in_meeting: seanw: People are getting back to school
[4:39pm] seanw: kibble, well, when you signed up you said you would make it a priority . . .
[4:39pm] • kibble seconds cary's comment
[4:39pm] kibble: seanw: I did? 
[4:39pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: No probs ... I was going to, but I wasn't sure what the protocol was.
[4:39pm] WM-Thunderhead: brb
[4:39pm] seanw: kibble, that's what it says on the announcment 
[4:39pm] kibble: seanw: wait until everyone gets settled back in school
[4:39pm] seanw: HistoryOnTheRoad, that is part of the problem
[4:39pm] seanw: People are not getting involved
[4:39pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I was going to run through all of the projects and ask for status updates
[4:39pm] kibble: seanw:  /me has an announcement
[4:40pm] • kibble accuese sean of smoking something unless he can provide evidence to support that claim
[4:40pm] cary_in_meeting: hush
[4:40pm] cary_in_meeting: agh
[4:40pm] cary_in_meeting: agf
[4:40pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I think we should also have a "client" for the project ... either the requestor or a stakeholder, so they can give some feedback
[4:40pm] seanw: Okay, let's move on
[4:40pm] • brianmc says "don't bogart"
[4:40pm] seanw: We need to move on 
[4:40pm] seanw: Next item is our biggest one.
[4:40pm] Martinp23: seanw: Priorities change  - anywhooo - the problem is going to be occuring about now across all projects everywhere, as people go back to school/college/uni/etc.  It's not going to be the PMs only who are holding things back, but also every member. Things just need to calm down over the next few days
[4:40pm] seanw: Wikizine!
[4:40pm] cary_in_meeting: ah.
[4:41pm] cary_in_meeting: where is Walter
[4:41pm] • WM-Thunderhead calls editor in chief
[4:41pm] seanw: Martinp23, yeah, you are right 
[4:41pm] cary_in_meeting: Wikizine needs help!
[4:41pm] seanw: WalterBE, hello?
[4:41pm] • kibble 's ears perk up
[4:41pm] cary_in_meeting: Walter has been doing it alone for some time
[4:41pm] cary_in_meeting: kibble: You want to do everything
[4:41pm] seanw: Plus me pretending to be a "freelance editor" for about a year.
[4:41pm] seanw: *calms*
[4:41pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: What help does walter need?
[4:41pm] kibble: cary_in_meeting: I just denied a project from sean!
[4:42pm] WalterBE: yes ... was reading the back log .. this goes fast
[4:42pm] • kibble feels bad about that, btw
[4:42pm] cary_in_meeting: Good.  HistoryOnTheRoad WalterBE can answer you
[4:42pm] HistoryOnTheRoad:
[4:42pm] kibble: WalterBE: yes... it goes fast.. but we only have meetings once a week
[4:42pm] seanw: Okay guys, let's be quiet and let WalterBE talk.
[4:43pm] WalterBE: well, the fact is that i am looking for help with wikizine
[4:43pm] WalterBE: for as long it exists
[4:43pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Is it just typed/printed stuff you are after?
[4:44pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Editing, story writing, interviews, ????
[4:44pm] WalterBE: and that does not happen, and the few people who have helpt where gone very fast or did not done anything or not a lot a least
[4:44pm] kibble:
[4:44pm] WM-Thunderhead: WalterBE: I'll help.
[4:44pm] WalterBE: HistoryOnTheRoad: do you know wikizine? have you seen it?
[4:44pm] jtico: What kind of help do you nead?
[4:44pm] seanw: Basically, Walter needs article writers.
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[4:44pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WalterBE: Yes, I've read a few issues
[4:44pm] seanw: As simple as that.
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[4:45pm] seanw: Reseraching news (reading mls, pumps etc.) and writing up in bitesize chunks.
[4:45pm] WalterBE: I can use all help but in the first place I need a core editor.
[4:45pm] cary_in_meeting: Given Comproj's mandate as intrawiki communicator
[4:45pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: About wikipedia? about any project? about MW software? (I'm trying to get a pulse of what is actually needed)
[4:45pm] kibble:
[4:45pm] WalterBE: looking for news, and making wikizine
[4:46pm] kibble: WalterBE: perhaps after you get a core editor, find a place for random people to contribute stories when they feel like it?
[4:46pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WalterBE: Baby steps. "Core Editor" is an excellent position
[4:46pm] seanw: Hang on
[4:46pm] seanw:
[4:46pm] seanw: Everyone go read an issue to see what it is about 
[4:46pm] seanw: (who isn't subscibed)
[4:46pm] effeietsanders: and also subscribe to it 
[4:46pm] WM-Thunderhead: WIKIZINE. IS. PREFECT. 
[4:46pm] • kibble is scubscibed
[4:46pm] effeietsanders: should be a must if you're in comproj 
[4:47pm] WalterBE: the problem is that I am now after 2 years of doing it at the point the I am not longer willing to give wikizine a high priorty or even a medium priorty
[4:47pm] • effeietsanders suggests seanw notes that 
[4:47pm] seanw: effeietsanders, what, your line?
[4:47pm] seanw: We could just opst it to the comproj ml each time.
[4:47pm] effeietsanders: seanw: that members should subscibe 
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[4:47pm] WM-Thunderhead: Who's got control of the CPG blog?
[4:47pm] cary_in_meeting: Comproj members should subscribe
[4:48pm] seanw: Agreed.
[4:48pm] effeietsanders: people should also compare older issues of wikizine with newer
[4:48pm] WM-Thunderhead: Agreed.
[4:48pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, symode09, but let's stay on topic.
[4:48pm] seanw: Okay, so, we know what this is.
[4:48pm] effeietsanders: as walter got less time... the extensiveness of covering issues also went backwards 
[4:48pm] seanw: Does anyone volunteer?
[4:48pm] seanw: (I would, I simply don't have time)
[4:49pm] kibble: (I would contribute *some* stories when I can... definitely nothing full time)
[4:49pm] • WM-Thunderhead can occasionally
[4:49pm] cary_in_meeting: I would suggest we not offer a replacement editor in chief just yet
[4:49pm] WalterBE: I used to be able to work on it on my work but now the are disturbing me to much on my work with work to work on wikizine
[4:49pm] cary_in_meeting: until we broaden the core of applicants
[4:49pm] cary_in_meeting: er... potential editors in cheif
[4:49pm] cormaggio: Wouldn't it be an idea for there to be "correspondents" for specific projects? I could write some things about en.wikiversity..
[4:50pm] seanw: cormaggio, that sounds liek a good idea 
[4:50pm] WalterBE: cormaggio: that is also very usefull
[4:50pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cormaggio: Hey, that's my project 
[4:50pm] • WM-Thunderhead can for
[4:50pm] cormaggio: hehe 
[4:50pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad likes cormaggio's idea
[4:50pm] seanw: Great
[4:50pm] WM-Thunderhead: Wikinews English Corrospondant
[4:51pm] WalterBE: function that can exist; core editor, freelance editor, corrector
[4:51pm] jtico: I could contribute writing some news form es-wikipedia
[4:51pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Would it help to co-ordinate with wikinews?
[4:51pm] WalterBE: reporter from a wiki, a user the reports the news from his/here home wiki
[4:51pm] cary_in_meeting: HistoryOnTheRoad: I think it would
[4:51pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: Any wikinewsers here?
[4:51pm] cormaggio: I think for this idea to form a useful service, there should be a diverse set of "correspondents" - is there a viable way of getting such a diverse group together?
[4:52pm] • HistoryOnTheRoad knows a couple, I could ask
[4:52pm] WM-Thunderhead_ joined the chat room.
[4:52pm] WalterBE: also usefull i inventing stuff for sections; like did you know and was ist das?
[4:52pm] Martinp23: HistoryOnTheRoad: Many 
[4:52pm] cary_in_meeting: cormaggio: CPG
[4:52pm] cormaggio: hehe 
[4:52pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: WalterBE: Do you do other langs, or just EN right now?
[4:53pm] WalterBE:
[4:53pm] seanw: (Guys, we need to come to a conclusion soon, we have other agenda items -s sorry to push you)
[4:53pm] WalterBE: My wikizine is EN Wikizine; that is the core wikizine
[4:53pm] WalterBE: but there are also version in ES, DE and ID
[4:53pm] effeietsanders: translations, right?
[4:54pm] effeietsanders: so the editors are needed for EN?
[4:54pm] cormaggio: WalterBE - are the others written for their languages, or translated from en?
[4:54pm] effeietsanders: and then all will translated by the other guys?
[4:54pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: ok ... i think we have some coresspondents. Write a story/column for the next CPG meeting, if you can?
[4:54pm] WalterBE: that are for 99% translatons of EN, but the can have there own stuff also but the are doing that , or almost not
[4:55pm] cormaggio: ok - perhaps a call to keep wikizine going should go out across pumps and lists?
[4:55pm] WalterBE: and the are not going well. Mostly one person who makes the translations, few readers
[4:55pm] cormaggio: this could include requests for correspondents
[4:55pm] seanw: Great, do it 
[4:55pm] • kibble huggles al_tally
[4:55pm] seanw: But we do nede to move on now, sorry.
[4:55pm] WalterBE: not all edtions get translated because of staff problems
[4:55pm] jtico: I have found wikizine very useful
[4:56pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I think we should add it to next weeks agenda
[4:56pm] seanw: The next item is teh 2007 Fall Fundraiser.
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[4:56pm] cary_in_meeting: HistoryOnTheRoad: I concur
[4:56pm] cormaggio: I would only add a caveat - this should be done only if/when an editor can be found..
[4:56pm] seanw: I have no idea who added this.
[4:56pm] cary_in_meeting: We need to discuss this more
[4:56pm] seanw: Or any idea of what we can do about it.
[4:56pm] • WM-Thunderhead_ raises hand
[4:56pm] cary_in_meeting: seanw: um
[4:56pm] cary_in_meeting: yeeah
[4:56pm] seanw: cary_in_meeting, yes, but we need to move on. We have limited time.
[4:56pm] cary_in_meeting: seanw: I know
[4:56pm] cary_in_meeting: I'm saying we need to discuss it more next week
[4:57pm] seanw: Right 
[4:57pm] seanw: So, fundraising.
[4:57pm] seanw: cary_in_meeting, is this Sandyh's thing?
[4:57pm] cary_in_meeting: our thing
[4:57pm] kibble: cary: isn't it sabine's thing too?
[4:57pm] seanw: Oh
[4:57pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead_, you added this
[4:57pm] seanw: kibble, yes.. I meant who added it to comproj's agenda 
[4:57pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead_, what are your thoughts 
[4:57pm] WM-Thunderhead_: Hang on, lemme ghost myself
[4:58pm] WM-Thunderhead left the chat room. (Nick collision from services.)
[4:58pm] WM-Thunderhead_ is now known as WM-Thunderhead.
[4:58pm] cary_in_meeting:  /from previous item/ People should discuss wikizine with Walter
[4:58pm] • kibble understands, I just meant "shan't we invite her too" or "do we need to help her?" "do our own things?"
[4:58pm] cary_in_meeting: separatnely
[4:58pm] cary_in_meeting: separately
[4:58pm] kibble: @ seanw
[4:58pm] seanw: Heh
[4:58pm] seanw: No idea, up to WM-Thunderhead 
[4:58pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, go go!
[4:59pm] WM-Thunderhead: Well, I think that ComProj should take involvment in ... communicating the fundraiser to communities
[5:00pm] cary_in_meeting: I'd like to see Comproj help getting people to do Fundraiser Wikilove buttons to start off with
[5:00pm] seanw: Sounds good.
[5:00pm] kibble: cary_in_meeting: I *love* your commons one 
[5:00pm] seanw: Anyone want to volunteer for that project?
[5:00pm] kibble: or whichever it is "no drama"
[5:00pm] kibble: Thundhead?
[5:00pm] cary_in_meeting: Kibble: I didn't make any
[5:01pm] cary_in_meeting:
[5:01pm] kibble: cary_in_meeting: one of the flickr pics, on Wikilove
[5:01pm] cary_in_meeting: oh, flickr pics
[5:01pm] cary_in_meeting: yes
[5:01pm] • kibble was referring to a different thing, not the web-buttons 
[5:01pm] jtico: cary_in_meeting: what about asking for help to the people in commons, those with graphic skills
[5:01pm] cary_in_meeting: jtico: Good idea
[5:01pm] schiste left the chat room. ("Konversation terminated!")
[5:01pm] cary_in_meeting: It's just determining who those people are
[5:02pm] jtico: Yes, a post in the commons pump asking for people...
[5:03pm] • WalterBE I am going to do my current top priority: doing the dishes. If you need me go to #wikizine and type WalterBE
[5:03pm] seanw: hehe
[5:03pm] cary_in_meeting: well, it's kind of a word of mouth thing
[5:03pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary_in_meeting: Web 2.0 style? 
[5:03pm] cary_in_meeting: Maybe someone like LeBron can translate that opening page for us too
[5:04pm] cary_in_meeting: HistoryOnTheRoad: Sure, if you think
[5:05pm] jtico: WalterBE: I'll try to contact you there
[5:05pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: cary_in_meeting: Maybe an IRC topic in one of the popular channels? I'm just brainstorming.
[5:05pm] cary_in_meeting: yes, sure!
[5:05pm] seanw: (guys, we need to move on again... let's make some decisions)
[5:05pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: seanw: go ahead
[5:05pm] cary_in_meeting: I think Sandy needs to be here for that
[5:05pm] WM-Thunderhead: Sorry, sorry 
[5:05pm] cary_in_meeting: the Fundraising 2007
[5:05pm] cary_in_meeting: Unless WM-Thunderhead had something specific in mind
[5:06pm] WM-Thunderhead: Well, ComProj could help by word-of-mouth to people we know
[5:06pm] seanw: That's fine, it's okay, we can leave it to next week peoper.
[5:06pm] seanw: proper*
[5:06pm] WM-Thunderhead: Certainly, we'll work on that next week once we have more information
[5:06pm] seanw: Okay, final item is Wikipedia Spotlight from Cary. Take the floor 
[5:06pm] cary_in_meeting: Yes, I added that
[5:06pm] cary_in_meeting: But this is specific to enwp
[5:07pm] cary_in_meeting: I think I need to look at it from another approach
[5:07pm] cary_in_meeting: rather than bring it up in here
[5:07pm] cary_in_meeting: so we can pass on that
[5:07pm] cormaggio:
[5:07pm] seanw: Sure.
[5:07pm] seanw: Tht means we ar edone.
[5:07pm] • cary_in_meeting hands cormaggio a chicken foot
[5:07pm] seanw: Anything else?
[5:07pm] cormaggio: ooh 
[5:08pm] • seanw bangs the gavel.