Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-08-29/Log

seanw: So, I want to talk about ComProj, and I think Sandy will want to add to what I say. Otherwise we don't have any real items. I don't think doing symode09's items is good while he isn't here.
[4:33pm] casey_in_meeting: and, seanw, I forwarded your call for help to like 4 wiki mailing lists
[4:34pm] casey_in_meeting: yann did wikisource I think
[4:34pm] CraigSpurrier joined the chat room.
[4:34pm] seanw: Oh yeah, thanks for doing that, that is graet. I didn't want to subscribe to them all just for that.
[4:34pm] seanw: Hey CraigSpurrier, we're shritly starting.
[4:34pm] CraigSpurrier: hello
[4:34pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw: yeah, and you knew some weird people like me would be subscirbed to all of them 
[4:35pm] cary-office: let me know when we start
[4:36pm] Wiki_Blue: hey i'm so sorry
[4:36pm] Wiki_Blue: i'm  here
[4:36pm] seanw: casey_in_meeting, yeah 
[4:36pm] seanw: cary-office, now, WikiBlye is here.
[4:36pm] cary-office: Wikiblye
[4:36pm] seanw: Okay, I will begin with my item if that is okay with everyone.
[4:36pm] Wiki_Blue: sure
[4:36pm] seanw: So, it's about ComProj itself. I have a suggestion for our organisation, and then want to talk about recruitment etc.
[4:37pm] seanw: Firstly, Sandy and I have eben keepign files on you all for some time now 
[4:37pm] seanw: We have detailed information on your movements... seriously, we just have the information you e-mailed to me when you joined all in a spreadsheet.
[4:37pm] seanw: So, I was thinking we could perhaps move this onto a big table on meta.
[4:37pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:38pm] • casey_in_meeting has no problem with that
[4:38pm] seanw: This would mean that anyone could go look and find someone to help with their project.
[4:38pm] CraigSpurrier left the chat room.
[4:38pm] seanw: The only thing is, there is personal data there - but not much
[4:38pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw: what types?
[4:38pm] seanw: We have e-mail addresses, but we can use meta's Email this user feature.
[4:38pm] casey_in_meeting: yeah
[4:38pm] seanw: casey_in_meeting, I'll get to it..
[4:38pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:38pm] casey_in_meeting: (tell me when you need comments  )
[4:38pm] seanw: The other thing is real names. I am not sure how many people are happy with that. We also have some semi-confidential real life profiles.
[4:39pm] seanw: So, I was thinking we could put the public data there, replace the old membership page.
[4:39pm] seanw: And then I will ask people to fill in the blank table cells, and then I can e-mail people who don't to see if they don't mind me moving over the old stuff we have.
[4:39pm] • casey_in_meeting thinks taht sounds good
[4:39pm] seanw: It might also be better to prune some inactive members.
[4:39pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:39pm] seanw: So this is my first suggestion, comments please - esp. from Wiki_Blue 
[4:39pm] CraigSpurrier joined the chat room.
[4:40pm] seanw: (since she started the list)
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue: i just think that the way we are executing projects is not really working for everyone
[4:40pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, yeah, I intend to get onto that... let's look at this first okay? 
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue: b/c if not there would be more activity
[4:40pm] • casey_in_meeting needs an explanation 
[4:40pm] casey_in_meeting: ah, I see
[4:40pm] Wiki_Blue: and I think that one of the problems is that I maybe have not been very clear and/or provided enough lead
[4:41pm] Wiki_Blue: however, the problem i face is that with my daily activities, its really hard for me to babysit each project etc
[4:41pm] casey_in_meeting: provided enough lead --> you've provided as much as possible
[4:41pm] casey_in_meeting: (with your busy schedule)
[4:41pm] Wiki_Blue: and what i really want is to see the comproj empowered
[4:41pm] cary-office: Wasn't Greeves interested in this?
[4:41pm] casey_in_meeting: clear --> that's only some projects; most projects are really clear, but then again, the lack of clarity is not always *your* fault
[4:41pm] Wiki_Blue: yes, but sean I agree with you
[4:41pm] Wiki_Blue: it would be great to put everyones skills on an accessible list
[4:42pm] • casey_in_meeting agrees too
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: for example, if you are looking for a grpahic designer
[4:42pm] seanw: Okay, right, I will look into that - that's priobably my job as chair.
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: you coudl find one quickly
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: if you want a writer
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: etc., you can find one
[4:42pm] seanw: Yeah, that's the idea. No point in locking it up in a private spreadsheet.
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: if you want someone who does powerpoint
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: i agree seanw
[4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: this may be key
[4:42pm] • casey_in_meeting high-fives blue & sean
[4:42pm] seanw: In general, I think we need to use meta more. We need more permenant information.
[4:43pm] • Platonides wonders if people really look for things on meta
[4:43pm] cary-office: Indeed
[4:43pm] brianmc joined the chat room.
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: sean, sean he is our man. lol
[4:43pm] WM-Thunderhead joined the chat room.
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: if he can't do it no one can
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: lolol
[4:43pm] seanw: Hey brianmc WM-Thunderhead.
[4:43pm] cary-office: wikinewsies
[4:43pm] casey_in_meeting: Platonides: I do 
[4:43pm] WM-Thunderhead: Evening, all 
[4:43pm] casey_in_meeting: WM-Thunderhead: when should I sign you up then?
[4:43pm] brianmc: hello
[4:43pm] seanw: We are discussing ComProj itself right now.
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: hello
[4:43pm] WM-Thunderhead: casey, from comproj?
[4:43pm] cary-office: cbrown
[4:43pm] casey_in_meeting: no, typing lessons 
[4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: meta would be ideal, but i'm not sure people really feel a sense of urgency using it
[4:44pm] seanw: So, my next thing was what WikiBlue was talking about, basically: "where are we going wrong?" with ComProj in the fact we have little activity. I know it is the summer, but even so.
[4:44pm] WM-Thunderhead: casey, agh, i'm tired :
[4:44pm] WM-Thunderhead:
[4:44pm] casey_in_meeting: ah, I see my meta talk 
[4:44pm] cary-office: One thing I'd like to point out is that people want to participate in their areas of interest
[4:44pm] schiste: Why? Because we don't have defined, deadlined, well leaded project
[4:44pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw: I think it's mainly the summer, like I'm not too active right now because I'm not at home, and then again, schools are starting back up, so everyone needs to get settled in there
[4:44pm] seanw: As most probably noticed, I sent a recruitment letter round various mailing lists yesterday (or recently, anyway..)
[4:44pm] cary-office: I didn't get the ht.wikipedia thing going until I actually found a Wikipedian who knew something about Kreyol
[4:45pm] schiste: and it's definitly not a matter of "not enough members"
[4:45pm] Terinjokes joined the chat room.
[4:45pm] cary-office: Now I need to go provide him with some more support
[4:45pm] schiste: Korrigan ?
[4:45pm] DragonFire1024 joined the chat room.
[4:45pm] seanw: I think schiste got it in one, really. In my opinion, we need a) more project to keep people interested, if we can find them b) clear leadership for individual projects - a contact person who can report back to us c) deadlines, so things move
[4:45pm] cary-office: schiste: yes
[4:45pm] casey_in_meeting: WM-Tunderhead: haha, I just realized the last two posts on my meta talk are from you 
[4:45pm] WM-Thunderhead: I'm more of a spectator and advisor right now. Then again, I was one of the first to mail seanw, but because of the foundation-l discussions about age, I resigned.
[4:45pm] cary-office: I need a way to say, "Thank you and keep it up"
[4:46pm] • WM-Thunderhead is a talker
[4:46pm] schiste: cary-office:  I'll talk with him when I catch him 
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: this is true, and to be fair, comproj in short time, has completed lets not forget that, but we can do more with the man power we have.
[4:46pm] • casey_in_meeting slaps Thunderhead
[4:46pm] seanw: Sandy started putting together a much better organisation on meta a while ago.
[4:46pm] casey_in_meeting: jsut because others show ageism, doesn't mean you should resign anything, Thunderhead
[4:46pm] seanw: But it seems we don't actually have many consistent projects to add to it.
[4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: well, and i think that this is a problem that many projects face b/c of the virtual aspect..its not comproj specific
[4:46pm] cary-office: schiste: And a way to keep it going, in case Korrigan burns out
[4:46pm] seanw: To be honest, I think we need more projects.
[4:46pm] schiste: I totally, sorry sean, with the recruitment mail you sent. We nned to organize us well before gathering more people
[4:46pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw: 
[4:47pm] seanw: schiste, you totally what?
[4:47pm] schiste: cary-office: ok, I'll see with him
[4:47pm] cary-office: otherwise they'll just drop in the channel and be lost with our conversation
[4:47pm] schiste: oups ^^
[4:47pm] schiste: disagree *
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. i have a proposition
[4:47pm] • casey_in_meeting listens
[4:47pm] schiste: It was too early 
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: why don't we nominate people in comproj that can be leads
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: that are more interested in project management
[4:47pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, I have been trying to nominate people to individual projects
[4:47pm] DragonFire1024 left the chat room.
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: yup, i know
[4:47pm] seanw: So, are you suggesting that we assign leads from a "lead pool" to projects as they come up?
[4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: but maybe official structure in comproj
[4:48pm] cary-office: see, there went DragonFire1024
[4:48pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:48pm] • casey_in_meeting noticed too
[4:48pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: why did all the wikinewsies join?
[4:48pm] schiste: I more than agree with Wiki_Blue
[4:48pm] schiste: In project managment, you need a strong structure
[4:48pm] casey_in_meeting: like what?
[4:48pm] cary-office: casey_in_meeting: Because they should be involved
[4:48pm] seanw: Well, as chair I could assign our lead pool out to projects as needed.
[4:48pm] seanw: Do you think that would work?
[4:49pm] WM-Thunderhead: Well, I'm getting interested in Meta affairs.
[4:49pm] schiste: (that's why I disagree with the recruitment mail, as we're not organised)
[4:49pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: I thought they came for a specific project
[4:49pm] schiste: seanw: no, this would be a temporary solution
[4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: well, but it would be beneficial to see who is interested, and create a pool of names you can draw from
[4:49pm] schiste: We need something that would work on the long run
[4:49pm] • casey_in_meeting wonders what you're drawing *for* , Wiki_Blue
[4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: I'll give you an example
[4:49pm] seanw: schiste, the thing is, we don't want to become too organised, if you see what I mean - we are still an informal group.
[4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: right now on meta, we have several projects listed on comproj page
[4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: correct?
[4:49pm] casey_in_meeting: yup
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: and who is babying each project?
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: who is haggling people
[4:50pm] brianmc: casey_in_meeting: you've probably seen the mails on foundation-l about a WN Foundation or similar, we're following things wherever we can to build a complete picture of what we need
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: organizing duties, a
[4:50pm] seanw: Agreed. We need a person doing that for each project.
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: making sure there are deadlines
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: brianmc: yes, I saw those, no opinionated comments from me though 
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: and i think we need to find people who like doing project management
[4:50pm] WM-Thunderhead: Ahh, i don't know if this is Comproj work, but at Wikimania 2007, i'd be interested in working out a live broadcast. G4TV could possibly air it, they aired CES this year
[4:50pm] WM-Thunderhead: All 3 days
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: Wiki_Blue: I see
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: YEs, this is comproj work
[4:50pm] casey_in_meeting: Wikimania 2008?
[4:50pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, okay, could you put that forward at another meeting please? It's graet, we can look at it, but not in the middle of this 
[4:51pm] schiste: For wikimania 2008 ?
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: its to get mroe people involved in communicaiton work, and thunderbird that IS communicaiton items
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: haha
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: thunderbird is your mail client isn't it?
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: so yes, for projects like that
[4:51pm] WM-Thunderhead: seanw, sorry, my fault
[4:51pm] schiste: Please, don't you want guys wait to know where it's gonna be before speaking of live streaming ?
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: thunderhead is his name 
[4:51pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, it's fine 
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: no specifics later
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: schiste: 
[4:51pm] seanw: Right, so, an organisational tree within ComProj.
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: but saying, yes projects like this
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: yes, and the problem is
[4:51pm] casey_in_meeting: yup
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: only people that like project management will do good
[4:51pm] • casey_in_meeting eyes seanw, spit it out 
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: some people are creative types and HATE project managemnt
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: and thats why i think schiste is good idea
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: ask, and then have a pool
[4:52pm] • cary-office supports schiste
[4:52pm] • seanw does too.
[4:52pm] • WM-Thunderhead supports
[4:52pm] • casey_in_meeting thinks he does
[4:52pm] schiste: I don't. . . 
[4:52pm] brianmc: heh
[4:52pm] casey_in_meeting: hahha
[4:52pm] schiste: Seriously I can help at it 
[4:52pm] schiste: But in perhaps 2 month I'm gonna move
[4:53pm] schiste: So I can really organize the basics
[4:53pm] brianmc: yup, self-depreciating - give him the job
[4:53pm] schiste: But I'll probably offline at the end of october
[4:53pm] schiste: be*
[4:53pm] seanw: So, schiste, can you go ahead and find this pool we want?
[4:53pm] cary-office: Give him a smoke, he'll be happy
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: true dat.
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:53pm] cary-office: offline for how long
[4:53pm] schiste: cary-office:  
[4:53pm] schiste: Yeah ^^
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: WOO HOO
[4:54pm] schiste: cary-office: don't know, depends on where I move 
[4:54pm] seanw: Great, that's assigned 
[4:54pm] • casey_in_meeting loves to see Wiki_Blue happy
[4:54pm] schiste: could be 1 day or 1 year...
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: loves to see you guys active :_
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:54pm] schiste: You just need a pool of project leaders?
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: OMG, I'll go to france myself and find you an apartment
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: yes sir.
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting: haha
[4:54pm] seanw: schiste, basically.
[4:54pm] cary-office: You don't speak French.
[4:54pm] seanw: The next thing is how we will use this pool.
[4:54pm] cary-office: I should go.
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting: Wiki_Blue: isn't schiste moving to canada or london? 
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: ohh, well then london
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:54pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:54pm] seanw: Right now, we don't have many projects to begin with.
[4:54pm] schiste: Or Paris
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: good question sean
[4:54pm] schiste: whatever ^^
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: let me look at list
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: I thought you had to go to Buenos Airies for WM-AR 
[4:55pm] seanw: Thing is, Wikimedians are still very wary of stepping on people's toes.
[4:55pm] cary-office: casey_in_meeting: well, that's tomorrow, right?
[4:55pm] cary-office: I can't make it
[4:55pm] seanw: If we just say "go for it, take a project", little will happen.
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: 
[4:55pm] cary-office: nobody bought my ticket
[4:55pm] seanw: I think 'forceful' assignments of leaders is probably the best way to do it imo.
[4:55pm] casey_in_meeting: cary: they didn't buy me one either :'(
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: lololol
[4:55pm] WM-Thunderhead: Exactly, if we take it as a project, we need to go full force with it. And we don't specifically need 'leaders', just groups of people that want to work with that project.
[4:55pm] seanw: We need both.
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: err, i see several long term projects
[4:56pm] casey_in_meeting: haha, /me can see seanw: "Thunderhead, you're going to tak this *and* you're goign to /like/ it"
[4:56pm] seanw: But if we have a leader, they can draw from ComProj as a whole to get their team.
[4:56pm] schiste: In my opinion we should have 1/2/3 Projects leader
[4:56pm] schiste: who are only doing Project Managment
[4:56pm] schiste: and that's it
[4:56pm] seanw: We need as many leaders as hwe have projects,m really.
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: yes, and if you are a project leader, honestly, the content is only secondary
[4:56pm] casey_in_meeting: well, isn't that cary-office, sean and blue?, schiste?
[4:56pm] seanw: Unless we have one leader doing more than one, idk
[4:57pm] schiste: casey_in_meeting: nope they are coordinating
[4:57pm] cary-office: what?
[4:57pm] seanw: casey_in_meeting, no, not really.
[4:57pm] schiste: not managing on day to day basis
[4:57pm] cary-office: No, I can't be a project leader
[4:57pm] seanw: We're trying to run the gruop, not the projects.
[4:57pm] casey_in_meeting: ah, I see,s chiste
[4:57pm] seanw: So actually
[4:57pm] seanw: The role of us three/four could be assigning the leaders.
[4:57pm] seanw: Simply to avoid people dithering, basically.
[4:58pm] seanw: So like, "project x just came up, leader y is free, if he has no onjections he is assigned - get to it!"
[4:58pm] seanw: Would that work?
[4:58pm] WM-Thunderhead: That would work.
[4:58pm] casey_in_meeting: yup
[4:58pm] schiste: No.
[4:58pm] schiste:
[4:58pm] casey_in_meeting:
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: well, someone should send an email to comproj group
[4:58pm] seanw: schiste, right, what would work then?
[4:58pm] schiste: a project manager should handle 2 or 3 projects
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: asking for volunteers for PM
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: i say one to two dude
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: we are lucky if they do even one
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: honeslty
[4:59pm] seanw: I think the issue will come up that a project manager doesn't have a project.
[4:59pm] seanw: And will not be comfortable with being bold and taking one.
[4:59pm] seanw: Thjat's why I suggest assignment.
[4:59pm] schiste: Well, depends on how you see the managment, in my opinion a Project Manager should neot be "involved" in the project
[4:59pm] schiste: but whatever
[4:59pm] schiste: that's details 
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: true dat
[5:00pm] seanw: Okay. A note: we should amke it clear that these guys are not 'higher' than anyone else, nor are me/sandy/sciste/cary any higher either.
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: right, PM is just another skil
[5:00pm] seanw: We are all the same within comproj, doing work etc., not ruling
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: just like graphic design or writing
[5:00pm] seanw: Yes Sandy, that is jsut the right way of looking at it 
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: yes, exactly we are a team, and everyone is valued the same
[5:01pm] seanw: Okay, does any one have any more commentson this?
[5:01pm] brianmc: The job of a Project Manager is to coordinate things so his/her team can do their best work.
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: we work as a team, and everyone job is important
[5:01pm] seanw: I will write up the plan as we have it and send it to the list for those not at the meeting, for comments too.
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: yes sir
[5:01pm] WM-Thunderhead: Which list will this be?
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: okay cool
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: comproj
[5:01pm] WM-Thunderhead: meta affairs?
[5:01pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead,
[5:01pm] seanw: We have our own list 
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: Okay, I have a quick item, when i can sean
[5:01pm] seanw: OKay: if no-one has other comments, off you go Sandy.
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: okay going to paste
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: and this is still sort of in draft
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: so please no spreading yet
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: As you all may know, the 2007 Fall Fundraiser will begin on October 22. This year, we would like to gather pics and videos, submitted by users, that describe either:
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: Why they love Wikipedia and/or how Wikipedia has changed their life.
[5:02pm] cary-office: Hey, where is our girl in England?
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: We would like to have a test run, and are asking volunteers that work directly with the Foundation to submit pics to Flickr and videos to Youtube, with the tag [Wiki Love]. It would be much appreciated if you guys could submit a pic or video by the end of next week. Since this is an idea we are still testing out, please do not "spread the word" until a final decision has been reached.
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: We're still exploring what kind of format that might work best for this - e.g., do we want people to hold up their favourite wikimedia page to the camera, or hold up a piece of paper with something written on it, a la the "Sorry Everybody" meme. So please experiment a little with us, and we'll reconvene later to assess what worked.
[5:03pm] WM-Thunderhead: Wiki_Blue, do you think we could get a YouTube contest-type-thing for that?
[5:03pm] WM-Thunderhead: Or either a group
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: maybe. right now we are focusing on this
[5:03pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, heh, do I recognise that? 
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: b/c still playing with format
[5:03pm] schiste: cary Jennifer ?
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: I also need graphic designers
[5:03pm] cary-office: schiste: oui
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: are there any professional graphic desingers among this
[5:03pm] cary-office: ou est
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: among us
[5:04pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, there are those who are very interested, no ide about professional
[5:04pm] schiste: I dunno, she hasn't answered my last mail for the moment
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: i have an urgent fun job, they can put on their resume
[5:04pm] seanw: See the membershpi list when I do it tomorrow 
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: huh?
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: so confusedd, what mail?
[5:04pm] seanw: The grid on meta we were planning earlier?
[5:04pm] seanw: It has graphics designers on it.
[5:04pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw, not you, schiste
[5:04pm] seanw: Oh. Missed his line, sorry.
[5:04pm] casey_in_meeting:
[5:04pm] schiste: Wiki_Blue: Mail to Jennifer not you ^^
[5:05pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, schiste and cary-office are talking abot Jennifer/Open Research
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: she rocks btw
[5:05pm] • schiste giggles
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: so can you guys help with this?
[5:05pm] seanw: Okay, thanks for that item Sandy - anything else on that or can we move on?
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: PLEASEEEEE
[5:05pm] schiste: graphic designing?
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: i will send email to comproj
[5:05pm] • schiste can't
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: the project i just posted
[5:05pm] seanw: Yes, mail the list Sandy.
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: pics video
[5:05pm] • schiste is the worse designer you'd ever see 
[5:06pm] casey_in_meeting: haha
[5:06pm] seanw: Right. I have no more items for the meeting. Does anyone else have anything to discuss?
[5:06pm] Platonides: Wiki_Blue, one more note: the image on flickr shouldn't have © All rights reserved
[5:06pm] casey_in_meeting: not at this juncture, seanw
[5:06pm] WM-Thunderhead: Well, unless we want to try the Wikimania broadcasting, or wait until a later meeting for that
[5:06pm] WM-Thunderhead: Either way is fine with me 
[5:06pm] cary-office: schiste:  I believe you
[5:06pm] Wiki_Blue: what do you mean plantonides?
[5:07pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, if you would like to brainstorm, do go ahead. Remember we don't actually have that many people here, though. symode09/brown_cat is our video person.
[5:07pm] seanw: He knows quite a bit about it.
[5:07pm] Platonides: Flickr allows several licenses
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: ahhhhh
[5:07pm] cary-office: We can always thread this in the recap
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue:  I did not know this
[5:07pm] Platonides: it should be recommended that those images used a free one
[5:07pm] WM-Thunderhead: seanw, you're right, i need to get more information, i'll discuss it at tonights #wikimania-atlanta meeting
[5:07pm] seanw: cary-office, hmm?
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. awesome.
[5:07pm] seanw: WM-Thunderhead, right, fine.
[5:07pm] seanw: So, we done all?
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: does youtube have license as well
[5:07pm] cary-office: seanw: I mean, reorder the messages 
[5:07pm] Platonides: no idea
[5:08pm] cary-office: youtube has no license
[5:08pm] seanw: cary-office, heh, post the original too.
[5:08pm] casey_in_meeting: WM-Thunderhead: you shouldn't talk to him about that, he's on the jury, don't give him an alleged cOI 
[5:08pm] cary-office: who's the jury
[5:08pm] casey_in_meeting: you
[5:08pm] cary-office: I'm not the jury
[5:09pm] casey_in_meeting: aren't you on the jury?
[5:09pm] seanw: Guys, I will ask again - are we done with the main items of the meeting?
[5:09pm] cary-office: No
[5:09pm] WM-Thunderhead: Gah, not another scandal 
[5:09pm] casey_in_meeting: cary-office: hmm, weird
[5:09pm] casey_in_meeting: seanw: /me said yes
[5:09pm] cary-office: I'm a moderator
[5:09pm] seanw: OKay, then: ---meeting closed---