Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-08-15

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[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: hey where is the agenda
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: i can't find it
[4:26pm] cary: It's hidden
[4:26pm] loco085: lol 
[4:26pm] Worby:
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: people have said they have to leave early
[4:26pm] Worby: @ Wiki_Blue
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: have only a few minutes, so lets get this out of the way, and then we can chat
[4:26pm] Worby: Wiki_Blue: I sent you an e-mail
[4:26pm] Worby: did you get it?
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: not sure worby
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: today has been very busy
[4:26pm] Wiki_Blue: about what?
[4:27pm] Worby: ComProj stuff
[4:27pm] Worby: I sent it a few minutes ago
[4:27pm] Worby: like 10
[4:27pm] schiste: hi Wiki_Blue
[4:27pm] schiste:
[4:27pm] Wiki_Blue: met schiste too
[4:27pm] Wiki_Blue: for Stats group worby?
[4:27pm] Wiki_Blue: (he my smoking partner)
[4:27pm] Wiki_Blue: okay lets start
[4:27pm] schiste: (^_^)
[4:28pm] Wiki_Blue: cbrown
[4:28pm] Wiki_Blue: you here?
[4:28pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue: We can get the media to stop focussing on the shocking truth that wikipedia is vandalized (is that all the news fox can find?)  by releasing propoganda with jimbo in it 
[4:28pm] Wiki_Blue: brown_cat?
[4:28pm] Wiki_Blue: LMAO
[4:28pm] Wiki_Blue: talk about volunteer manual
[4:28pm] Wiki_Blue: whats up with that
[4:28pm] brown_cat: mine?
[4:29pm] Wiki_Blue: yes, you put it on the agenda right?
[4:29pm] brown_cat: ummmm, didn't think so
[4:29pm] Wiki_Blue: okay, lets move on then
[4:29pm] brown_cat: I was doing the video thing I think
[4:29pm] Wiki_Blue: is cbrown not here?
[4:29pm] schiste: Worby:
[4:29pm] brown_cat: nope
[4:29pm] loco085: Worby is cbrown
[4:29pm] Wiki_Blue: worby
[4:29pm] Wiki_Blue: you cbrown?
[4:30pm] brown_cat:
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: okay forget it
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:30pm] Worby: wikie_Blue: sorry 
[4:30pm] brown_cat: lol
[4:30pm] Worby: yes, stats gropu & voluteer manual
[4:30pm] Worby: can I start, brown_cat?
[4:30pm] brown_cat: yes
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: start with volunteer manual
[4:30pm] Worby: no one adds thigns to the agenda 
[4:30pm] brown_cat: might as well
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: worby
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: go
[4:30pm] Worby: yes
[4:30pm] Worby: yuppers
[4:30pm] brown_cat: who is logging?
[4:30pm] • Worby = Cbrown1023 = casey 
[4:30pm] Worby: okay
[4:30pm] Wiki_Blue: Okay. whats up with the manual?
[4:30pm] cary: I log naturally, but my log format sucks
[4:30pm] Worby: cary will probably be
[4:30pm] loco085: lol cary
[4:31pm] Worby: okay, brown_cat & I are/were working on writing a volunteer manual for Sandy's n00bs
[4:31pm] Worby: we're wondering what else you think should be added
[4:31pm] Worby: Communication Projects Group/Projects/Volunteer Manual
[4:31pm] Wiki_Blue: (looking good btw
[4:31pm] Worby: what needs to be expanded, or what is messed up
[4:31pm] Worby: just feedback 
[4:31pm] Worby: please post it here, or on the talk page if you get a chance
[4:31pm] Wiki_Blue: a) I would divide it into sections, like an oline book
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: and create subpages
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: b) I have some general information, that if I send it to you...its on PDF
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: could you guys post it, format it etc, and take what is important?
[4:32pm] Worby: b) --> k, you know my e-mail
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: okay coolio
[4:32pm] Worby: I'd be more than happy too :
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: can the rest of you look at manual right now
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: and give some feedback?
[4:32pm] Worby: divide it into sections --> shodl we take a step further and put it on Wikibooks? 
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: YES!
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: YES!
[4:32pm] Worby:
[4:32pm] Wiki_Blue: very cool
[4:33pm] • Worby posts that to the talk page for later
[4:33pm] schiste: Or you can make the content, and then I can format it to make an hypertext pdf
[4:33pm] Worby:
[4:33pm] Worby: sounds good
[4:33pm] Worby: can we move on?
[4:33pm] Wiki_Blue: also good....for non  wiki people
[4:33pm] Worby: yeah
[4:33pm] Wiki_Blue: reporter on the call
[4:33pm] Worby: pdf are better in some ways
[4:33pm] Wiki_Blue: hold on
[4:33pm] Worby: k
[4:33pm] Wiki_Blue: you guys can talk
[4:33pm] Worby: okay
[4:34pm] Worby: can we discuss Cary & my Senior Outreach?
[4:34pm] cary: I'm sure
[4:34pm] Worby:
[4:34pm] Worby: okay, does anyone have any ideas about it?
[4:34pm] Worby: like any other mags that seniors might like to read
[4:34pm] Worby: or subjects that appeal to them?
[4:34pm] loco085: oki brown_cat  
[4:35pm] • Worby has AARP, travel-based mags, RV
[4:35pm] Worby: and a linked list
[4:35pm] Worby: anyone else have ideas?
[4:35pm] schiste: Worby: well you have to think on how you want to reach them
[4:35pm] schiste: localy or globaly ?
[4:35pm] schiste: through the press or associations ?
[4:35pm] Worby: we were thinking about the fact that some magazines and publications have free adspace for non-profits
[4:36pm] Worby: some more of a press type thing
[4:36pm] schiste: Hmmm I was more thinking of a big article
[4:36pm] schiste: like contacting a journalist of a senior magazine
[4:36pm] Worby: ah, that would be a good idea
[4:36pm] schiste: and ask him if he would like to make an article
[4:36pm] schiste: blablabla
[4:37pm] Worby: hmmmm
[4:37pm] • Worby likes brainstorming
[4:37pm] Worby: okay, let's move on to cary 
[4:37pm] Worby: (his agenda items)(
[4:37pm] cary: Those categories have been deleted on enwiki
[4:37pm] Worby:
[4:37pm] cary: Someone is trying to delete Wikipedians by age
[4:37pm] cary: er... year of birth
[4:37pm] Worby: schiste: I'll review the log later and post these things on the talk page
[4:37pm] Worby: schiste: I'll contact you more later about it :), you have good ideas
[4:38pm] Worby: cary: Fundraiser, and Sept. Campaign is this you?
[4:40pm] • Worby pokes cary
[4:40pm] loco085: xDD
[4:40pm] cary: sorry, I'm not prepared to discuss
[4:41pm] Worby: oh, okay
[4:41pm] Worby: it was the only other thing on the Agenad
[4:41pm] Worby: agenda*
[4:41pm] Worby: anyone else have somethign?
[4:43pm] loco085: Wiki_Blue: i have to talk with you then 
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: yes
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: fundraiser
[4:44pm] loco085: it's possible that we'll found Wikimedia Argentina in september next 
[4:44pm] cary: loco085: Can you fund a trip for the VolCo?
[4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: please talk loco you guys will need press for this
[4:44pm] loco085: i think that zuirdj talked to you about that 
[4:45pm] schiste: loco085:  if you need any thing information / assistance / anything just ask
[4:45pm] loco085: oki, thank you 
[4:46pm] loco085: can we do an invitation for the press here, Wiki_Blue ?
[4:47pm] schiste: loco085: better if Wikimedia Argentina do it it self
[4:47pm] schiste: is there an Argentina part on the press list ?
[4:47pm] loco085: oh, i reffer WE to the argentinean group... schiste
[4:47pm] loco085: sorry
[4:47pm] schiste: Ok so there's no Argentina part on the press list
[4:48pm] loco085: i was working in that, i must add some contacts to the press list
[4:48pm] schiste: the best thing to do first is to gather contacts
[4:48pm] schiste: mainly personns qho have already spoke about wikipedia
[4:48pm] loco085: i will do that 
[4:48pm] schiste: What do you wanna do apart of that, a press release ?
[4:49pm] loco085: yes, i think... I must talk with patricio.lorente
[4:49pm] loco085:
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: sorrry
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: yes schiste if right
[4:50pm] loco085: i will add argentinean contacts to the press list, Wiki_Blue  
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: press contacts first
[4:50pm] cary: loco085: So when are you flying me down to B.A. ?
[4:50pm] Worby: haha
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: also, once that is organized
[4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: you guys would probably hold a press conference
[4:50pm] loco085: hehehehe you're invited, cary  
[4:51pm] schiste: loco085:  a good point, if you have time, would be to meet one or too of them
[4:51pm] loco085: we wait for you 
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: and I  can give you some advice for that loco, when its done
[4:51pm] schiste: and perhaps organisze a press conf
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: i mean when you are ready
[4:51pm] schiste: arf
[4:51pm] schiste: too slow ^^'
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: email me, and I will give you call
[4:51pm] loco085: Wiki_Blue:  i'll travel to Buenos Aires next week, then we have a week for work with patricio in that 
[4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: okay cool. press conference are faily easy
[4:51pm] • Worby calls up Wiki_Blue
[4:52pm] Worby:
[4:52pm] Worby: it's dialing
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: the hardest part is messaging
[4:52pm] schiste: yep
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: schiste is also a good contact
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: b/c wikimedia france ahs gone through this
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: so touch base with us, when you are ready
[4:52pm] loco085: nice 
[4:52pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue: Jimbo would think otherwise in aus 
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:52pm] loco085: i will ask patricio and then send an email for the group 
[4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: so i ahve an item
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: awesome
[4:53pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue: What about the press pack?
[4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: ohh dear thats a disaster
[4:54pm] brown_cat: lol
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. so we are going to do a brand new kit that is less general and more messaging about how our work affects the earth
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: but like we still need basic info
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: to give to people
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: so that press kit I wrote, we are going to create diff. fliers
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: with it
[4:54pm] brown_cat: k 
[4:54pm] Wiki_Blue: does anyone want to be responsible for taking the PDF
[4:55pm] Worby: which?
[4:55pm] • brown_cat will
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: and serving as contact for graphic desinger
[4:55pm] • Worby pokes brown_cat
[4:55pm] • brown_cat will
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: and then checking with marketing team
[4:55pm] Worby: that's guillom
[4:55pm] Worby: and elian?
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: yes
[4:55pm] schiste: yep
[4:55pm] schiste: and
[4:55pm] Worby: there's another one?
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: okay.
[4:55pm] Wiki_Blue: so I have a graphic designer
[4:55pm] Worby: brown_cat: guillom is normally on, but he's out hiking I think  so touch base with him about it
[4:55pm] brown_cat: k 
[4:55pm] schiste: Worby:  yes arne 
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: i will email you the graphic designer and you
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: and then you take it from there, okay?
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: provide her guidance, etc
[4:56pm] brown_cat: k
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: ahhh..whats your email again
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[4:56pm] schiste: guillom is in holiday for few days
[4:56pm] cary: good for hijm
[4:56pm] cary: him
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: (BTW his talk on marketing was awesoem during wikimania)
[4:56pm] brown_cat: ?
[4:56pm] Wiki_Blue: hey schiste
[4:56pm] schiste: (yep  )
[4:57pm] schiste: yes ?
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: so, the fundraising, i particularly wanted your help
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: you interested in helping me with a few things
[4:57pm] Worby: (oh yeah, I saw those slides before wikimania... he worked hard on 'em)
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: (I have to right a plan etc.)
[4:57pm] Worby: (  poor sandy)
[4:57pm] schiste: what can I do ?
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: could you help me brainstrom?
[4:57pm] Wiki_Blue: and maybe review plan etc
[4:57pm] Worby: Wiki_Blue: /join #wikimedia-fundraising
[4:57pm] Worby: people had some ideas a few months ago
[4:58pm] Worby: (and the page is linked from the topic)
[4:58pm] brown_cat:  next year I  dubbs wikimania video - the quality this year was not all to great 
[4:58pm] Worby: but schiste already knows about that 
[4:58pm] schiste: Wiki_Blue:  of course 
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: awesoem dude
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: also, does anyone know some wikipedian that really should be featured?
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: that is using for dying language
[4:58pm] Wiki_Blue: or is doing awesome things with wikipedia
[4:58pm] brown_cat: hmmm
[4:58pm] Worby: hmmmmmm
[4:58pm] cary: Ibrahim
[4:59pm] Worby:
[4:59pm] Worby: is he still active?
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: what does he do again?
[4:59pm] cary: I've gotten Korrigan working on the ht. wikipedia
[4:59pm] cary: Ibrahimjon Rustamov
[4:59pm] schiste: Kelson / Emmanuel
[4:59pm] cary: tg.wikipedia
[4:59pm] Wiki_Blue: what does he do
[4:59pm] loco085:
[4:59pm] • Worby gives schiste ops in #wikimedia-fundraising because he's the dude now 
[4:59pm] schiste: For the dvd and 1.0 version
[4:59pm] schiste: and the 0.7 will comes out at fall
[4:59pm] cary: Korrigan has been cleaning up ht.wikipedia, in preparation for the masses we're going to be expecting
[5:00pm] LeBron: Yeah masses…
[5:00pm] cary: well, when Haiti gets electricity, watch out!
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: what is ht wikipedia?
[5:00pm] cary: Haitian Kreyol
[5:00pm] LeBron: Wiki_Blue, haitian.
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: so emmanuel and kelson
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: worked on version .5
[5:00pm] Wiki_Blue: ???
[5:00pm] LeBron: Emmanuel == Kelson.
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: got you lolol
[5:01pm] schiste: Emmanuel is Kelson 
[5:01pm] cary: is a he
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: any other person?
[5:01pm] schiste: Hooo
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: that would be a good wikipedian to feature b/c of their work and use of wikipedia
[5:01pm] schiste: Depending on where is her project
[5:01pm] schiste: but Jennifer Grystock
[5:01pm] Wiki_Blue: AHHH yeah.
[5:02pm] schiste: Gristock*
[5:02pm] schiste: she would be a great asset in this
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: yup. already on my list to contact her
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[5:02pm] schiste: I exchanged a lot of mail with her
[5:02pm] Worby: ooh
[5:02pm] schiste: I can forward you some stuff if you want
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: is there some type of genius in aparticular field
[5:02pm] LeBron: Geee, there must be someone on de: to feature. Anyone from there ?
[5:02pm] Wiki_Blue: that contributes
[5:03pm] schiste: LeBron: well Elian ù
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: I know there has to be Geniuses. lolol
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: come on now
[5:03pm] schiste: hmmm
[5:03pm] cary: We're all geniuses
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: LMAO
[5:03pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue: I will be off soon, I still need help with the php for the survey and we need a camera for the short lines for the video in the press pack
[5:03pm] • Worby will be off soon too
[5:03pm] Worby:
[5:03pm] Worby: like really soon
[5:03pm] Wiki_Blue: what survey brown?
[5:03pm] cary: but this is irrelevant.  I thought we were interested in people who have been advancing small languages
[5:04pm] schiste: I'm off see you in one hour or so 
[5:04pm] cary: Lawrence Adewole of Yoruba.wikipedia
[5:04pm] brown_cat: the survey thing where you can really easily set up a survey
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: thats one aspect
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: ahhh yeah
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: okay
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: brown cat
[5:04pm] Worby: Wiki_Blue: remember brown_cat?  he set up his survay thingy a bit ago
[5:04pm] Wiki_Blue: yes yes
[5:05pm] Worby:
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: and btw
[5:05pm] brown_cat: heh
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: the stats group
[5:05pm] • Worby listens
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: did i email you about creating
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: an email list?
[5:05pm] brown_cat: :s
[5:05pm] brown_cat: #wikimeida-stats
[5:05pm] • Worby doesn't tink so
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: you did this ?
[5:05pm] Worby: but we have #wikimedia-stats in case we need it
[5:05pm] Wiki_Blue: wait, is wikimedia stats active?
[5:05pm] Worby: we can use it if we need to
[5:05pm] Worby: yes
[5:06pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. then no
[5:06pm] Worby: I'm not in it by default, because I'm on holiday 
[5:06pm] cary: Worby likes to create channels and leave them for people to discover
[5:06pm] Worby:
[5:06pm] Wiki_Blue: b/c i don't want teh people to get pissed if we come on in
[5:06pm] Worby: cary: 
[5:06pm] Worby: -fundraising was spammed
[5:06pm] Worby: and used a lot a few months ago
[5:06pm] Wiki_Blue: can you create something like comproj-stats
[5:06pm] Worby: and -il was supposed to redirect to -chapters
[5:06pm] brown_cat: oolops....
[5:06pm] brown_cat: #wikimedia-stats
[5:06pm] Wiki_Blue: but thats already fille dwith members right?
[5:07pm] loco085: lol brown_cat
[5:07pm] Worby: Wiki_Blue: how about #wikimedia-cpg-stats ?
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: awesome
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: yes
[5:07pm] cary: I'm going to have to go soon
[5:07pm] brown_cat: there is already a stats group
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: can you do that? and send me the link where people can sign up
[5:07pm] cary: It's past 21h00 (UTC)
[5:07pm] Wiki_Blue: so i can email it to the newbiews?
[5:07pm] loco085: cary: when will you come to BA?
[5:08pm] schiste left the chat room. ("I'm off")
[5:08pm] • Worby has to go like now
[5:08pm] cary: loco085: hehe... how hot is November?
[5:08pm] Wiki_Blue: okay
[5:08pm] Wiki_Blue: since everyone is rushed
[5:08pm] Wiki_Blue: this meeting is closed
[5:08pm] Wiki_Blue: lets talk more over mailing list
[5:08pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue: there is already a stats group
[5:08pm] loco085: it's cool, Worby  
[5:08pm] Wiki_Blue: yes dude
[5:08pm] cary: loco085: And who is paying for my trip ? 
[5:08pm] Wiki_Blue: Okay brown cat and cbrown
[5:09pm] Wiki_Blue: i get you guys confused all the time
[5:09pm] Worby: haha
[5:09pm] Wiki_Blue: im happy you change dyour name to worby
[5:09pm] Worby:
[5:09pm] Worby: it'll be back when I get back home
[5:09pm] loco085: oh that's i dont know that cary  
[5:09pm] Wiki_Blue: lol
[5:09pm] Worby: I'm in FL right now, so I'm Worby
[5:09pm] brown_cat:
[5:09pm] Worby: that's different
[5:09pm] Worby: I think I'm on that mailing list though
[5:10pm] • cary checks fares
[5:10pm] loco085: in november is my birthday, cary  
[5:10pm] cary: COUGH COUGH
[5:10pm] • brown_cat gets present
[5:10pm] Worby: and that's old, brown_cat
[5:10pm] cary:     $902    Roundtrip
[5:10pm] brown_cat: I know
[5:10pm] brown_cat: worby: it has not been used in like a year
[5:10pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. this is for marketing stats though
[5:10pm] brown_cat: but, we can restart it
[5:10pm] Wiki_Blue: totally different
[5:10pm] Wiki_Blue: totally totally different
[5:10pm] brown_cat: good point 
[5:10pm] brown_cat: marketing stats = lies?
[5:11pm] Wiki_Blue: there are many "outsiders"
[5:11pm] brown_cat:
[5:11pm] Wiki_Blue: that have volunteered, many with marketing analysis backgrounds
[5:11pm] Wiki_Blue: ie thats their job
[5:11pm] Worby: Wiki_Blue: I have to leave in like 30 seconds or so, if there is anythign else you need, e-mail me 
[5:11pm] Wiki_Blue: kay bye everyone
[5:11pm] • brown_cat huggles Worby
[5:11pm] Worby: you know my e-mail addies 
[5:11pm] brown_cat: cya
[5:11pm] Worby: bye everyone
[5:11pm] brown_cat: x
[5:11pm] loco085: bye Worby  
[5:11pm] Worby: later brown
[5:11pm] Worby:
[5:11pm] Worby: later loc
[5:11pm] Worby: o
[5:11pm] Worby left the chat room. ("O_O")
[5:12pm] brown_cat: Wiki_Blue..
[5:12pm] cary: Ah, it's only  $705    Roundtrip  from Miami
[5:12pm] brown_cat:
[5:12pm] brown_cat: a draft of an Idea I have is
[5:12pm] loco085: lol cary
[5:12pm] loco085:
[5:12pm] Wiki_Blue: was up brown
[5:12pm] brown_cat: a draft of an Idea I have is
[5:12pm] brown_cat: click the links 
[5:13pm] brown_cat: under example - the code = the search results
[5:13pm] Greeves joined the chat room.
[5:13pm] loco085:  you mean a new project, brown_cat ?
[5:13pm] brown_cat: yes
[5:13pm] loco085: I didn't understand 
[5:14pm] loco085: but that's like a wikisearch, brown_cat ?
[5:14pm] brown_cat: kinda...
[5:14pm] loco085: we don't have one?
[5:14pm] brown_cat: it would be huge - it would mean on each article we wanted to, we would write the 5 most related articles and the most related image and the equivelant on other wmf projects - then when people search (as in the example) george bush, they will get results