Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-07-11

1184184974 20:16:14<symode09_> can we begin, i need zzz
1184184993 20:16:33<Wiki_Blue> is sean here?
1184185004 20:16:44 * Cbrown1023 pokes seanw
1184185006 20:16:46<symode09_> seanw ?
1184185007 20:16:47<Wiki_Blue> can we give him 6 minutes?
1184185013 20:16:53 * Cbrown1023 can and will :)
1184185016 20:16:56<Wiki_Blue> kay
1184185053 20:17:33<cary-office> who
1184185057 20:17:37<Cbrown1023> seanw
1184185063 20:17:43<cary-office> it's 4:22
1184185065 20:17:45 * symode09_ doesn't want to :'(
1184185067 20:17:47<cary-office> here
1184185068 20:17:48<symode09_> AM!
1184185097 20:18:17<Cbrown1023> cary-office:
1184185105 20:18:25<Cbrown1023> does that get closed unsuccessfully?
1184185145 20:19:05<cary-office> yes
1184185145 20:19:05<Cbrown1023> or into Junk?
1184185155 20:19:15 * Cbrown1023 thinks it's the first one
1184185170 20:19:30<Cbrown1023> k thanks :)
1184185224 20:20:24 * symode09_ sleeps
1184185230 20:20:30 * guillom is tired too
1184185237 20:20:37<symode09_> what time?
1184185245 20:20:45<Wiki_Blue> okay. lets start
1184185246 20:20:46<guillom> 22:23 pm
1184185252 20:20:52<Wiki_Blue> I have some basic info
1184185258 20:20:58<Wiki_Blue> regarding organization, can i start?
1184185258 20:20:58<symode09_> koolness
1184185266 20:21:06<symode09_> yep, np
1184185268 20:21:08<Cbrown1023> Wiki_Blue: you may start :) :-P
1184185281 20:21:21<Wiki_Blue> okay. I would like to really focus on starting to organize our efforts
1184185288 20:21:28<Wiki_Blue> I went into comproj area and did this
1184185294 20:21:34<cary-office> 16h46
1184185295 20:21:35<Wiki_Blue>
1184185312 20:21:52<Wiki_Blue> you will see that there are two sections: a) comproj calendar for projects on deadline
1184185320 20:22:00<seanw> Hey all.
1184185331 20:22:11<seanw> Um
1184185331 20:22:11<schiste> hey seanw
1184185334 20:22:14<Wiki_Blue> sean literally just started
1184185334 20:22:14<seanw> No, you cannot start Sandy :P
1184185339 20:22:19<Wiki_Blue> okay
1184185344 20:22:24<Wiki_Blue> waiting
1184185346 20:22:26<seanw> Would you give me five mins, please? :)
1184185347 20:22:27<seanw> THanks.
1184185349 20:22:29<cary-office> Should we make the channel moderated
1184185349 20:22:29<Wiki_Blue> yes sir
1184185356 20:22:36<Wiki_Blue> all yours sean
1184185363 20:22:43<schiste> heh
1184185374 20:22:54 * symode09_ curls over and dies
1184185403 20:23:23<Wiki_Blue> lol sorry symode
1184185406 20:23:26<Wiki_Blue> almost almost
1184185429 20:23:49<seanw> Back. Thank you vetry much for your pateince.
1184185441 20:24:01<seanw> I think we should probably wait until half past for other people though.
1184185451 20:24:11 * Cbrown1023 agres
1184185455 20:24:15<Cbrown1023> agrees, even
1184185470 20:24:30<Wiki_Blue> its 4:30 now,isn't
1184185472 20:24:32<Wiki_Blue> it
1184185475 20:24:35<seanw> *shrugs8
1184185478 20:24:38<Cbrown1023> 2 minutes on my cloak :)
1184185481 20:24:41<Wiki_Blue> okay.
1184185481 20:24:41<seanw> My clock is really inaccurate
1184185484 20:24:44<schiste> 3 on mine
1184185485 20:24:45<Cbrown1023> argh...
1184185486 20:24:46<seanw> My irc client thinks it's 6
1184185486 20:24:46<cary-office> Cbrown1023: did you get subscribed to that email list?
1184185489 20:24:49<seanw> But I don't trust it.
1184185489 20:24:49 * Cbrown1023 slaps the keybaord
1184185492 20:24:52<Cbrown1023> cary-office; yes, thanks :)
1184185496 20:24:56 * schiste go smoke a cigaret 
1184185500 20:25:00<seanw> cary-office, ooo what list is this?
1184185505 20:25:05<Cbrown1023> otrs-en-l
1184185520 20:25:20<cary-office> seanw: You're already on it
1184185523 20:25:23<delphine> Cbrown1023: see my message?
1184185528 20:25:28<seanw> Aha.
1184185530 20:25:30<cary-office> anyway, that's off topic
1184185536 20:25:36<seanw> Cbrown1023, welcome to otrs - you poor poor fool ;)
1184185538 20:25:38<cary-office> IRC says 4:30pm
1184185543 20:25:43<symode09_> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
1184185554 20:25:54<Wiki_Blue> okay lets start
1184185561 20:26:01<Wiki_Blue> pleaaxzzze
1184185565 20:26:05<Wiki_Blue> b/f symode dies
1184185573 20:26:13<seanw> Yeah
1184185573 20:26:13<seanw> Sorry
1184185582 20:26:22<seanw> So, we have aproper agenda tonight.
1184185585 20:26:25<Cbrown1023> seanw: hehe
1184185585 20:26:25<seanw> Sandy is first on organisation.
1184185593 20:26:33<seanw> Wiki_Blue, off you go - please repeat what you said earlier :)
1184185602 20:26:42<Cbrown1023> I'll brb, you can start, but don't get to me until I get back :)
1184185610 20:26:50<seanw> *nodS*
1184185610 20:26:50 * symode09_ stabs
1184185612 20:26:52 * symode09_ is repeating nothing :p
1184185616 20:26:56<Wiki_Blue> Wiki_Blue:
1184185616 20:26:56<Wiki_Blue> [4:29pm] Wiki_Blue: you will see that there are two sections: a) comproj calendar for projects on deadline
1184185630 20:27:10<Wiki_Blue> b) comproj ongoing projects
1184185641 20:27:21<Wiki_Blue> I would like comproj to start listing all projects they are working onhere
1184185653 20:27:33<Wiki_Blue> for the comproj calendar
1184185666 20:27:46<Wiki_Blue> please note that a link to a project page is provided
1184185670 20:27:50-!- cary-office is now known as cary_in_meeting
1184185677 20:27:57<Wiki_Blue> lets take famous writer campaign for an exmaple
1184185690 20:28:10<Wiki_Blue>
1184185693 20:28:13<seanw> All
1184185699 20:28:19<seanw> Sorry, y connection dies every 10 minutes./
1184185705 20:28:25<seanw> So if soemthjing weird happens, apologies.
1184185705 20:28:25<Wiki_Blue> please post your name to assigned
1184185717 20:28:37<Wiki_Blue> so people can leave you messages on your meta talk page
1184185724 20:28:44<Wiki_Blue> summary and tasks
1184185725 20:28:45<seanw> Good idea :)
1184185730 20:28:50<Wiki_Blue> also, please post who is going to take care of what
1184185736 20:28:56<Wiki_Blue> is this okay with everyone?
1184185756 20:29:16<Wiki_Blue> if projects on calendar don't have support, ie man power, they will not be completed
1184185760 20:29:20<seanw> Sounds great :)
1184185766 20:29:26<seanw> THanks for making the pages etc.
1184185772 20:29:32<Wiki_Blue> also there are guidelines
1184185777 20:29:37<cary_in_meeting> Wow
1184185781 20:29:41<Wiki_Blue>
1184185785 20:29:45<Wiki_Blue> that you can add to
1184185800 20:30:00<Wiki_Blue> this ensure we are all on the same page, and we know who is taking care of what
1184185801 20:30:01<Wiki_Blue> okay?
1184185806 20:30:06<seanw> Great :)
1184185813 20:30:13<seanw> You done? :)
1184185857 20:30:57-!- fuzheado [n=alih@wikimedia/fuzheado] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184185862 20:31:02<Wiki_Blue> yes sir
1184185866 20:31:06<seanw> Righto.
1184185868 20:31:08<Wiki_Blue> done with organizaiton
1184185889 20:31:29<seanw> Okay, well, since Cbrown is afk
1184185893 20:31:33<seanw> We will move to symode09 :)
1184185902 20:31:42<seanw> symode09_, I belive you have some issues regarding bad press for Wikinews?
1184185909 20:31:49<symode09_> wikipedia
1184185911 20:31:51<symode09_> ...
1184185925 20:32:05<symode09_> as you know recently, wikipedia has been criticised...
1184185938 20:32:18<symode09_> as being innacurate among other things...
1184185956 20:32:36<symode09_> I was thinking of (while working with wikiversity and wikinews video...)
1184185958 20:32:38<symode09_> ...
1184185973 20:32:53<symode09_> actually creating a vistual press kit with stick footage / comment one liners
1184185986 20:33:06<seanw> Ah yes, this is a pretty good idea imo.
1184185998 20:33:18<fuzheado> ah you mean like a VNR (video news release)
1184186008 20:33:28<fuzheado> jimmy's wanted something like that for a while now
1184186015 20:33:35<symode09_> kool
1184186017 20:33:37<symode09_> for those i haven't already told, a oneliner for the media is like
1184186036 20:33:56<symode09_> i have a load of editing + production facilities available but....
1184186044 20:34:04<seanw> Jimmy :)
1184186044 20:34:04-!- SB_Johnny [] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184186053 20:34:13-!- SB_Johnny [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
1184186055 20:34:15<symode09_> i can't exactly fly users + other people authorised on behalf of the W<F
1184186058 20:34:18<symode09_> **WMF
1184186060 20:34:20-!- SB_Johnny [] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184186070 20:34:30<fuzheado> yes, video vignettes. i think Creative Commons has some of those, which is what jimmy envied
1184186077 20:34:37-!- Mike_H [] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184186086 20:34:46<seanw> Wiki_Blue, what do you know about this as our resident pro?
1184186093 20:34:53<CraigSpurrier> Wikimania could give us a chance to do some of that
1184186100 20:35:00<fuzheado> CraigSpurrier: exactly
1184186102 20:35:02<symode09_> koolness :D
1184186113 20:35:13<fuzheado> I have some done from Frankfurt... i've showed it to some folks before
1184186122 20:35:22 * fuzheado goes searching
1184186141 20:35:41<delphine> .hey fuzheado
1184186143 20:35:43<symode09_> because what happens is the media take a written comment and manipulate and twist it
1184186145 20:35:45<Wiki_Blue> I tink this is awesome
1184186157 20:35:57<Wiki_Blue> I've been trying to get the written press kit together and have draft
1184186161 20:36:01<Wiki_Blue> but WE NEED A VIDEO ONE
1184186165 20:36:05<Wiki_Blue> since we are virtual
1184186170 20:36:10<fuzheado> hey delphine !
1184186171 20:36:11 * symode09_ wants to do that :D
1184186177 20:36:17<fuzheado> ok let me upload while you tawk
1184186180 20:36:20<fuzheado> :)
1184186181 20:36:21 * symode09_ stops wiki_blue from tinking xD
1184186183 20:36:23 * cary_in_meeting has a press face
1184186191 20:36:31<seanw> CraigSpurrier, you think so do ya
1184186192 20:36:32<seanw> ?
1184186194 20:36:34<seanw> cary_in_meeting, *
1184186201 20:36:41<cary_in_meeting> Just ask Sandy
1184186222 20:37:02 * seanw still hasn't seen a picture of Sandy :)
1184186230 20:37:10<seanw> She's one of the few people not on
1184186236 20:37:16 * symode09_ wanders what seanw will do to the pic
1184186240 20:37:20<symode09_> xD
1184186241 20:37:21<cary_in_meeting> off topic
1184186241 20:37:21<seanw> heh
1184186246 20:37:26<seanw> Yes, sorry Cary.
1184186249 20:37:29<symode09_> so, how would we do it (the videos)
1184186251 20:37:31<Wiki_Blue> hey, can you guys start posting these ideas on the calendar now
1184186258 20:37:38<Wiki_Blue> so as we talk, we can post relevant info?:
1184186261 20:37:41<seanw> *nods*
1184186262 20:37:42<SWATJester> Coincidentally, I'm shopping for an HD video camera. If there's anyone in the DC/virginia/maryland area that would want to shoot for some of it, I'd be happy to shoot it if Sandy or someone did a script
1184186271 20:37:51<seanw> (Let's spend another five minutes on this)
1184186286 20:38:06<Wiki_Blue> symode,I'll make the page right now
1184186288 20:38:08<Wiki_Blue> actually
1184186290 20:38:10<Wiki_Blue> since you are talking
1184186304 20:38:24<symode09_> ie. who would would we record? wikipedians saying statements or jimbo or wiki_blue?
1184186317 20:38:37<fuzheado> SWATJester: i thought you were in CA... i'm in MD
1184186335 20:38:55<schiste> We can see if the truth in numbers guys would like to help us on this issue
1184186337 20:38:57<symode09_> SWATjester: buy the new HD sony's
1184186340 20:39:00<SWATJester> fuzheado: why does everyone think I'm from california? No I'm from florida, but I'm moving to DC this upcoming week
1184186340 20:39:00 * symode09_ has a flashback of when jimbo was confronted in Sydney xD
1184186361 20:39:21<fuzheado> SWATJester: awesome... maybe we can meetup before i have to depart
1184186364 20:39:24<SWATJester> symode09_: I think I want one that films in HDV instead of AVCHD
1184186376 20:39:36<SWATJester> (the latter being sony)
1184186376 20:39:36<symode09_> yep, sony :)
1184186382 20:39:42<symode09_> nope
1184186385 20:39:45<SWATJester> Really?
1184186386 20:39:46<symode09_> not the best :)
1184186388 20:39:48<symode09_> yer
1184186398 20:39:58<symode09_> $2000 au
1184186405 20:40:05<fuzheado> I'm not sure how geeky we wwant to get... but try to get a camcorder with an audio/mic input if possible
1184186408 20:40:08<fuzheado> the basic Sony HD camcorder does not
1184186410 20:40:10 * symode09_ backs away before his IQ is lowered by the americans
1184186424 20:40:24<symode09_> nope
1184186427 20:40:27 * Mike_H stifles a comment
1184186437 20:40:37 * symode09_ listens
1184186456 20:40:56<SWATJester> XD hu hu hu @ symode09_ ;) Well, is anyone interested in making a submission with me for it?
1184186467 20:41:07<symode09_> for.... ?
1184186468 20:41:08<cary_in_meeting> What agenda item?
1184186470 20:41:10<cary_in_meeting> are we on?
1184186485 20:41:25<symode09_> press release video
1184186487 20:41:27<Wiki_Blue>
1184186488 20:41:28<SWATJester> symode09_: video press kit
1184186496 20:41:36<cary_in_meeting> because symode09_ is in a very dark and sleepy time zone
1184186504 20:41:44<Wiki_Blue> please post all tasks to be done her, and sign up if you are interested in this project
1184186509 20:41:49<SWATJester> I mean, we could probably formulate various footage from around the world into one big piece
1184186524 20:42:04-!- BrianNZ_aw [n=bcandert@wikinews/Brian-New-Zealand] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184186527 20:42:07<seanw> Right guys, I think we ought to move on very soon.
1184186533 20:42:13<seanw> Please try and wrap this up symode09_ :)
1184186537 20:42:17<symode09_> kk
1184186542 20:42:22-!- BrianNewZealand [n=bcandert@wikinews/Brian-New-Zealand] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
1184186550 20:42:30-!- BrianNZ_aw is now known as BrianNewZealand
1184186551 20:42:31<symode09_> essentially, all i need to know is *who* would we film + does wikimedia have an "interesting" entrance?
1184186567 20:42:47 * symode09_ is looking @ possibilities - i am not on drugs
1184186579 20:42:59<Mike_H> mmhmm
1184186588 20:43:08<fuzheado> If you want a sample, of a video vignette I did at Wikimania 2005
1184186590 20:43:10<fuzheado> see:
1184186597 20:43:17<symode09_> kk :)
1184186598 20:43:18<fuzheado> you need quicktime or something that can play MPEG-4
1184186607 20:43:27<fuzheado> forgive the squashed video, i shot in widescreen
1184186607 20:43:27<Wiki_Blue> ohh cool
1184186612 20:43:32<symode09_> xD
1184186616 20:43:36<SWATJester> Wiki_Blue: where on that page are we supposed to sign up?
1184186618 20:43:38<Wiki_Blue> posting on project page
1184186626 20:43:46<Wiki_Blue> top, where it says assigned
1184186631 20:43:51<SWATJester> ok
1184186643 20:44:03<seanw> Right, let's move on now :)
1184186649 20:44:09<symode09_> koolness
1184186650 20:44:10<seanw> I think we have the main stuff bashed out.
1184186668 20:44:28<Wiki_Blue> please post possible tasks to be done on project page
1184186679 20:44:39<Wiki_Blue> and once people sign up, we can email those people directly
1184186682 20:44:42<Wiki_Blue> for brainstorming etc
1184186684 20:44:44<Wiki_Blue> moving on
1184186685 20:44:45<Wiki_Blue> sorry
1184186692 20:44:52<Wiki_Blue> (reinforcing organziation lol)
1184186694 20:44:54<seanw> np :)
1184186695 20:44:55<seanw> Right, cbrown still isn't back.
1184186704 20:45:04<symode09_> nm :)
1184186708 20:45:08<symode09_> **np
1184186712 20:45:12<seanw> So I guess the next thing is Wikimania :) I know nothing about this as I can't go :'( so Sandy, take it away.
1184186718 20:45:18<Wiki_Blue> okay very quickly
1184186730 20:45:30 * symode09_ wants to go :'( :'(
1184186736 20:45:36<Wiki_Blue>
1184186754 20:45:54<seanw> Wiki_Blue, no need to be quick with this one.
1184186756 20:45:56<fuzheado> seanw: the hope is that we can involve more folks online with Wikimania this year
1184186761 20:46:01<Wiki_Blue> we need people to sign up for Wikimania coverage, collect info, and then compile a virtual newsletter to be sent to reporters
1184186763 20:46:03<seanw> fuzheado, how woyuld that work?
1184186777 20:46:17<fuzheado> online chat, skypecast or audiocast, videoconferencing
1184186789 20:46:29<Wiki_Blue> after Wikimania as in "look how successful it was, and this what was talked about, and look at all the happy conference attenders)
1184186806 20:46:46<Wiki_Blue> we need Wikinews people
1184186820 20:47:00<Wiki_Blue> to particpate in this
1184186833 20:47:13 * symode09_ can get a notice put up at the top of
1184186834 20:47:14<Wiki_Blue> Also 2) The press kit needs to be finished ASAP
1184186841 20:47:21<symode09_> k
1184186842 20:47:22<Wiki_Blue> can you take care of that symode?
1184186846 20:47:26<symode09_> kk
1184186851 20:47:31<fuzheado> seanw: in the past, it's been kind of a loose irc chat... would be nice to have post-panel or midday "call in" type discussions with folks from around the world
1184186851 20:47:31<Wiki_Blue> please sign the project page lol
1184186877 20:47:57<CraigSpurrier> symode09_: I doubt the Wikinews comunity will agree to that
1184186882 20:48:02<Wiki_Blue> 2) so for the press kit, anyone that is involved in Wikimania planning, please review, and add any relevant info
1184186883 20:48:03<symode09_> kk
1184186890 20:48:10<seanw> fuzheado, if you remember, a quick note when that is setup would be much appreciated.
1184186894 20:48:14<Mike_H> If anyone wants to pay for me to go to Wikimania, I'll do anything.
1184186895 20:48:15<Mike_H> thx.
1184186900 20:48:20<fuzheado> Wiki_Blue: I did some major copyediting already
1184186902 20:48:22 * symode09_ agrees xD
1184186909 20:48:29<Wiki_Blue> 3) The email to send out b/f wikimania
1184186914 20:48:34<fuzheado> seanw: yes, well we need ppl's help here too
1184186917 20:48:37<fuzheado> on ideas, and coordination
1184186918 20:48:38<Wiki_Blue> schiste was busy with school, but promised to send me draft
1184186927 20:48:47<Wiki_Blue> talking about how to participate virutally
1184186930 20:48:50<schiste> s/school/work :D
1184186931 20:48:51<fuzheado> and a coordination page
1184186934 20:48:54<Wiki_Blue> but will need sending this email as well
1184186935 20:48:55 * schiste is no more at school
1184186943 20:49:03 * symode09_ was gonna say xD
1184186945 20:49:05<Wiki_Blue> so please again, please sign up if interested in this project
1184186948 20:49:08<schiste> but yes I'll try to do it tonight
1184186950 20:49:10<Wiki_Blue> I put all three projects here
1184186956 20:49:16<Wiki_Blue>
1184186957 20:49:17 * cary_in_meeting reminds people that in order to receive a scholarship to wikimania they have to have applied for it
1184186959 20:49:19<Wiki_Blue> thanks thats it
1184186964 20:49:24<cary_in_meeting> past tense
1184186981 20:49:41<symode09_> :'(
1184186988 20:49:48<seanw> Groovy.
1184186995 20:49:55 * symode09_ dances to disco
1184186995 20:49:55<seanw> On we go.
1184187004 20:50:04<seanw> cbrown next
1184187005 20:50:05<seanw> Arg
1184187008 20:50:08<seanw> Where is he? :\
1184187015 20:50:15<Mike_H> Charlie Brown?
1184187023 20:50:23<seanw> Cbrown1023, woooooooooooooooooooooo
1184187025 20:50:25 * symode09_ pokes cbrown1023 repeatedly in the eye
1184187038 20:50:38 * symode09_ has an idea... I developed earlier in the year where all you need is the webcam and the software (i can send) a internet connection and a pc - it will film when there is movement and, upload the video via ftp
1184187044 20:50:44<seanw> Well, I can tell you what his topic was if you want to brainstorm.
1184187052 20:50:52<seanw> It was Cary's getting the word out to seniors.
1184187055 20:50:55<seanw> How can we do it? :)
1184187063 20:51:03<fuzheado> symode09_: interesting
1184187063 20:51:03<symode09_> wha?
1184187078 20:51:18<seanw> Um
1184187079 20:51:19<symode09_> it works - all we need is the hardware :p
1184187080 20:51:20<seanw> Let's keep on topic :)
1184187083 20:51:23<Wiki_Blue> Creating page on ComProj
1184187085 20:51:25<symode09_> kkkk
1184187088 20:51:28<seanw> Wiki_Blue, thanks.
1184187134 20:52:14<fuzheado> symode09_: where does it upload to exactly?
1184187143 20:52:23<symode09_> a ftp server
1184187148 20:52:28<fuzheado> Wikimedia still kinda does not have its video act together
1184187150 20:52:30<symode09_> i can supply that if needed
1184187164 20:52:44<fuzheado> it has outlawed any format normal people use
1184187166 20:52:46 * symode09_ is even more annoyed that he can't go L;(
1184187173 20:52:53<seanw> um
1184187175 20:52:55<cary_in_meeting> Cary needs help getting the word out to seniors
1184187176 20:52:56<fuzheado> and Ogg Theora is still a basketcase
1184187182 20:53:02<seanw> *Please* can we come back this after we've done seniors?
1184187184 20:53:04<cary_in_meeting> And I don't mean seniors like me and fuzheado
1184187186 20:53:06<fuzheado> cary_in_meeting: can you explain that again?!? :)
1184187200 20:53:20<symode09_> in all honesty, i think the media and how it is "unfree" is a load of shi*
1184187200 20:53:20<Wiki_Blue>
1184187201 20:53:21 * Mike_H gives fuzheado some Geritol
1184187202 20:53:22<cary_in_meeting> I mean really old.  Like over 50 :)
1184187203 20:53:23 * fuzheado goes to find the Geritol
1184187207 20:53:27<Mike_H> cary_in_meeting has some
1184187208 20:53:28<fuzheado> Mike_H: jinx
1184187219 20:53:39<seanw> Wiki_Blue, are you categoising these under ComProj (do you know how to?)
1184187221 20:53:41<cary_in_meeting> Let me explain it again
1184187239 20:53:59<cary_in_meeting> Seniors are, by far, the largest growing group on the internet in developed countries
1184187244 20:54:04<fuzheado> seanw: sorry ... ok seniors :)
1184187255 20:54:15<cary_in_meeting> They also have a lot of time on their hands
1184187260 20:54:20<symode09_> and it keeps their mind active!
1184187263 20:54:23<cary_in_meeting> and lifetimes of knowledge.
1184187264 20:54:24<Mike_H> Some of them don't. I know. I watch The Golden Girls.
1184187267 20:54:27<fuzheado> so get to seniors ... for reading or to glean their knowledge as editors?
1184187277 20:54:37<cary_in_meeting> Editors, but not necessarily on wikipedia
1184187288 20:54:48<cary_in_meeting> Unless it's for maintenance
1184187297 20:54:57<schiste> got to go, see ya later :)
1184187298 20:54:58<cary_in_meeting> Wikibooks and Wikiversity are great places that Seniors can help out
1184187301 20:55:01<seanw> By schiste 
1184187302 20:55:02<fuzheado> cary_in_meeting: I think this merits long term discussion yes... but I fear Wikisyntax is as bad as its ever been in terms of confusing-ness
1184187304 20:55:04<cary_in_meeting> by schiste
1184187309 20:55:09<cary_in_meeting> fuzheado: I know
1184187311 20:55:11 * symode09_ huggles schiste
1184187313 20:55:13<cary_in_meeting> So we need to have some basics
1184187327 20:55:27<cary_in_meeting> and other users who will be eager in working with seniors
1184187329 20:55:29<cary_in_meeting> holding hands
1184187337 20:55:37<cary_in_meeting> And formatting their pages
1184187354 20:55:54<seanw> Okay
1184187358 20:55:58-!- BrianNZ_aw [n=bcandert@wikinews/Brian-New-Zealand] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184187362 20:56:02<seanw> So, we set up a Wikiprojecyt or something to help them?
1184187364 20:56:04<Wiki_Blue> please post objective on page
1184187368 20:56:08-!- BrianNewZealand [n=bcandert@wikinews/Brian-New-Zealand] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
1184187368 20:56:08<cary_in_meeting> Take, for instance,
1184187370 20:56:10-!- BrianNZ_aw is now known as BrianNewZealand
1184187383 20:56:23<cary_in_meeting> This is a great deal of information
1184187393 20:56:33<cary_in_meeting> and completely compiled by a senior citizen
1184187410 20:56:50<symode09_> O_o
1184187422 20:57:02 * symode09_ has a heart attack
1184187425 20:57:05<cary_in_meeting> Who generally forgets to log in
1184187457 20:57:37<symode09_> ;(
1184187475 20:57:55<symode09_> seanw: can i add something at the end if we have time?
1184187476 20:57:56<seanw> heh
1184187481 20:58:01<seanw> symode09_, sure, msg me it
1184187482 20:58:02<fuzheado> HOLY COW THAT IS QUITE A CONTRIBUTION
1184187487 20:58:07<cary_in_meeting> Indeed.
1184187488 20:58:08<Platonides> cary, if he forgets, his browser shouldn't
1184187495 20:58:15<cary_in_meeting> It was originally transwikied from Wikipedia
1184187502 20:58:22<cary_in_meeting> Okay Raul654
1184187505 20:58:25-!- guillom [n=guillom@wikimedia/guillom] has quit ["gone"]
1184187507 20:58:27<Mike_H> Okay, Sophia, turn the caps lock off.
1184187508 20:58:28<fuzheado> lol
1184187545 20:59:05<cary_in_meeting> But this underscores some of the issues we're dealing with when seniors edit
1184187547 20:59:07<cary_in_meeting> "When Seniors Edit!"
1184187571 20:59:31<Mike_H> [[Picture this... Sicily... 1912...]]
1184187584 20:59:44-!- Cbrown1023 [n=chatzill@wikimedia/Cbrown1023] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
1184187592 20:59:52<symode09_> :0
1184187592 20:59:52<seanw> So, do we have some strategies here?
1184187614 21:00:14<symode09_> erm, create kits that can be sent to seniors....
1184187617 21:00:17<Wiki_Blue> a) first lets compile a list of senior associations and publications
1184187623 21:00:23<Wiki_Blue> without that, we can't do anything
1184187627 21:00:27<Mike_H> AARP magazine
1184187629 21:00:29<cary_in_meeting> Modern Maturity
1184187633 21:00:33<Wiki_Blue> whatever they are
1184187633 21:00:33<Mike_H> we should contact them and ask if they want to write a story.
1184187639 21:00:39<fuzheado> Fix wikisyntax... doh
1184187640 21:00:40<Wiki_Blue> so first step is research
1184187641 21:00:41<cary_in_meeting> Golden Juggs
1184187642 21:00:42<symode09_> create a plugin which increases the font size of all wmf pages? :p
1184187655 21:00:55-!- schiste [] has quit ["see ya space cowboys :)"]
1184187663 21:01:03 * fuzheado is still savouring Golden Juggs
1184187665 21:01:05<Wiki_Blue> b) and then see if some comprojj members want to recruit people from teh community who might want to work with seniors
1184187666 21:01:06<Platonides> create a senior edition of the browser for edit wikis
1184187667 21:01:07<cary_in_meeting> symode09_: We actually have a skin
1184187673 21:01:13<symode09_> O_o
1184187686 21:01:26<Wiki_Blue> posting this stuff, like the browser idea
1184187702 21:01:42<symode09_> i think if we can have a set of printable easy to learn stuff that they can use
1184187703 21:01:43<cary_in_meeting>
1184187707 21:01:47<cary_in_meeting> maybe not Chick
1184187717 21:01:57<seanw> Wiki_Blue, thanks for all your work with these pages today
1184187725 21:02:05<seanw> Right, let's move on to an issue symode just brought up.
1184187727 21:02:07<seanw> Okay?
1184187730 21:02:10<fuzheado> something with a abigger font would help no doubt
1184187732 21:02:12<symode09_> koolness
1184187745 21:02:25<seanw> symode09_, off you go.
1184187750 21:02:30<symode09_> k...
1184187758 21:02:38<symode09_> >	I would actually like to bring up alternative means of accessing the WMF (ie. from non iphone mobiles)
1184187770 21:02:50<symode09_> and having portals that collaborate infromation from various wmf projects
1184187812 21:03:32 * symode09_ clicks pen, then continues
1184187840 21:04:00<symode09_> portals are rarely used by the public and school children - i think it is extremely valuable
1184187853 21:04:13<symode09_> but my main point is alternative media :p
1184187854 21:04:14-!- Platonides [n=Platonid@wikipedia/Platonides] has quit []
1184187867 21:04:27<symode09_> finished ranting
1184187874 21:04:34<seanw> Thoughts all?
1184187877 21:04:37<fuzheado> symode09_: so provide an example perhaps?
1184187890 21:04:50<symode09_>
1184187905 21:05:05<symode09_> that was an old mobile friendly page i created for wikinews
1184187917 21:05:17<Wiki_Blue> Isn't that what we have with Live Feeds?
1184187930 21:05:30-!- Cbrown1023 [n=chatzill@wikimedia/Cbrown1023] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1184187938 21:05:38<symode09_> live feeds?
1184187941 21:05:41<symode09_> rss?
1184187950 21:05:50<Wiki_Blue> Like Nokia Chile, I think
1184187956 21:05:56<seanw> Cbrown1023, hey, you missed seniors :)
1184187959 21:05:59<symode09_> :0 really?
1184187962 21:06:02<Wiki_Blue> people can access wikipedia from their phones
1184187975 21:06:15<Wiki_Blue> Nokia Chile set that up with the foundation
1184187980 21:06:20<Wiki_Blue> (i think its nokia chile)
1184187987 21:06:27<symode09_> not many - most phones still have simple browsing functionality
1184187989 21:06:29<Wiki_Blue> anyway, around the world, we have things like this
1184188004 21:06:44<Wiki_Blue> is that what you mean?
1184188013 21:06:53<symode09_> kinda...
1184188036 21:07:16<symode09_> i think we need a central page where anyone in the world can go and get the latest news and word definitions
1184188056 21:07:36<fuzheado> so a WAP-friendly or mobile browser friendly portal
1184188061 21:07:41<fuzheado> with the most used and useful parts of WP
1184188062 21:07:42<fuzheado> WM
1184188064 21:07:44<fuzheado> exposed
1184188064 21:07:44<symode09_> exacttly
1184188069 21:07:49<fuzheado> nice idea
1184188071 21:07:51<symode09_> yes
1184188081 21:08:01<symode09_> nice wordin :p
1184188082 21:08:02<fuzheado> a fill in box for searching any or every part of WM content
1184188091 21:08:11<symode09_> yer
1184188096 21:08:16<Wiki_Blue> Vishal is actually working on something like this
1184188109 21:08:29<Wiki_Blue> I can send you guys the link tomororw, if thats okay
1184188110 21:08:30<fuzheado> an extension of this, might be a real Dashboard widget (if you're a Mac user) that has more than just "search Wikipedia"
1184188115 21:08:35<symode09_> really? koolness
1184188119 21:08:39<seanw> Wiki_Blue, cool :)
1184188123 21:08:43 * symode09_ has that on vista!
1184188125 21:08:45<Wiki_Blue> I think a dashboard widget would be very good
1184188130 21:08:50<Wiki_Blue> and less problematic
1184188141 21:09:01<symode09_> it is sooooo kool you type in what you want and, it will search wikipedia, wikinews, commmons etc.
1184188181 21:09:41<Wiki_Blue> These ideas are awesome, but let me just say one thing...they require participation from other departments at wikimedia foundation
1184188190 21:09:50<symode09_> np
1184188192 21:09:52<seanw> Yeha, I was thinking ghat.
1184188194 21:09:54<Wiki_Blue> not just communications, and harder to execute, etc
1184188196 21:09:56<seanw> This is a bit beyond comproj.
1184188216 21:10:16<Wiki_Blue> but I'll get you in touch with vishal, okay
1184188222 21:10:22<Wiki_Blue> send me your email symode
1184188232 21:10:32<seanw> Right.
1184188233 21:10:33<symode09_>
1184188237 21:10:37<seanw> So, that's all the agenda items.
1184188245 21:10:45<seanw> Do we have any other things people want to bring up?
1184188249 21:10:49<Wiki_Blue> i have one
1184188265 21:11:05<Wiki_Blue> can i go
1184188270 21:11:10<symode09_> never!
1184188272 21:11:12<symode09_> yep
1184188273 21:11:13<Wiki_Blue> lol
1184188281 21:11:21<symode09_> heh
1184188286 21:11:26<Wiki_Blue> this is still under the blankets, okay? so no announcing anything yet
1184188290 21:11:30<Wiki_Blue> just wanted to get comproj's reaction
1184188291 21:11:31<symode09_> kk
1184188294 21:11:34<Wiki_Blue> lolol
1184188295 21:11:35<Wiki_Blue> i know
1184188300 21:11:40<Cbrown1023> seanw: :(
1184188311 21:11:51<seanw> Wiki_Blue, go :)
1184188315 21:11:55<Wiki_Blue> so do you guys think there was an interest in
1184188317 21:11:57<seanw> But rememebr this is opublic
1184188324 21:12:04<Wiki_Blue> for people to sign up to a fundraising list serv
1184188326 21:12:06<Cbrown1023> make sure you post logs, please :)
1184188333 21:12:13<Wiki_Blue> not COMPROJ MEMBERS PLEASE
1184188335 21:12:15<Wiki_Blue> i need you lol
1184188340 21:12:20<seanw> Cbrown1023, will do.
1184188351 21:12:31<Wiki_Blue> but generally in the community, to work on fundraising proposals, grants etc
1184188359 21:12:39<Wiki_Blue> and if we go ahead with this
1184188367 21:12:47<Wiki_Blue> would comproj be able to help recruit people?
1184188375 21:12:55<Wiki_Blue> this is still just an IDEA
1184188378 21:12:58<seanw> Hmm
1184188384 21:13:04<seanw> I don't see why not - people have the ideas.
1184188386 21:13:06<fuzheado> Wiki_Blue: you should talk to some folks about the history of fundraising community volunteers
1184188386 21:13:06 * symode09_ has lost focus - what do you mean>
1184188392 21:13:12<fuzheado> from what i understand, it has not been pretty
1184188401 21:13:21<cary_in_meeting> we need fundraisers
1184188404 21:13:24<symode09_> kk
1184188404 21:13:24<Wiki_Blue> but comproj is working so well, that it would be cool to have a similar group from fundraising
1184188420 21:13:40<cary_in_meeting> do we have a fundraising email list
1184188426 21:13:46<Wiki_Blue> okay Fuzheado - I'll email you, see if you can give me names
1184188427 21:13:47<Cbrown1023> thank you
1184188429 21:13:49<Cbrown1023> Wiki_blue: what about fundraising?
1184188431 21:13:51 * Cbrown1023 is very interested in fundraising
1184188433 21:13:53 * Cbrown1023 set up a channel fo r it
1184188435 21:13:55<Cbrown1023> feel free to use it :)
1184188436 21:13:56<cary_in_meeting> fuzheado: Please copy on that email
1184188437 21:13:57<Cbrown1023> #wikimedia-fundraising
1184188441 21:14:01<Cbrown1023> yes
1184188442 21:14:02<Wiki_Blue> a list serve that is open
1184188443 21:14:03 * Cbrown1023 would be in that too....
1184188445 21:14:05<Cbrown1023> seriously, I've tried to do this before
1184188446 21:14:06<Wiki_Blue> okay cool
1184188447 21:14:07<Cbrown1023> but we need a better "draw"
1184188448 21:14:08<Wiki_Blue> thats all
1184188449 21:14:09<Cbrown1023> and need set meetings like this :)
1184188451 21:14:11<Cbrown1023> we need Wiki_Blue, seanw, and Cary! :)
1184188451 21:14:11<seanw> Right.
1184188452 21:14:12<Wiki_Blue> yes sir
1184188455 21:14:15<seanw> hehehe
1184188457 21:14:17<seanw> Cary?!
1184188462 21:14:22<seanw> He just idles and pretends to be invovled.
1184188463 21:14:23<seanw> ;)
1184188466 21:14:26<Wiki_Blue> kay. thats all i have
1184188469 21:14:29<seanw> So, we can break here?
1184188477 21:14:37<symode09_> #wikimedia-nigerian-lottery-department-fundraising
1184188481 21:14:41<seanw> Wiki_Blue, I'd like to /msg you if you would stay on irc for a bit:)
1184188482 21:14:42<cary_in_meeting> Cbrown1023: Don't stretch yourself too thin

1184188488 21:14:48<seanw> --- meeting closed ---