Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-06-06

18:05:46 <seanw`>	Let's highlight everyone
18:05:54 <seanw`>	SOmeone using a proper client copy paste /names?
18:06:19 <schiste>	cary-office CraigSpurrier_aw Jhs Majorly newmanbe Nicolas_Guerin me ping!
18:06:26 <schiste>	pong
18:06:34 <newmanbe>	PONG
18:06:35 <Nicolas_Guerin>	hi
18:07:05 <schiste>	who can log ?
18:07:11 <Nicolas_Guerin>	?
18:07:14 <Jhs>	schiste, pang
18:07:19 <seanw`>	I can, but it's better if someone else can
18:07:20 <seanw`>	Martinp23?
18:07:32 <newmanbe>	I think I just turned logging on.
18:07:34 *	newmanbe checks.
18:08:00 <newmanbe>	We have logging!
18:08:01 <Martinp23>	pong
18:08:02 *	Martinp23 logging
18:08:23 <schiste>	Good, so today's meeting is mainly about the Board Election
18:08:24 <Nicolas_Guerin>	i'm here
18:08:35 <schiste>	If you wanna raise any other issue, just do it.
18:08:46 <seanw`>	Let's do other issues first.
18:08:51 <seanw`>	As election is so much bigger.
18:08:52 <seanw`>	So, anyone?
18:08:55 <schiste>	yep
18:09:27 <schiste>	ok :D
18:09:44 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin as you're a newcomers, can you present yourself quickly
18:09:50 <schiste>	s/present/introduce
18:10:29 <Nicolas_Guerin>	sure : living in Zürich - researcher in Physics
18:10:44 <seanw`>	ooo physics
18:10:45 <Nicolas_Guerin>	mainly on french Wikipedia and Commons
18:10:46 <seanw`>	What kind?
18:11:16 <Nicolas_Guerin>	electromagnetism - photonics - grating theory ...
18:11:24 <seanw`>	Coolio.
18:11:27 <seanw`>	Physics is the best science :)
18:11:55 <seanw`>	Why did you want to help cpg?
18:11:57 <Nicolas_Guerin>	well, some interest also in History, geography, biology, science in general
18:12:11 <seanw`>	Had my last ever bit of biology today :)
18:12:27 <Nicolas_Guerin>	Just i started to read news about wikipedia few month ago
18:12:37 <Nicolas_Guerin>	and it's not good all the time
18:12:54 <Nicolas_Guerin>	so i want to help to improve the communication about WP
18:13:22 <schiste>	ok :)
18:13:31 <seanw`>	Groovy.
18:13:34 <seanw`>	Okay, anything else?
18:13:35 <Martinp23>	welcome!
18:13:41 <Nicolas_Guerin>	So, i would like to improve the com with specialist actually
18:13:49 <Nicolas_Guerin>	in science for ex.
18:14:09 <seanw`>	Nicolas_Guerin: I have a job for you in taht respect, remind me later
18:14:15 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin this issue does more concerns your wonderfull local chapter :p
18:14:21 <schiste>	oh ok
18:14:28 <Nicolas_Guerin>	ok
18:14:46 <schiste>	whatever you should subscribe to the best local chapter ever
18:14:57 <schiste>	Wikimedia France
18:15:01 *	schiste is recruiting
18:15:24 <Nicolas_Guerin>	Schiste : ok, but i participate to international conference also
18:15:31 <seanw`>	Let's move on :)
18:15:37 <seanw`>	Any other issues before we discuss elections?
18:15:48 <Nicolas_Guerin>	so i know also international community in photonics
18:16:11 <Nicolas_Guerin>	ok, finish presentation of myself
18:16:27 <Nicolas_Guerin>	let's move on to the topic...
18:17:34 <seanw`>	Clearly not; schiste off you go :)
18:17:54 <schiste>	Hmmm ok so elections stuff ?
18:18:18 <seanw`>	Yup.
18:18:20 <seanw`>	Go ahead :)
18:19:00 <schiste>	Ok so for those who are not aware of this, in few weeks Board Election will be held
18:19:08 <seanw`>	Excitement.
18:19:13 <schiste>	we, for the moment, don't know exactly when.
18:19:17 <seanw`>	Who is expiring?
18:19:22 *	seanw` is out of it due to exas
18:19:24 <seanw`>	m
18:19:38 <schiste>	Erik, Kat and Oscar IIRC
18:20:23 <schiste>	Erik, Kat and Oscar per
18:20:44 <schiste>	Ok so normally at least three new board members should be elected
18:21:31 <schiste>	As we grew a lot since last year, and there will be more translation
18:21:46 <schiste>	we're heading t share works
18:21:52 <schiste>	Elecom > official com
18:21:59 <schiste>	Transcom > Translation
18:22:05 <schiste>	cpg > com
18:22:31 <schiste>	The point is, even in the Wikimedia Projects, few people do understand what are exactly the Board Members
18:22:34 <schiste>	etc...
18:22:47 <schiste>	The I though this could be a job for the marvellous cpg members
18:23:05 <seanw`>	Okay
18:23:24 <seanw`>	Apaphia (sp) joined our ml and posted, so your ideas are known about.
18:23:34 <seanw`>	What is the plan?
18:24:28 <schiste>	The plan is, from now, to prepare good mails
18:24:40 <schiste>	to prepare a "where to spread list"
18:24:49 <schiste>	mainly those two things
18:25:03 <schiste>
18:25:20 <schiste>	mails about the elections, the candidates and Call for Translation
18:25:46 <seanw`>	So we write it
18:25:50 <seanw`>	And someone else translate
18:25:52 <seanw`>	s
18:25:54 <seanw`>	Then we distribute?
18:25:59 <schiste>	kinda
18:26:07 <schiste>	we translate it "if we can"
18:26:19 <schiste>	for example
18:26:25 <schiste>	now till the openning
18:26:43 <schiste>	we work on mails, the translations, and sprea list
18:26:48 <schiste>	spread*
18:26:55 <schiste>	then we fix deadline
18:26:56 <seanw`>	All on meta, I presume.
18:27:00 <schiste>	yes
18:27:09 <seanw`>	Sounds sensible.
18:27:17 <schiste>	why so ?
18:28:50 <seanw`>	Well, we want it easy to edit, surely?
18:29:08 <schiste>	I think so, why wouldn't we ?
18:30:36 <seanw`>	What did you mean by 'why so?'
18:30:40 <seanw`>	:)
18:30:42 <Martinp23>	Jhs: I don't know if you've seen Apaphia (sp)'s email, which has more info, but do you have anything to add about the election process, and details on what you want our job to be?
18:30:45 <seanw`>	That was my attempt at an answer.
18:31:13 <Martinp23>	schiste, seanw`: To be abrupt: you're both in agreement that using meta is best?
18:31:22 <seanw`>	We are.
18:31:26 <seanw`>	Good point, let's move on.
18:31:26 <schiste>	I think there's been a language loophole ^^#
18:31:28 <schiste>	ok :D
18:31:35 <Martinp23>	:)
18:31:37 <seanw`>	Okay
18:31:38 <Jhs>	Martinp23, i'm not sure, no
18:31:42 <seanw`>	I can read but not answer as I need to eat.
18:31:49 <seanw`>	Hilight me if nececessary.
18:31:51 <schiste>	k
18:32:45 <schiste>	well the idea has been raised last night will discussing about it with patoschild and britty I think
18:32:52 <schiste>	Majorly was there too I think
18:33:05 <schiste>	and then we though that to help elecom and transcom
18:33:18 <schiste>	cpg should help on informing peoples
18:33:48 <schiste>	contributors of the projects are unaware of what's the WMF, the Board of Trustee, etc...
18:33:52 <Martinp23>	indeed - if this does come up at other points on IRC, feel free to ping me so I can see more :)
18:34:23 <schiste>	ok
18:34:43 <schiste>	So, do you see anything else the cpg should perform for the elections
18:34:44 <schiste>	?
18:34:46 <Martinp23>	So, it would be a good idea to have a page with info about what these elections are, and a Q&A section, and spread that out amongst all the projects.
18:34:59 <schiste>
18:35:09 <schiste>	oh
18:35:10 <schiste>	Hmmm
18:35:18 <schiste>	there's a FAQ
18:35:32 <schiste>	or a page like "Election quick overview"
18:35:57 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin you're point of view, as you're a newcomer, might be really helpfull
18:36:08 <Martinp23>	Well, yep, and a place where people can ask their own questions
18:36:24 <schiste>	I have to check but I think this is already created
18:36:33 <Martinp23>	Oooh ok :)
18:37:02 <Nicolas_Guerin>	schiste : that's true that the last board elections were quite discret
18:37:17 <Nicolas_Guerin>	and few people know for the new election
18:37:27 <schiste>
18:37:39 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin for the new it's normal, we don't when it'll be held
18:38:21 <Martinp23>	schiste: Yep - that's what I was thinking :)
18:38:58 <Martinp23>	When we have an info page ready, we might be able to get away with spamming it to site-notices in some places (only shown to registered users).
18:39:01 <Martinp23>	If poss.
18:39:16 <schiste>	yes I though about that
18:39:20 <schiste>	Plan is :
18:39:27 <Nicolas_Guerin>	where to spam?
18:39:36 <schiste>	1) when we know the date = spam ml and sitenotice
18:39:58 <Nicolas_Guerin>	and other IRC?
18:39:59 <schiste>	2)The day the candidate can release their statements = mails
18:40:10 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin nobody's on IRC
18:40:19 <Nicolas_Guerin>	ok
18:40:23 <schiste>	well those on IRC are mainly aware of stuff like that
18:40:50 <schiste>	I'm trying to write a mail explaining what is the Board of Trustee, the WMF
18:44:03 <seanw`>	Hmm
18:44:07 <seanw`>	I suggest we write it on a page
18:44:11 <Martinp23>	ok :) - that sounds great.  Are we going to all do that on meta?
18:44:12 <seanw`>	And mail/sitenotice the link only
18:44:14 <seanw`>	(back)
18:44:19 <schiste>	what the hell ?
18:44:36 <seanw`>	Well
18:44:48 <seanw`>	Don't mail out the explanation, mail out a link to an explanation.#
18:44:52 <schiste>	no not for you ^^#
18:45:21 <seanw`>	?
18:45:27 <seanw`>	s/.#/?/
18:45:36 <Martinp23>	ooh me?  I meant the email, and was wondering if we could all contribute to it
18:45:52 <seanw`>	Martinp23: mailing a link to a meta page we all worked on :-)
18:46:07 <schiste>	yes
18:46:22 <Martinp23>	seanw`: indeed - that's what I'm getting at ;)
18:47:32 <seanw`>	gdgd...
18:48:36 <schiste>	[[Communication Projects Group/Board Election/What is the Board Election?]]
18:48:53 <schiste>
18:50:02 <seanw`>	Hang on
18:50:10 <seanw`>	Let's use Board election 2007/Page name :-)
18:50:18 <seanw`>	In case we do another one.
18:50:23 <seanw`>	(I moved the main page already)
18:50:45 <schiste>	that's fine for me :)
18:53:44 <seanw`>
18:55:06 <seanw`>	So
18:55:12 <seanw`>	Good brainstorming session folks.
18:55:14 <seanw`>	Are we done?
18:56:18 <schiste>	dunno, thinks. But I wish we had more awaken elecom members ^^
18:56:56 <Nicolas_Guerin>	Question : should be "Board elections/2007/Candidates/en" translated in other languages?
18:57:27 <Martinp23>	exams = bad time to get into a -com for me :-(
18:57:47 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin yes
18:58:15 <schiste>	Martinp23 when your exams will be over ?
18:58:54 <seanw`>	schiste: mine are over 22nd June
18:59:00 <seanw`>	Martin's around that time I assume.
18:59:16 <schiste>	arg really late
18:59:32 <Martinp23>	schiste: Yeah - mine may be 23rd.  Two weeks tomorrow
18:59:43 <Martinp23>	(whenever that is)
19:00:10 <Martinp23>	oh - the 20th :D
19:01:02 <schiste>	huhu lucky you
19:01:13 *	schiste is glad his uni time is over
19:01:25 <seanw`>	schiste: this is ordinary school for us :P
19:02:02 <schiste>	rah
19:02:30 *	Wiki_Blue ( has joined #wikimedia-cpg
19:02:42 *	schiste feels old suddenly
19:03:03 <seanw`>	Hey Wiki_Blue
19:03:11 <seanw`>	Wiki_Blue: we were kind of finishing
19:03:18 <Nicolas_Guerin>	hi Wiki_blue
19:03:50 *	schiste waves at Wiki_Blue :)
19:04:11 <schiste>	Nicolas_Guerin
19:04:19 <schiste>	see this board for the translations
19:05:16 <Nicolas_Guerin>	wow! should we translate this for the candidates?
19:05:30 <schiste>	Hmmm ?
19:05:50 <Nicolas_Guerin>	i mean, who is giving translation?
19:06:01 <schiste>	TransCom and all volounteers
19:06:05 <Nicolas_Guerin>	ok
19:06:13 <schiste>	In fact I do a lot of translations
19:06:56 <Nicolas_Guerin>	Are you so good in Japanese XD ?
19:07:32 <schiste>	I'm not ^^#
19:07:42 <schiste>	I studied japanese years ago
19:07:52 <Nicolas_Guerin>	If you are interested, i can find people who can translate in polish :)
19:08:09 <schiste>	We'll see what we needs
19:08:27 <schiste>	but if they're involved in a Wikimedia Project, recruit them !
19:10:11 *	LeBron ( has joined #wikimedia-cpg
19:10:17 <seanw`>	Hey LeBron
19:10:25 <seanw`>	Look, all, we've been going for an hour.
19:10:29 <schiste>	hey LeBron
19:10:29 <seanw`>	I think we ought to wrap up :)
19:10:32 <LeBron>	Hiho seanw.
19:10:37 <seanw`>	Any other issues?
19:10:42 <schiste>	don't think so
19:10:48 <schiste>	Well not for me
19:10:54 <LeBron>	Geee, right on time.
19:10:54 <seanw`>	Well, thanks schiste for leading all our election stuff.
19:10:59 <seanw`>	hehe sorry LeBron
19:11:13 <LeBron>	seanw` my fault not yrs :D
19:11:28 <seanw`>	In that case, meeting closed ~~~~
19:11:35 <seanw`>	Martinp23: please post logs etc.

And it was done.