Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-04-11

1176322844 20:20:44<chanueting> hallo
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1176323203 20:26:43<seanw> Lo all.
1176323215 20:26:55-!- bastique [n=carybass@wikimedia/Bastique] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1176323267 20:27:47<bastique> what?
1176323267 20:27:47<bastique> :D
1176323329 20:28:49<seanw> bastique, meeting shortly :P
1176323332 20:28:52<seanw> And why did you e?leave?!
1176323341 20:29:01<bastique> eleave?
1176323360 20:29:20<seanw> leave*
1176323368 20:29:28<seanw> This is teh centre of Wikimedia communications ;)
1176323369 20:29:29<bastique> when?
1176323376 20:29:36<bastique> Too many channels
1176323398 20:29:58<seanw> haha k
1176323411 20:30:11<seanw> Go and poke Sandy into logging on :)
1176323412 20:30:12<bastique> who is missing?
1176323413 20:30:13-!- Pilotguy is now known as Pilotawayguy
1176323413 20:30:13<bastique> I have
1176323417 20:30:17 * Pilotawayguy is not
1176323421 20:30:21<chanueting> hallo all
1176323424 20:30:24<bastique> Pilotawayguy: Come back
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1176323470 20:31:10<Pilotguy> Go get Sandy
1176323496 20:31:36<Pilotguy> Bob is doing the interview Tuesday, that should make her happy
1176323502 20:31:42<cary> I'm trying to
1176323503 20:31:43<seanw> Pilotguy, what's that?
1176323510 20:31:50<cary> "I'm going, I'm going"
1176323515 20:31:55 * seanw just did a webcam interview for Wikimedia :D
1176323521 20:32:01<seanw> It went very well.
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1176323527 20:32:07<seanw> Heya Sandy!
1176323541 20:32:21<Wiki_Blue> hey guys, I'll be in and out...really busy time right now with wikimania, but brainstorm away :)
1176323550 20:32:30<Pilotguy> Let's see if I can pull up the link
1176323552 20:32:32<seanw> Wiki_Blue, we haven't got many people here yet, tbh
1176323572 20:32:52<Pilotguy> Sandy, did you get everyone assigned to those various tasks you needed?
1176323604 20:33:24<cary> I have a contact request on my meta talk page
1176323622 20:33:42<cary>
1176323627 20:33:47<cary> Someone should contact this person
1176323642 20:34:02<seanw> cary, I think that's my job.
1176323652 20:34:12<cary> whee
1176323652 20:34:12<Pilotguy> seanw- It'll look something like these;jsessionid=C712DF0CAA01D4C21E22B94B0DF260A3?contentId=1011763&version=51&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1
1176323654 20:34:14<seanw> cary, I wish I'd sent that e-mail of yours :P
1176323666 20:34:26<Wiki_Blue> yes, i did everyone volunteereed
1176323676 20:34:36<Wiki_Blue> i even got a few people for press list, so thank you for that
1176323680 20:34:40<seanw> Pilotguy, looks good
1176323743 20:35:43<seanw> Okay, so, perhaps we should all have a quick chat about what we've been doing.
1176323751 20:35:51<seanw> I'll go first, if I may..
1176323777 20:36:17<seanw> I've been spending some time adding new members to the database etc.
1176323782 20:36:22<seanw> It's great that we have so much interest!
1176323800 20:36:40<seanw> Also, we are getting some really experienced people interested which means we have a good pool to draw on for projects
1176323807 20:36:47 * cary thinks seanw is organized
1176323809 20:36:49<Pilotguy> indeed
1176323809 20:36:49<cary> this is good
1176323811 20:36:51<seanw> Secondly, I jsut finished a dispute resolution flyer for Sandy. Thirdly, I had a fun interview with Current TV.
1176323864 20:37:44<seanw> cary, ooo thanks :D
1176323878 20:37:58<chanueting> it seems good
1176323879 20:37:59<seanw> It was very interesting - they focussed very much on my current mediation on psychedelic drugs.
1176323878 20:37:58<seanw> Okay, so trhat's me.
1176323881 20:38:01<seanw> Next?
1176323885 20:38:05<Pilotguy> Awesome
1176323906 20:38:26<Pilotguy> Well not too much going on here
1176323919 20:38:39<Pilotguy> Except for the upcoming interview
1176323932 20:38:52<seanw> That sounds exciting.
1176323937 20:38:57<seanw> If they put it online, send a link to the ml :)
1176323938 20:38:58 * Pilotguy is looking forward to it
1176323948 20:39:08<Pilotguy> They will
1176323976 20:39:36<seanw> They say mine probably won't be but they'll mail me a copy of it.
1176323995 20:39:55<Pilotguy> cool
1176324001 20:40:01-!- seanw changed the topic of #wikimedia-cpg to: Wikimedia Communication Projects Group | | Meetings are being held every Wednesday, 2030 UTC (9:30 PM BST) | Note: Channel logs will be public
1176324014 20:40:14<seanw> Okay, anyone else? :)
1176324042 20:40:42<cary> seanw: poke specific people
1176324057 20:40:57<seanw> Good point.
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1176324061 20:41:01<Pilotguy> Anything new concerning the production company?
1176324078 20:41:18<seanw> You mean Pod???the podcast?
1176324089 20:41:29<chanueting> would you mind showing the jobs for us?
1176324102 20:41:42<Pilotguy> yeah the podcast
1176324104 20:41:44<seanw> chanueting, are you on the mailing list? Everything has been posted on there, I believe.
1176324208 20:43:28<seanw> Okay, so, cary: have you been up to much?
1176324222 20:43:42<cary> Yes, but little involving the CPG
1176324222 20:43:42-!- Martinp23 [n=Martinp2@wikimedia/Martinp23] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1176324229 20:43:49<seanw> Hello Martinp23, welcome to the meeting.
1176324241 20:44:01<Martinp23> Sorry I'm late - this seems to have dropped off my -auto list :)
1176324241 20:44:01<seanw> cary, okay, fair enough.
1176324241 20:44:01<Martinp23> Hi seanw
1176324257 20:44:17<seanw> OKay, Martinp23: we were just going round seeig what people have been up to on the CPG front.
1176324261 20:44:21<seanw> Want to talk about your work?
1176324269 20:44:29<Martinp23> OK -
1176324291 20:44:51<Martinp23> per Sandy's suggestion, I went and created the "Success Stories" page
1176324304 20:45:04<Martinp23> (redirect here: [[m:Success stories]])
1176324347 20:45:47<Martinp23> and have publicised it on all the Enligh language project village pumps, and on foundation-l and wikien-l (awiting moderation, I think)
1176324362 20:46:02<Pilotguy> cool
1176324371 20:46:11<Martinp23> Sandy and I both emailed Wikizine, and it was mentioned there, and may be in the next signpost :)
1176324384 20:46:24<seanw> Ah yes  in terms of Wikizine, you can bug me - I'm an editor
1176324418 20:46:58<Martinp23> OK :)
1176324428 20:47:08<Martinp23> That's it from me
1176324458 20:47:38<seanw> Sounds good.
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1176324490 20:48:10<seanw> Okay, that's everyone who is not idle in this room... I'm a little concerned about the low turn out.
1176324505 20:48:25<jtico> Hi there, may I?
1176324528 20:48:48<seanw> Oh, sure :)
1176324561 20:49:21<jtico> Well, I have a "personal com. proy"
1176324600 20:50:00<jtico> In the past month I have tried to gather information here and there and try to post it in the spanish wikipedia
1176324626 20:50:26<jtico> I have subscribed to the wikizine, for example
1176324685 20:51:25<jtico> And this morning I learned about this project
1176324767 20:52:47<jtico> I think I could help by sending information to the es-wiki
1176324769 20:52:49<cary> Because nobody has provided a spanish translation for the village pump
1176324792 20:53:12-!- CraigSpurrier_aw [] has joined #wikimedia-cpg
1176324794 20:53:14<seanw> That'd be great.
1176324816 20:53:36<seanw> jtico, if you could look at [[m:Communication Projects Group/Membership]] and fill it in that'd be helpful
1176324847 20:54:07-!- CraigSpurrier_aw is now known as CraigSpurrier
1176324857 20:54:17<jtico> seanw: ok, I'll do it
1176324891 20:54:51<seanw> THanks.
1176324893 20:54:53<seanw> CraigSpurrier, hey :)
1176324907 20:55:07<seanw> CraigSpurrier, we were all talking about the comproj work we have been doing - want to speak?
1176325008 20:56:48<CraigSpurrier> not much to say :) I have been procrastinating , but I hope to help some with the press list very soon
1176325017 20:56:57<seanw> Sounds good.
1176325026 20:57:06<seanw> I think that's everyone. DOes anyone have anything they want to add/brainstorm?
1176325071 20:57:51<Pilotguy> nah
1176325085 20:58:05<Wiki_Blue> can i add something?
1176325087 20:58:07<Wiki_Blue> :)
1176325091 20:58:11<seanw> Wiki_Blue, go for it
1176325095 20:58:15<Wiki_Blue> (as I chime in :)
1176325095 20:58:15<Pilotguy> \oh yes
1176325110 20:58:30<Wiki_Blue> i guess not really comproj, but they need our help :)
1176325126 20:58:46<seanw> ComProj work can take many forms.
1176325128 20:58:48<Wiki_Blue> anyone interested in maybe researching technology publications or companies (like IBM, which we have)
1176325139 20:58:59<Wiki_Blue> that may be interested in sponsoring wikimania
1176325147 20:59:07<Wiki_Blue> i just need help researching organizations
1176325163 20:59:23<Wiki_Blue> if you guys don't want, not a problem, but since everyone is in a different country
1176325177 20:59:37<seanw> Wiki_Blue, who have you tried so far?
1176325188 20:59:48<Wiki_Blue> hmmm. there is a list...let me see if I can find it.
1176325196 20:59:56<Wiki_Blue> (we just started working on this  at office)
1176325206 21:00:06<Wiki_Blue> I'll email it to you guys later, okay?
1176325206 21:00:06<seanw> Wiki_Blue, you have way too much to do!
1176325220 21:00:20<Wiki_Blue> LMAO everyone here is super worked :)
1176325221 21:00:21<seanw> Okay, are we done here, then?
1176325228 21:00:28<Wiki_Blue> but thats why we have you guys!
1176325261 21:01:01<seanw> :D
1176325350 21:02:30<seanw> OKay, unless anyone has an objection, meeting closed :)
1176325362 21:02:42<seanw> THanks guys.