Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Terms of members and advisors - February 2009

The terms of all current and in future appointed members and advisors shall no longer have an end date. This resolution expressedly reconfirms and places under the above rule the seats of Anders Wennesten, Andrew Withworth and Barcex, notwithstanding that their terms have ended on a date in the past.

Explanatory note: The effect of this resolution is to avoid the need to artifically re-elect members and advisors through the extension of their term. It specifically mentions three members, as their terms have already expired at an earlier date and they would not otherwise be covered by this resolution. It does not affect other previous members whose terms have ended. It does not affect the committee's and board's powers to remove members for various grounds (inactivity, non-constructive behaviour etc.)

Resolution passed with 7 votes in favor on February 29th 2009