Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Approval of Wikimedia Nederland - September 2006

  • Mover: Delphine
  • Seconder : Arne



The Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland, the Dutch equivalent of a local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, was founded in March 2006.

On the advice of the Chapters Committee, Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland elected their first board during their first General Assembly on 18 June 2006 and are now asking for formal recognition as a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Translation of the statutes in English can be found here:

  • The Chapters Committee advises the board to particularly pay attention to the Article 2 of the Statutes, which defines the relationship with the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Article 2
  1. The objective of the association is:
    a. to promote the acquisition and release of free and/or free accessible information in any manner, thereby using, but not limited to, the internet to store and keep this information.;
    b. To support the objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a non-for-profit organisation established in Florida (USA).
  2. The association shall attempt the realisation of its objectives by applying any legal means.
  3. The association neither has any power, nor assumes any responsibility, for the information as meant by article 2.1.a., neither to the content thereof, nor to the way this content is being acquired and processed.

As is normal within a Dutch Association, the statutes are accompanied by a Reglement ("bylaws"), which can be found here for reference:

Considering the fact that the statutes (Statuten) of the Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland are straightforward and clearly define their relationship to the Wikimedia Foundation, the Chapters committee advises the board to confirm the fact that Wikimedia NL (Vereniging) should be considered a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, in the same way Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia France, or Wikimedia CH are.

For the record, the Chapters committee reminds the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation and the board of the Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland that this recognition applies only to the Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland. Should the Stichting Wikimedia Nederland wish to move forward, it will have to develop its own relationship with and seek formal recognition from the Wikimedia Foundation independently.

Proposition of resolution text



after the examination of their statutes and bylaws, that from now on the Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland is to be considered a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, as has been advised by the Chapters committee.

  Resolution passed with 5 votes in favor, 0 votes against, 0 votes not cast on 7 September 2010.

  • Sent to the Wikimedia Foundation board on 7th September, 2006