CentralNotice/Request/Call for projects in Switzerland

Call for projects in SwitzerlandEdit

Central Notice Settings

What is the campaign duration?
  • 5th August 2016 → 21th August 2016
Which projects will you be targeting?
  • All projects
What languages will you be targeting?
  • Multiple languages (English and Swiss national)
Do you wish to show banners to Logged In users, Anonymous Users or Both? Do you want to target users with a specific number of edits or average monthly?

What countries will your campaign target?

  • Switzerland

Banner/Campaign Diet:

  • To be determined by Central Notice admin

What is the purpose of Campaign? How will you measure the success of the campaign?Edit

Description - The campaign is a call for projects from people of the Swiss community to submit projects and ideas to Wikimedia CH in order to include them in the annual plan for 2017.

Metrics -

What banner(s) will you use? What will be your landing page?Edit

Banners - [1]

Landing Page - Page on meta with the description of the parameters to submit the projects (work in progress) Wikimedia CH/Call for projects 2017.

Community FeedbackEdit

As Wikimedia CH we collected some feedbacks from the Swiss community directly. The call for projects is connected with Wikimedia CH.

Central Notice Admin commentsEdit

Attention that the banner may be split for some linguistic regions. German community would have a banner with low impact, so the "impression diet" will be different in comparison to other linguistic regions. As centralnotice admin, I will take care of it. --Ilario (talk) 14:05, 27 July 2016 (UTC)

@Ilario Would this be to logged in users only? Jseddon (WMF) (talk) 15:39, 28 July 2016 (UTC)
@Jseddon (WMF) we are discussing. The call is open for all people. --Ilario (talk) 16:13, 28 July 2016 (UTC)
@Ilario Personally I would recommend it be limited to logged-in with the landing pages current form. I believe that you would get a very low uptake via a wiki and templated page. It would probably more appropriate and improve effectiveness for public outreach if you created a web form and collected ideas via that. Jseddon (WMF) (talk) 16:43, 28 July 2016 (UTC)
Ok, it makes sense. --Ilario (talk) 17:16, 28 July 2016 (UTC)