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The continued growth of Vicipéid
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Rebecca O'Neill
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Wikimedia Community Ireland
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Since 2017, Wikimedia Community Ireland has been focusing volunteer and staff effort on promoting and advocating for the use of Vicipéid across numerous relevant sectors in Ireland. This work has begun to generate new conversations and potential partnerships with Irish language institutions and organisations. The work is centred on how Vicipéid can be integrated into the work of these groups through their educational and outreach activities. Firstly the presentation will cover WCI's work in 2018 and 2019, which has seen milestones such as Vicipéid reaching 50,000 articles and our first pilot event teaching Vicipéid editing to a group of Transition Year students. These students, aged between 15 and 16, were introduced to Wikimedia projects generally, before learning how to edit Vicipéid, focusing on the importance of suitable and verifiable references. The second part of the presentation will focus on the areas and partnerships that WCI will be working on in the coming year. This work will be centred on integrating contributing to Vicipéid into existing Irish language initiatives and programmes with which schools and universities already engage with. This section will outline how getting students editing Wikimedia projects will aid in governmental goals around embedding digital literacy and critical digital skills in education. In conclusion, there will be an overview of how a small User Group has worked with advocates and activists within a minority language to increase awareness and understanding of using and contributing to their language Wikipedia.
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This presentation will give a case study of a small Wikimedia User Group developing and implementing a language strategy, focusing on how we can create the most impact with available resources and capacity.
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