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Studiañ e brezhoneg..... hep internet ?
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Gregory H. Moigne
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G.H Moigne
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Britanny, France
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Google Trad' in breton langage ? It does'nt exist. Wikipedia e brezhoneg ? There's a few things, made by a few brave and motivated people. You can find on Youtube broadcasts in breton, that's sur. But what about the syllabus school or things connected with it ? I'd like to introduce some students and teachers' accounts, what's done yet and what could be possible to do to put forward the thought about it. Projects have to be built by politicians, teachers, militant associations. It's not just a job for a few people in their corner, it's a real politik to built to spread school programms in breton.

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To have informations about the student's difficulties and teacher's difficulties to find things in breton on Wikipedia and the internet, to make research. There's a few solutions, sure, but it's a common job, not just for teachers.

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