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Challenges for Berber Wikipedias and learnings

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Anass Sedrati

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Anass Sedrati

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Wikimedia Morocco User Group

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Berber is a family of languages spoken in North Africa that went through different periods, states and contexts. This historical and cultural diversity in the history of Berber is nowadays reflected in the challenges that are facing its appearance in Wikipedia. Political, national, ideological and religious arguments are all used to define what letters should be used. The absence of enforcement of official characters and standards in the online world from the state leaves activists to a "pseudo" anarchy where each one choses how to write based on personal preferences. The situations are also very different in the various languages (from Kabyle, very organised, to Touareg, almost absent). The incubator can experience up to 3 different alphabets (Tifinagh, Arabic, Latin) in one article. More will be shown during the presentation, with a suggestions for the way forward.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will be familiarized with issues related to writing the Berber languages and the diversity and complexity of their respective situations. This aims to trigger first a discussion between the attendees, and second to share experiences in order to learn from each other and solve similar situations for other languages.

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  • WikiCulture & Community

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