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We do distinguish translations from pages which are in their original language, and we've always done so since categories like Category:IT were created a decade ago. The removal of this distinction is incorrect and I'm not aware of any consensus supporting it, hence any change furthering this error will be reverted on sight until a consensus is shown. Nemo 11:18, 21 September 2016 (UTC)

No, alld these categorijes were made to be navigatable with the interlanguage bar. Even the name you want such as "IT" is incoherent (with uppercase letters) which is confused with a country code when the purpose is to sort them by language.
All languages are are using the "/lang" code suffix and share the same base so that they fdollow the same category scheme and all untranslated pages can still be found in relevant categories.
You've breached a consensus adopted years ago and that was not contested, but even approved at that time, and all this international wiki uses "/lang" also to support the translation extension (even if these pages are still not translated in another language, their categories are populated like this).
Note that not all pages are translated from English, this does not mean they necessarily use a "/lang" suiffix, but their categoies do. And original languages are still maintained as is, even if the translation extension is still not used for them.
There's been work to allow specifyin in the transalte extension which language is used in the unsuffixed page (for now this wiki still assumes it is written in English, but actually it created "/en" pages and the source pages are still unsuffixed).
But categories have no source, and they are all routed in English, as almost all of them have also matching English content.
What is the problem for you with "Categories/it" when it is matching the "Categories" for English, "Categories/fr" for French and so onĀ ?
You insist on a consensus, but you did not alert anyone and never asked anyone before moving these categories alone. verdy_p (talk) 18:19, 24 September 2016 (UTC)
There was no consensus (if there was, link the discussions) and the categories have been emptied just a few days ago, so please achieve consensus for this change. Nemo 11:14, 27 September 2016 (UTC)
No the category was emptied since many months. All these old categories using various naming conventions depending on languages) have been unified so they work with with the language bar throughout the site. Th eproject was initiated several years ago in a limites set of categories then discussed, then received many suports, when it wsa later adopted by many others for many categories and pages. In all these cases, the naming conventions were unified, pages redirected, including categories soft redirected.
Remember there were at least 4 similar categories for grouping pages Italian ("IT", "Italian", "Italiano", "translations in Italian", and several others), All of them were merged in a single one, just like in all other languages.
The unified categories are not just for translations, they are containing also original pages in the same language (translations can come at any time, there's never any limitation). The way pages can be translated (using thje translate extension or not) is not relevant. If one wants to indicat ethat a language is a reference for translations (and this language is not English), this should be said in that page, translators will take this into account. All pages, all categories on this wiki are translatable (only templates may be translated by another way, using internal "autotranslaion" switches where all languages are mixed in the code, but this is limited for templates that generate small contents, or using other autotranslataed templates; there are utility templates to return either the UI language, or the language used in a page translated for a specific language). The convention using "/lang" suffixes is used everywhere (it is needed for the tranlate extension to work correctly if one wants to use it).
I don't know why you want to revive this category. apparently you incorrectly think that it is limited to translations from another language, but this is the case nowhere: this wiki is grouping pages per language, whether they are translated or original does not matter at all given all of them may be translated at any time, and we still need to organize contents globally per language. verdy_p (talk) 11:43, 12 October 2016 (UTC)
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