This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
ReasonInactive for >1 year and created by globally locked user. * Pppery * it has begun 18:07, 7 August 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionMy proposed CWikipedia is a version of Wikipedia tailored especially for children aged 5 to 13.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Just on one multi-lingual wiki.
Potential number of languagesMany languages (English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Thai, Russian, Bulgarian, Korean, and Spanish).
Proposed taglineThe Wikipedia for children
Technical requirements
Development wikiNo.
Interested participants
Peppa Pig the Second (founder)

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Alternative namesEdit

  • CW (informal)

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Suggested policies and guidelinesEdit

  1. Unlike the original Wikipedia, CWikipedia is censored;
  2. CWikipedia is a Kids’ Corner, not a Speakers’ Corner;
  3. Harassment, intimidating behavior, and swearing on CWikipedia will make CWikipedia users in trouble;
  4. Edit warring will make you (as a CWikipedia user) in trouble if:
    1. The 3RR (or three-revert-rule) is violated on unprotected pages;
    2. The 1RR (or one-revert rule) is violated on semi-protected pages; or
    3. The 0RR (or zero-revert-rule) is violated on 30/500-protected pages;
  5. CWikipedia is, like the original Wikipedia, not a crystal ball, cookbook, or dictionary;
  6. Euphemisms, peacock terms, weasel words, clichés, idioms, ‘person or office?’ things, editorializing, contentious labels, expressions of doubt, neologisms, synonyms for ‘said’, unspecified places or events, new compounds, and ‘is/was survived by’ must be used with caution on CWikipedia;
  7. Every article on CWikipedia must follow the Manual of Style on the original Wikipedia;
  8. Personal attacks directing to editors are not allowed;
  9. Vandalism (subtle or blatant) will be reverted by CWikipedia users who are at least rollbacks;
  10. Adding non-compliant colors or Islamic honorifics (without a reason) to a CWikipedia page is forbidden; and
  11. Spreading nasty gossip about another user (e.g. spreading a death hoax) on CWikipedia is known as libel and will not be tolerated.

Suggested sanctionsEdit

See w:WP:WARN and w:WP:BLOCK for more on the suggested punishments for CWikipedia users breaking the rules.

For minor violations of the policies/guidelines, CWikipedia users will be given 4 warnings before blocks; for moderate violations of them, they will be given a warning before a block; for major violations of them, they will be given an extended block which can become permanent if it happens multiple times on CWikipedia.

People interestedEdit