Participants edit

Kannada Wikipedians
  1. User:Omshivaprakash
  2. User:Teju2friends
  3. User:M G Harish
  4. User:Pavanaja[1]
  5. User:Ananth subray[1]
  6. User:Csyogi
CIS-A2K representatives
  1. User:Rahmanuddin Shaik
  2. User:Titodutta
  1. User:Ravidreams (representative, Tamil Wikipedia community)

Policy discussion edit

The first session started with discussing the importance of policies and guidelines on Kannada Wikipedia. The participants visited and analysed the a few policy pages on Kannada Wikipedia. They also discussed in details how to enforce these policies or how to deal with new editors who sometimes face difficulties to understand these.

Neutral point of view edit

  1. There were two pages on the same topic, one page was redirected to the other by Omshivprakash following a discussion to avoid duplicates
  2. The page is not translated and needs to be written in Kannada
  3. Tejas suggested to translate first and after translating it will be posted on Village pump for inputs/suggestions

Verifiability edit

  1. Here too, a duplicate policy page was found, and it was fixed
  2. The page is not properly translated
  3. Training people on using/accepting maintenance templates
  4. Policy content to be written in simple Kannada
  5. Relax using blog as external link to retain the Wiki Articles - Blog is still not a reference
  6. Blog postss should be added as an external link and not reference
  7. Not to allow own blog to be used for the article

Notability edit

  1. Localized/Kannada-Wikipedia specific policy is needed

References edit

  1. a b Also a CIS representative

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