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MediaWiki Training

MediaWiki Training (MWT) is a residential training workshop to groom technical leadership skills among the Indian Wikimedia community members.
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MediaWiki Training 2019 (MWT) will take place on 7-9 June at Bangalore. MediaWiki Training will be a small workshop and advanced topics related to MediaWiki will be discussed during this workshop. In an effort to encourage participation from women, at least 20% of the participants at MWT 2019 would comprise of women Wikimedians.

MediaWiki Training 2019 logo
MediaWiki Training 2019 logo

Event details edit

  • Date: 7-9 June 2019 (Day 0 or pre-event day will be on 6 June 2019, 6 pm)
  • Venue: Jayamahal Palace Hotel, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560046. (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)
  • Etherpad: mwt2019
  • Status: Done
  • Phabricator:T198675

Participants edit

Agenda edit

  • Introduction to Wikimedia movement
  • Introduction to Technical areas such as bots, userscripts, cloud services etc.
  • SUL Vs Wikimedia Developer Account
  • Intro to Phabricator
  • Introduction to MediaWiki
  • Introduction to extensions and skins
  • Gadgets Installation
  • Parts of MediaWiki Extensions.
  • Localize the Messages though i18n.json file.
  • A-Z of Parser Functions Extensions.
  • A-Z of Tag Functions Extensions.
  • A-Z of Tag Special Page Extensions.
  • Create Special Page Extension from ground 0
  • HTML Form
  • Intro to OOjs
  • Intro to OOUI
  • About OOjs/OOUI CDNjs
  • Create Simple PHP Web App
  • Upload the Patch via Publish Edit
  • Upload the patch via git.
  • Upload the multiple Patch from same Repo.
  • UserScripts Creation
  • Wikimedia API
  • Create a python Flask Web app and Deploy it on Toolsforge

Participation edit

MediaWiki training will be an invitation-based event. The invitation will be sent to those who are active on Phabicator, Gerrit and Extensions etc. and the participant should have very good knowledge of one programming languages.

Support edit

  • Travel support will be provided to participants.
  • Accommodation will be provided to participants.
  • Food will be served according to the participant's dietary preferences (non-veg, veg, etc.)

Code of Conduct edit

We want to ensure a safe and friendly space during this workshop. Please read the code of conduct here, which will be applicable during the workshop. In case you have anything question or issue please contact

  • Will my travel and accommodation be taken care of?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Can I join for 1 day, instead of all the days?
  • Partial participation is not possible.
  • I do not have a laptop, can you arrange a laptop which I'll use during the event?
  • We'll try, after selection is confirmed, please let us know by 4 June 2019
  • Can I bring my friend(s)?
  • No, please.

Contact edit

Please post on the talk page or email to tito+mwt2019 for query