CEE Meets You


CEE Meets You is an initiative with the goal of establishing and improving the collaboration between Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe and the other regional hubs in the Wikimedia movement.

Planned collaborationsEdit

This is a list of other regional partnerships that the CEE partnership should extend collaboration with:

  • Iberocop (Wiki Meets Iberocop)
  • Arab Wikimedians (Wiki Meets Arab Wikimedians)
  • African Wikimedians (Wiki Meets African Wikimedians)
  • Indian Wikimedians (Wiki Meets Indian Wikimedians)
  • WikiFranca (Wiki Meets WikiFranca)
  • ESEAP (Wiki Meets ESEAP)

Form of collaborationEdit

This is a list of proposed forms of collaboration with the other regional partnerships:

Method of collaborationEdit

The communication between the CEE partnership and the other regional partnerships could be carried out using CEE Talks.

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