Balkan NPOV page/proposals for NPOV pages/Stats template for Balkan countries

Readers and Editors POV

arguments edit

Wikipedia is a public medium (project), everybody can read it. There are children, students etc. Most of them believe what we write.

If we use (logic) something else as what the schools to this people say we are out of there world. And this is not god for the readers and for Wikipedia.

The logic of State template is part of there "world" in realty. There are many quesqen like borders witch this people must cross if they wont to travel.

contra arguments edit

There are question like Kosovo. Yes, for the wikipedia in lang. in witch Kosovo is not Stat they should write what there teacher at school say. Offcours inside the article we are going to bring the people backgrounds but we can´t say something els als there schools and there government. Background informations are not part of "present" and for the history the people discuss.