The link "What links here" produces a separate page with backlinks. An in-page list of backlinks seems possible (see Help:What_links_here).

mo: Wiki concepts & Feature requests & Wiki actions BackLinks are embeded "what links here" functionality for wikis.

For and Against edit

BackLinks are common on many wiki software systems. Backlinks are what make a wiki truely a wiki... (as in fast to develop, and fast to navigate). Backlinks may take considerable server resources if they are not cached, or are regenerated on every page edit. Back links may be most appropriate on wiki's that have short articles, with few links... and "back links" allow that to happen more readilly, because it provides a facility of navigation, that allows for shorter, more numerous pages.

Backlink workaround edit

currently only tried this workaround with MonoBook Skin

  • find this file under your Wiki root "skins/MonoBook.php"
  • use your favorite editor and find the word toolbox, around line 150 or so


  • <?php if($this->data['notspecialpage']) { foreach( array( 'whatlinkshere', 'recentchangeslinked' ) as $special ) { ?>


  • <?php if($this->data['notspecialpage']) { print "<li id=\"t-$special\"><a href=".getenv('HTTP_REFERER').">Back</a></li>"; foreach( array( 'whatlinkshere', 'recentchangeslinked' ) as $special ) { ?>

this will add a link above "What Links Here" that links to the previous page without too much processing overhead

Thanks to Dan Kohn