New Projects

  • Amical Viquipèdia organized the Andorran section and co-organized the sections from the Catalan-speaking regions for Wiki Loves Monuments, a pan-European photography contest - Vriullop and others
  • During the autumn season, we will carry out Wikipedia beginners workshops at elderly community centers (“Casals de la Gent Gran”) - Pallares and others
  • Meeting with the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s IGOP (Institut de Govern i Polítiques Públiques, i.e. Institute of Government and Public Policy), with whom we will co-organize seminars about on-line communities [1] - Lilaroja
  • Contacted with the art school, La Llotja [2], to discuss establishing an agreement on internships for illustration students to create free images for Viquipèdia and Commons - Dvdgmz

Ongoing Projects

  • Discussing the results of “Viquifabricació” (Wikipedia in Manufacturing Engineering) in Cadiz 4th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, possible expansion next year to other Spanish universities and a Swedish one - Gomà
  • Meetings with museums to free contents, create articles and presentations and start educational projects within the framework of the GLAM-WIKI project [3]. September: Museu del Ferrocarril de Vilanova (Vilanova Railway Museum), Víctor Balaguer Museum, Barcelona’s Picasso Museum - Kippelboy

Events, Presentations

  • Presentation of the Viquipèdia (Wikipedia in Catalan) and how to participate at the Correllengua in Argentona Talk at the Salo de Pedra in Argentona - Amadalvarez
  • Viquipèdia Editing Marathon at Barcelona’s Joan Miró Foundation on September 14th - Kippelboy, EDRA escola d'art i disseny de l'Ajuntament de Rubí (Rubí municipal school of art & design) and others.


  • On September 29, Amical Viquipèdia, in representation of the Wikipedia in Catalan, received the Lletra Award as part of the literary awards of the city of Girona. [4]
  • Publication of the article "The unethics of sharing: Wikiwashing" [5], on the values of the Wiki world - Lilaroja