Asian Chapters Meeting

Asian chapters meeting is a regional meeting held for Asian chapters. The meeting is under the collaboration of Wikimedia Asia Project.


The proposed meeting of 2011 will be organized with the in Hong Kong, as a session in the conference.


The conference is on 21-25 Feb 2011. The time of the meeting is TBD.


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre



Other participantsEdit

  • Erik Zachte WMF statistician (requested by Siska Doviana - Wikimedia Indonesia)

Data collection and topic discussionsEdit

  1. Leadership situation for other Asian chapter:
    • how many are yous?
    • how many are active from x members?
    • what are their background?
    • what do you expect when you first establish an organization? where are you now?
    • what is your situation in regeneration of your board?
  1. Monetary situation for another Asian chapter:
    • how much does it take to run an organization in your country? where are you now?
  1. Doing exchange for university students inside a program (this is worldwide - not limited to Asian only - either way works though) for

"free knowledge movement"

  1. Where are our projects in the map and how we can boost it? (needed: Erik Zachte)
    • For example, is Bangladesh people more interested in Wikisource than Wikipedia? How did the community and the chapters interacts?


Meeting LogEdit

Wikimedia Asia Meeting in Wikimania 2013

Pictures and mediaEdit

Photos and media


Ideas of an Asian Conference has sparked discussion on 2017 Wikimania as well as the post-conference chats in social media. In the end, sub-regional and national events will be prioritized.


At the Asia meetup during the Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin, Wikimedia Australia stepped in and offered to host a bigger conference in 2019. The chapter offered to unite all affiliates and individuals across Asia and Oceania into a regional conference similar to Wikimania.