Article counts revisited/2012-05-10 recount changes

On May 10, 2012, a bug report requesting that the updateArticleCount.php maintenance script be run on all language editions of Wiktionary and Wikisource was acted upon, resulting in 60 of those wikis surpassing or falling below one or more of the article-count milestones tracked at Wikimedia News. The observed changes in article counts are shown in the tables below.

Key for both tables:

  • wiki name – linked to the Main Page of the wiki
  • articles before / articles after – on-wiki article count at c. 00:30 UTC on 2012-05-10 and c. 00:30 UTC on 2012-05-11, respectively (collected via API request, equivalent to {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} and the count seen at Special:Statistics on the given wiki)
  • change – after minus before
  • pct change – relative change in article count, as a percentage of the "before" count
  • level before / level after – which milestone level (tracked at Wikimedia News) the wiki would be at based on the article count
  • level change – whether there was a change in milestone level

Note that the tables are sorted initially by the "level after" column, then "level before", then (unfortunately) alphabetically by language code. (For help with multi-level sorting, see Help:Sorting#Secondary sortkey.)


Note: 8 Wiktionaries rose up to new milestone levels and 24 fell to lower milestone levels.


Note: 15 Wikisources rose up to new milestone levels and 13 fell to lower milestone levels.