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Improving Breton Search—How it started vs. How it's going
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Trey Jones (WMF)
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Wikimedia Foundation Search Platform Team
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Last year, at Celtic Knot 2020, I gave a presentation on Search Support for Minority Languages; a collaboration—with VIGNERON and Iriep to work on improving language processing for Breton—was born. We started out with high hopes and good cheer, and now, almost a year later, we haven't really gotten anything accomplished—which is probably largely my fault. :( How'd we get here, what did we learn, and how can we do better next time?
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A realistic view of the ups and downs of a technology project that everyone involved in is working on in their spare time, and some advice on how to keep things moving toward your goal—even if it takes longer than you'd hoped!
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Language technology
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