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Digitizing rare texts with Wikisource
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SGill (WMF)
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  • Panel discussion (live, 30 minutes)
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  • English
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Wikimedia Foundation

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Many online transcription/ebook platforms (such as Project Gutenberg) exist for the languages written in Latin script. On the other hand, Wikisource is, in most of the cases, the only transcription platform in many of the emerging languages in the Wikimedia movement.

In this panel discussion, we will learn about the experiences of a few different Wikimedia communities in digitizing rare texts on Wikisource. These will range from Balinese community digitizing manuscripts from people's houses in Bali and eventually bringing them to Wikisource, to Bengali Wikisource community collaborating with the British Library to organize a proofread-a-thon to transcribe 19th century and early 20th century texts from the library's collection.

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Attendees will learn how Wikisource plays an important role to bridge the gap in the availability of texts and source material in emerging communities.

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  • Collaboration with cultural institutions

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