Joseagush ᬚᭀᬲᭂᬳᬕᬸᬰ᭄
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Editor for Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia
Interface Administrator for Wikipedia basa Bali
"Vortis Vortuna Adiufat" - John Wick tattoo

About me

Joseagush is my internet nickname to shorten my fullname. I joined Wikipedia from 2015 but started massive editing in Indonesian Wikipedia from October 2017. Since than, I am "in love" with this platform, as you can see my edits exceeds more than 90k. Now, I am not too active as before. But you still can contact me anytime. Just not hope too much, it will answered ASAP. I would lovely to meet new persons but mostly I spend my time as "digital solitary".

My words sometime is too sharp and offensive, so not many will like me. But if I did it wrong, just let me know.

My work

I joined Wikipedia to create big data of information about my country. In ESEAP 2018, driven by shame, I concluded that I need to start Balinese wikipedia, the language which already endanger because not many used it anymore even by balinese people, which bring me to join the movement. I starting and administrating in Balinese Wikipedia since April 2019. I am also interest to contribute in Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

Right now, I create WikiLontar, WikiProject about Balinese endangered palm-leaf manuscripts to create digital and integrated catalog via Wikidata, Commons and Wikisource.

Let's join the movement and create changes too!