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Then and Now gives you the possibility to compare two images – one from the past and one from now at the same place, of the same object. Further down you can see the couples found last year.

Dengang og nu

Hvad/hvor Dengang Nu
Faux Lighthouse and the Balaeological Institute of Sopot, Poland (then in the Free City of Danzig)
File:BASA-1771K-1-1172-21.jpg, 1920s
File:Sopot 04.jpg, 2005
Kloster Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany
File:BASA-237K-1-351-189-Tegernsee.jpg, 1930-ies
File:TgSee Kloster 01.jpg, 2010
Bühlerhöhe, Baden, Germany
File:BASA-237K-1-351-197.jpg, 1930-ies
File:Bühlerhöhe 1.jpg, 2008
Salzspeicher (left) and Holstentor (right) in Lübeck, Germany
File:BASA-237K-1-351-29-Lübeck-Holstentor und Salzspeicher vom Petriturm.jpg, before 1944
File:Blick auf Holstentor und Salzspeicher.jpg, 2008
The Monument to King Victor Emmanuel II and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy
File:BASA-237K-1-351-61-Milano.jpg, before 1944
File:The Monument of Vittorio Emanuel II before the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.jpg, 2008
Santa Maria della Salute, Venice
File:BASA-237K-1-351-64-64-Venezia.jpg, before 1944
File:Venedig-Venice-Venezia-JBU 054.JPG, 2013
St. Peter and St. Marien churches in Lübeck, Germany
File:BASA-237K-1-351-15-Lübeck, St. Petrikirche u. Marienkirche von der Dankwartsbruke aus gesehen.jpg, before 1945
File:ViewFromMalerwinkel(Lübeck)09.JPG, 2012
Neue Wache in Berlin
File:BASA-237K-1-351-147-Honorary monument.jpg, 1930-ies
File:150214 Neue Wache Berlin.jpg, 2015
The Trinkhalle in Baden-Baden
File:BASA-237K-1-351-145-Baden-Baden.jpg, before 1944
File:Kurhaus Baden Baden 1.jpg, 2006
Renaissance stairs of the town hall, Lübeck, Germany
File:BASA-237K-1-351-137-Lübeck, Rathaus, Renaissance-Treppe.jpg, before 1944
File:Lübeck Rathaustreppe.jpg, 2008
Nornenbrunnen, Munich, Germany
File:BASA-237K-1-351-98-Nornenbrunnen.jpg, 1930-ies
File:Nornenbrunnen Muenchen-11.jpg, 2013
Hohensalzburg Castle, Salzburg, Austria
File:BASA-237K-1-351-129-Hohensalzburg mit Untersberg, 1801 m.jpg, 1930-ies
File:Festung Hohensalzburg in Salzburg.jpg, 2013
Heiligen-Geist-Hospital, Lübeck
File:BASA-237K-1-351-127-Lübeck.jpg, before 1944
File:Heiligen-Geist-Hospital in Lübeck.JPG, 2015
Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin
File:BASA-237K-1-351-111-National gallery.jpg, 1930-ies
File:Berlin, Mitte, Museumsinsel, Alte Nationalgalerie.jpg, 2010
The Panthéon, Paris
File:BASA-1771K-1-1172-6.jpg, before 1930
File:法国巴黎先贤祠.jpg, 2016
Alexander Column, Saint Petersburg
File:BASA-1771K-1-1172-27-Leningrad.jpg, before 1930
File:Schlossplatz St.Petersburg DSC02480.jpg, 2006
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Warsaw
File:BASA-1771K-1-1172-18-Warsaw.jpg, before 1930
File:Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza - panoramio.jpg, 2001
Acropolis of Athens seen from Lycabettus
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-5-Acropolis of Athens.jpg, before 1940
File:Athens view from Lycabettus.JPG, 2007
Sybil Temple in the Saxon Garden, Warsaw
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-47-Saxon Garden.jpeg, before 1944
File:Warschau, Sächsischer Garten, Pavillon DSC0067.jpg, 2011
Egyptian temple in Łazienki Park, Warsaw
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-45-Belweder Palace, Warsaw.jpeg, 1930
File:Łazienki – Świątynia Egipska – 03.jpg, 2011
Belweder, Warsaw
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-40-Łazienki Park and Belweder Palace, Warsaw, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:Belweder (7).JPG, 2013
Łazienki Palace, Warsaw
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-40а-Łazienki Park.jpeg, 1930
File:Palace on the Water, Łazienki Park, Warsaw.jpg, 2005
Acropolis of Athens
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-14-Acropolis of Athens.jpg, before 1940
File:Athens Acropolis.jpg, 2003
Паметник на свободата
File:BASA-746K-1-84-14 Shipka Pass Liberty Monument aerial photo, Bulgaria 1930s.JPG, 1927–1933
File:Шипка 2016.jpg, 2016
Battenberg Mausoleum, Sofia
File:BASA-52K-5-24-45-Battenberg Mausoleum, Sofia, 1903.JPG, 1903
File:Battenberg Mausoleum Sofia 7.jpg, 2011
Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church, Sofia
File:BASA-52K-5-24-44-Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church, Sofia, 1903.JPG, 1903
File:SvetiSedmochislenitsiChurch-Sofia-3.jpg, 2010
First Evangelical Church, Sofia
File:BASA-45K-1-18-8-Evangelist-church-Sofia-WW2.jpg, 1944
File:First Evangelical Church Sofia TB.jpg, 2009
Bulgaria National Assembly Building, Sofia
File:BASA-45K-1-18-19-National-Assembly-Sofia-WW2.jpg, 1944
File:Bulgarian-parliament-imagesfrombulgaria.JPG, 2006
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
File:BASA-237K-1-351-72-Parisian place and Brandenburg-column.jpg, 1930-ies
File:Brandenburg Gate - Brandenburger Tor - Berlin - Germany - 01.jpg, 2014
Lübecker Dom, Lübeck
File:BASA-237K-1-351-67-Lübeck.jpg, before 1944
File:Lübecker Domkirche D1.jpg, 2008
Hans-Sachs-Denkmal, Nürnberg
File:BASA-237K-1-351-69-Nürnberg.jpg, before 1944
File:Hans Sachs Denkmal Nürnberg DSCF2894.jpg, 2010
File:BASA-237K-1-351-7-Gansemannchen, Nuremberg.jpg, before 1945
File:Nuernberg Gaensemaennchenbrunnen 001.JPG, 2009
Dankwarderode Castle in Braunschweig
File:BASA-237K-1-361-23-Brunswick. Square before the Castle Showing Citadel Dankwarderone now used as a Military Hospital. 24.09.1915.jpg, 1915
File:Braunschweig Burg Dankwarderode mit Loewe.JPG, 2005
The Panthéon in Paris
File:BASA-237K-1-351-178-Paris-Le Pantheon.jpg, 1930-ies
File:Place Edmond Rostand et Panthéon sous la neige.jpg, 2013
Monument to Empress Elisabeth in Vienna's Volksgarten
File:BASA-3K-7-348-16-Empress Elisabeth monument (Volksgarten).jpg, 1907
File:Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Denkmal, Volksgarten Wien 2007 b.jpg, 2007
Monument to Empress Elisabeth in Vienna's Volksgarten
File:BASA-3K-7-348-1-Empress Elisabeth monument (Volksgarten).jpg, 1907
File:AT-20134 Empress Elisabeth monument (Volksgarten) -hu- 3853.jpg, 2014
File:BASA-131K-1-47-10-Musala, Rila.jpeg, 20-ти век
File:Musala.JPG, 2006
Храм-паметник "Александър Невски"
File:BASA-131K-1-47-1-Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia.jpeg, 20-ти век
File:Alexander Nevski Cathedral 2006-1.JPG, 2006
Town Hall Tower in Kraków, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-31-Town Hall Tower, Kraków, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:Town Hall Tower & Sukiennice.jpg, 2012
Roßmarkt in Frankfurt, Germany
File:BASA-142K-1-488-19-Roßmarkt, Frankfurt.jpg, early 20th century (?)
File:Frankfurt am Main - Roßmarkt Südseite.JPG, 2014
Белведере във Варшава, Полша
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-40-Łazienki Park and Belweder Palace, Warsaw, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:5 Warszawa 051.jpg, 2000
Свети Петър (Любек) във Любек, Германия
File:BASA-237K-1-351-15-Lübeck, St. Petrikirche u. Marienkirche von der Dankwartsbruke aus gesehen.jpg, <1945
File:Lübecker malerwinkel.jpg, 2005
Statue of George Averoff, Athens
File:BASA-3K-7-422-3-1896 Summer Olympics.jpg, 1896
File:G. Averof.JPG, 2007
Fencing in Zappeion, at the 1896 Summer Olympics, Athens
File:BASA-3K-7-422-25-1896 Summer Olympics.jpg, 1896
File:Zappeio DSCN0418-1.jpg, 2007
Panathenaic Stadium, at the 1896 Summer Olympics, Athens
File:BASA-3K-7-422-1-1896 Summer Olympics.jpg, 1896
File:01Kallimarmaron Olimpic Stadium.jpg, 2012
en:Main Square, Kraków, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-28-Rynek market square, Krakow, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:Kraków, Widok z wieży Kościoła Mariackiego - (220013).jpg, 2011
White Tower, Thessaloniki, Greece
File:BASA-237K-1-361-4-Salonika, World War I..jpg, 1915
File:Thessaloniki View.jpg, 2007
National Assembly of Bulgaria, Sofia
File:BASA-1303K-1-128-2-National Assembly of Bulgaria, 1908.jpg, 1908
File:Bulgarian Parliament 2 TodorBozhinov 041009.jpg, 2009
Monument of William Louis of Württemberg, Graz
File:BASA-3K-7-356-5-Herzog Wilhelm von Württemberg.jpg, 1907
File:Graz Gorbachplatz Persönlichkeitsdenkmal Herzog Wilhelm von Württemberg.jpg, 2011
Sint-Veerleplein, Ghent
File:BASA-237K-1-351-175-Gent.jpg, 1907
File:Veerleplein.JPG, 2005
Zea harbour, Pireaus, Greece
File:BASA-3K-7-422-21-1896 Summer Olympics.jpg, 1896
File:Μαρίνα Ζέας 8021.JPG, 2015
Altes Schloss (Burg Hohenbaden), Baden-Baden
File:Baden-Baden. Altes Schloß (2234841591).jpg, 2006


Hvad/hvor Dengang Nu
Port of Thassos, Greece
File:BASA-2072K-1-399-10-Limenas Thasos.JPG, 1940s
File:Thassos-Limenas.jpg, 2003
Old town of Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-77-Jajce.jpeg, 1930s-1940s
File:Grad Jajce.JPG, 2011
Isola dei Pescatori, Lago Maggiore, Italy
File:BASA-237K-1-351-93-Lago Maggiore, Isola dei Pescatori.jpg, 1930s
File:Isola dei Pescatori (Stresa) - Isole Borromee - Lake Maggiore - 24 Oct. 2012.jpg, 2014
Arch of Peace in Milan, Italy
File:BASA-237K-1-351-28-Milano, Arch of Peace.jpg, 1930s
File:Arcopacemilano.jpg, 2011
Chepino Gorge, Bulgaria
File:BASA-714K-1-75-20-Chepino Gorge, 1910.jpg, 1910
File:Road 84, Bulgaria 06.jpg, 2013
Kastoria, Greece
File:BASA-771K-1-266-1-Kostur, 1940.JPG, 1940
File:Kostur.jpg, 2007
Asen's Fortress, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-7-334-4-Assen's fortress, 1928.jpeg, 1928
File:Asens Fortress TB 4.jpg, 2011
The main gateway of the Hissarya Fortress, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-4-Diocletianopolis The Southern Gate.jpeg, 1940s
File:Hisarq krepost.jpg, 2008
Jagiellonian University, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-32-Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:Collegium Novum UJ 02 Krakow.jpg, 2010
Wawel from the Vistula river, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-27-Wawel from the Vistula river.jpeg, 1930
File:Wawel z mostu Debnickiego (2007).jpg, 2007
Church "St. Archangel Michael", Balgarevo, Bulgaria
File:BASA-2072K-1-379-14-Balgarevo Church.JPG, before 1945
File:St Michael the Archangel church - Balgarevo.jpg, 2011
Skopje Aqueduct, Republic of Macedonia
File:BASA-2072K-1-496-9-Skopje Aqueduct.jpg, before 1945
File:Akvadukt - Skopje (24).JPG, 2014
Skopje Aqueduct, Republic of Macedonia
File:BASA-2072K-1-496-7-Skopje Aqueduct.jpg, before 1945
File:Аквадукт, Скопје, панорама, 2014.jpg, 2014
Aleksandrovska University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-45K-1-18-25-Aleksandrovska-hospital-Sofia-WW2.jpg, 1944
File:Medical Academy Sofia 20090405 006.JPG, 2009
Senatorska street in Warsaw, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-48-Senatorska street in Warsaw, Poland.jpeg, 1940s
File:Warszawafu5.jpg, 2006
Windmill on the causeway to old town of Nesebar, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1771K-1-1174-2-Nesebar, Bulgaria.jpeg, 1940s
File:Windmill on causeway to old town of Nessebar.jpg, 2008
Shipka Memorial Church, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-25-Shipka Memorial Church.jpg, 1920s
File:Rojdestvo Hristovo, Shipka, Bulgaria.jpg, 2006
Memorial for the casualties of the Serbian-Bulgarian war, Tran, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-43-Memorial to the fallen in 1885 war, Tran.jpg, 1910s
File:Serb-Bg-war-memorial-Trun-Bulgaria.jpg, 2006
Prizren, Kosovo
File:BASA-1221K-1-1-8-Prizren.jpg, 1940s
File:Prizen kosovo.jpg, 2004
St. Sophia Church, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
File:BASA-2072K-1-499-24-Ohrid-Saint-Sophia-Church.jpg, before 1945
File:2011 Ochryda, Cerkiew świętej Zofii (03).jpg, 2011
Church of the Nativity in the Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
File:BASA-237K-1-351-149-Rila Monastery.jpg, before 1949
File:Rila-mainchurch.JPG, 2005
Monument of Vasil Levski in Karlovo, Bulgaria
File:BASA-237K-1-351-188-Vasil Levski monument in Karlovo.jpg, before 1949
File:Паметник на Васил Левски Карлово 11.JPG, 2015
House-museum "Ivan Vazov", Sopot, Bulgaria
File:BASA-237K-1-351-192-Vazov Museum Sopot.jpg, before 1949
File:Vazov Museum Sopot.jpg, 2006
Sopot Monastery, Bulgaria
File:BASA-237K-1-351-114-Church of the Ascension - Sopot.jpg, before 1949
File:Church of the Ascension - Sopot - 2.jpg, 2012
Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje, Macedonia
File:BASA-2072K-1-499-30-Macedonia.JPG, before 1945
File:Mezquita Mustafa Pasha, Skopie, Macedonia, 2014-04-17, DD 64.JPG, 2014
Hisar hill in Štip, Macedonia
File:BASA-2072K-1-500-6-Market in Štip, Macedonia.jpg, before 1945
File:Shtip panorama.jpg, 2009
Krakow, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-37-Tadeusz Kościuszko Monument, Kraków.jpeg, 1930
File:Kosciuszko Wawel.jpg, 2004
Krakow, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-31-Town Hall Tower, Kraków, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:Krakow TownHall C62.jpg, 2014
Nesebar, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-345-8-Nesebar, Bulgaria, 1929.jpeg, 1929
File:Views of Nesebar 05.JPG, 2014
Sozopol, Bulgaria
File:BASA-526K-1-1416-10-Sozopol.JPG, 1931
File:Sozopol2.jpg, 2006
Pashovo station, Septemvri-Dobrinishte narrow gauge line, Bulgaria
File:BASA-PZ-643-8-6-2-Pashovo Station.jpg, 1950–1963
File:Pashovo station.JPG, 27 August, 2010
Osman Pazvantoglu Mosque, Bulgaria
File:BASA-VD-1217-2-12-100.jpg, 1920–1930
File:Vidin142.JPG, 01 May 2008
Banya Bashi Mosque, Bulgaria
File:BASA-VD-1217-2-12-106.jpg, 1920–1930
File:Banya Bashi Mosque 2012 PD 003.jpg, 4 October 2012
Kraków Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Kraków, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-33-Kraków Cloth Hall.jpeg, 1930
File:DZolopa 032 2013.jpg, 2013
Church "St. Barbara", Kraków, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-34-Kościół św. Barbary w Krakowie.jpeg, 1930
File:Church of St. Barbara in Kraków, chapel.JPG, 2009
St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-36-St. Mary's Basilica, Kraków.jpeg, 1930
File:Kościół parafialny p.w. Wniebowzięcia NMP (Mariacki), Kraków, Rynek Główny, A-3 03.jpg, 2011
en:Kraków barbican, Kraków, Poland
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-29-Krakow, Poland.jpeg, 1930
File:Barbakan2.jpg, 2006
Baba Vida Fortress, Bulgaria
File:BASA-VD-1217-2-12-91.jpg, 1920–1930
File:Baba Vida Klearchos 4.jpg, 11 April 2009
Philippi Basilica B, Greece
File:BASA-52K-3-76-1-Knyaz Boris in Macedonia.jpeg, 1917
File:The imposing early Christian Basilica (Basilica B) next to the Forum, Philippi (7272638998).jpg, 2012
Kostenets waterfall, Bulgaria
File:BASA-142K-1-488-5-Kostenets waterfall.jpeg, 1930s
File:Прохлада от Костенския водопад.JPG, 2010
Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-7-328-5a-Sofia Ivan Vazov National Theatre, 1907.jpg, 1907
File:Sofia Ivan Vazov National Theatre 054.JPG, 2007
Detail from the stone fence of Demir baba teke, Bulgaria
File:BASA-2072K-1-383-9-Demir Baba teke.JPG, before 1945
File:Tekestone1.jpg, 2005
Hegedűs Villa or Red Villa, Hungary
File:BASA-359K-1-195-10-Venedikt Bobchevski and Gusla Choir in front of Hegedűs Villa Gellért-hegy, Budapest, 1933.jpg, 1933
File:Budapest, I. Orom St., 4. Hegedűs Villa or Red Villa.jpg, 2011
Varvara railway station, Septemvri-Dobrinishte narrow gauge line, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-7-334-5-Varvara Railway Station.jpeg, 1928
File:Varvara railway station.JPG, 2012
Royal Palace in Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-7-432-17-Military parades in Bulgaria, 1923.jpeg, 1923
File:Tzar's Palace Sofia.jpg, 2010
Rakovski Military Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-7-432-15-Military parades in Bulgaria, 1923.jpeg, 1923
File:Rakovski Military Academy.JPG, 2012
Stambolov bridge in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
File:BASA-142K-1-488-22-Tarnovo.jpeg, 1930s
File:Bulgarien um 1970 Veliko Tarnovo mit Fluss Jantra 2.jpg, 1970
Euxinograd Palace, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-15-442-8-Euxinograd Palace.jpg, before 1944
File:Euxinograd-palace-benkovski.png, 2006
Vrana Palace, Bulgaria
File:BASA-3K-15-442-6-Vrana.jpeg, before 1944
File:Vrana Palace.jpg, 2015
Church of Saint John the Baptist in Nesebar , Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-345-14-Nesebar, Bulgaria.jpg, before 1943
File:20140612 Nesebar 006.jpg, 2014
Saint Sophia Church, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1577K-1-61-3-Sofia, Bulgaria.JPG, before 1923
File:Hagia Sophia Church, Sofia, Bulgaria (2).jpg, 2011
Tsar Simeon's garden in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-345-24-Tsar Simeon Garden, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1915.jpg, 1915
File:Tzar Simeon Garden, Plovdiv 2012 19.JPG, 2012
Central market square with hotel "Central", Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-30-Sevlievo.JPG, before 1932
File:Sevlievo, liberty statue, town centre.jpg, 2010
Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest
File:BASA-359K-1-195-14-Gusla Choir in Budapest, 1933.jpg, 1933
File:Fishermen Bastion, 1990 Budapest אבישי טייכר 171.jpg, 1990
Chifte Hamam Kyustendil, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-21-Kyustendil.jpg, before 1940
File:Chifte Hamam Kyustendil.4.jpg, 2010
Memorial of the Fallen in the Serbo-Bulgarian war in Vidin, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-13-Vidin.jpg, 1912
File:Vidin-memorial-of-serbo-bulgarian-war-left.jpg, 2008
Military Club in Varna, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-9-Military Club, Varna.jpg, before 1931
File:The Naval Club - Varna.jpg, 2011
Kriegerdenkmal im Hofgarten, Munich
File:BASA-237K-1-351-115-Schlafender Krieger.jpg, 1930's
File:Kriegerdenkmal im Hofgarten, München, Deutschland2.JPG, 2012
St. Mary's Church, Lübeck
File:BASA-237K-1-351-53-Lübeck.jpg, before 1944
File:Schrangen Blick auf Marienkirche.jpg, 2009
St George the Conqueror Chapel Mausoleum, Pleven
File:BASA-1735K-1-344-16-Pleven, Bulgaria.JPG, 1906
File:St George the Conqueror Chapel Mausoleum Pleven TB.jpg, 2009
State High School of Economics in Svishtov, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1735K-1-345-7-Svishtov, Bulgaria, 1910.jpg, 1910
File:State High School of Economics Svishtov TB.jpg, 2015
Monumento alle Cinque Giornate, Milan
File:BASA-237K-1-351-135-Milano-Monumento alle Cinque Giornate.jpg, before 1944
File:0305 - Milano - Giuseppe Grandi (1843-1894) - Monumento alle 5 giornate, (1895) - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto.jpg, 2008
Fountain of Cybele, Madrid, Spain
File:BASA-237K-1-351-180-Madrid-Fuente de La Cibeles.jpg, 1930's
File:Fuente de Cibeles - 07.jpg, 2012
Dom Angielski, Gdańsk
File:BASA-1771K-1-1172-13.jpg, before 1930
File:Gdańsk Główne Miasto - ul. Chlebnicka (11).JPG, 2007
The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan
File:BASA-237K-1-351-119-Milano.jpg, before 1944
File:Figuras de la ultima cena.jpg, 2012
Łazienki Rzeźba, Łazienki Park, Warsaw
File:BASA-1771K-1-1163-40б-Łazienki Rzeźba, Łazienki Park, Warsaw.jpeg, before 1944
File:Parque Roayl Lazienki de Varsovia.JPG, 2013
Monument to the Tsar Liberator, Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-142K-1-488-2-Sofia.jpeg, before 1943
File:Царю освободителю признателна България - panoramio.jpg, 2007
Monument to the Tsar Liberator, Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-VD-1217-2-12-152.jpg, 1920–1930
File:TzarLiberatorMonument-Sofia-3.jpg, 2010
Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1577K-1-61-4-Sofia, Bulgaria.JPG, before 1923
File:Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia.JPG, 2013
Central Military Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
File:BASA-1577K-1-61-6-Sofia, Bulgaria.JPG, 1929
File:Szófia - 2014.10.26 (39).JPG, 2014
Kurhaus of Baden-Baden
File:BASA-237K-1-351-59-Baden-Baden.jpg, before 1944
File:Baden-Baden - Kurhaus.jpg, 2012
Централна жп гара в Милано
File:BASA-237K-1-351-154-Milano Centrale railway station.jpg, before 1944
File:Milano - Stazione Centrale - panoramio.jpg, 2011
Храм на слънцето в Ермитажа, Байройт
File:BASA-3K-7-359-16-Hermitage8.jpg, before 1913
File:Bayreuth Eremitage Neues Schloss Sonnentempel 2.JPG, 2010
Църквата в Асенова крепост
:File:BASA-1735K-1-345-28-Asen Fortres, Bulgaria, 1904
:File:Asenova krepost church, 2009