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This is an example page to suggest what a quickly-translated announcements-page might look like (e.g., for the most important Wikimedia announcements).

This page serves also as a draft for latest news on the Wikimedia Foundation site.

Wikinews project has its new logo 2/13 edit

Wikinews has got its new logo after several weeks vote. Now Wikinews is provided in seven languages.

Tim Starling resigned developer liaison edit

Tim Starling, appointed Developer Liaison by the board in the Summer 2004, resigned his office to focus on his studies. Thanks Tim for your works since today and good luck! See also: Tim's mail

Lounsbery Foundation Grant 1/XX edit

Lounsbery Foundation now grants us 40,000 USD. This grant would be used for our daily operation, launch of kispecies project and other projects' improvement.

Three servers in France are now running 1/XX edit

Lost Oasis, France company is now hosting 3 of our servers for free in Paris.

MediaWiki1.4beta is now introduced 12/2X edit

Every Wikimedia project is now powered by MediaWiki1.4beta.

Wikinews project beta launch 12/2 edit

The proposed project Wikinews is now open for editing. The entire site is still on beta mode and waiting for official announcement.

Wikimania 2005: Wikimedia First International Conference 11/5 edit

Frankfurt, German was chosen as the host city of Wikimania 2005: Wikimedia First International Conference from August 4, 2005 till August 8.

Beck Foundation and Wikijunior edit

Beck Foundation offered us a grant to support a Wikijunior project, a reader online and in paper for younger generation.

Wikispecies project launch 9/13 edit is now open for editing. mailing-list announcement

Wikicommons project launch 9/x edit

After over a year of discussion, the wikicommons project has a wiki. Discussion from meta and other wikis are being moved there, and images are being uploaded. Full announcement here.

Wikispecies project announced 9/5 edit

After much debate, a wikispecies project was created. Initial discussion and work will take place at; extra care will be taken not to duplicate work on wikipedia. Discussion: mailing list | Board discussion, Sept 5

Jwales^ -- birthday celebration for WP founder 8/8? edit

Jimbo Wales, international man of mystery and Wikipedia founder, was victim to a brightly-colored cake and barrage of well-wishes last weekend... one day after his birthday.