This is an example page for use with an announcements mailing list -- for introduction and translation of major announcements, linking to more detailed single-language announcements pages (or should it just be a repurposed set of news pages?). This shows what it might look like with 11 actively-translated languages.

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Upcoming announcements edit

These announcement blurbs are slated for the next announcement email, scheduled to go out sometime on Saturday night.

(en:)Announcements list edit

(da:)En liste med bekendtgørelser er startet
(de:)Eine Ansagen Liste wird begonnen
(en:)An announcements list is started
(es:)Se comienza una lista de los avisos
(fr:)Une liste d'annonces est commencée -
(it:)Una lista di annunci è iniziata
(nl:)Een aankondigingenlijst is begonnen

Recent announcements edit

(en:)Jimbo++ edit

(da:)Jimbo's verjaardag
(de:)Jimbo's Geburtstag
(en:)Jimbo's birthday
(es:)Cumpleaños de Jimbo
(fr:)Anniversaire de Jimbo
(it:)Compleanno di Jimbo's
(ja:)Jimbo の誕生日
(nl:)Aniversário de Jimbo
(zh:)Jimbo 的生日