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This is a list of events that are being organized as part of the campaign. If you are one of the local organizers, please help by adding your name and other information.


Human rights are important and human rights content is important,
from May 19th onwards, work with your local Amnesty International section in improving this.


Ka-ji̍p ua̍h-tāng


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Step 1: Tshòng-kiàn tsi̍t-ê Uikiphitia kháu-tsō
Step 2: Tsìn-ji̍p tsit-ê ua̍h-tāng


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Ireland Dublin, student conference 20 October 2018
Scotland Glasgow 19 May 2018 user:Sara Thomas (WMUK) n/a n/a link
Poland Warsaw, British Embassy 18 May 2018 user:Zaciszanka n/a n/a link
UK London 20 May 2018 n/a n/a link
Ukraine Kyiv 20 May 2018 link
Indonesia Jakarta 19 May 2018 user:Rachmat04 user:Bonaditya user:Johnstad Di Maria [[]]
Brazil São Paulo 19 and 20 May 2018 user:Museu33389 user:Muana.martins n/a link
Poland Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science 20 May 2018 user:Zaciszanka n/a n/a
Poland XXXV LO im. Bolesława Prusa - school in Warsaw 29 May 2018 user:Zaciszanka n/a n/a
Poland School in Poznań 25 May 2018 user:Zaciszanka n/a n/a
Poland School AI Group in XXI LO in Łódź 29 May 2018 user:Zaciszanka n/a n/a
Poland Local Group in Łódź 2 June 2018 user:Zaciszanka n/a n/a
Poland Poznań, local group 7 June 2018 user:Zaciszanka
Poland Kraków, local group 10 June 2018 user:Zaciszanka

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Ua̍h-tāng tsìn-hîng

Tshòng-kiàn sin bûn-tsiunn Tshòng-kiàn sin Uikiphitia bûn-tsiunn. link 60 hun-tsing
Thê-sing Uikiphitia ê bûn-tsiunn Pang-tsoo kái-tsìn hiān-iú ê Uikiphitia bûn-tsiunn, (Tse-sī teh khai-sí tsuān-siá sin bûn-tsiunn tsìn-tsîng ê hó-sóo-tsāi). link 30 hun-tsing
Thui-tsiàn tsu-guân Suggest a resource (a book, a website etc) that could be used to write about women on Wikipedia. link 5 hun-tsing
Huan-i̍k Uikiphitia ê bûn-tsiunn Huan-i̍k Uikiphitia bûn-tsiunn uì tsit-ē gí-giân kàu līng-guā tsit-ē gí-giân link 20 hun-tsing

Tsham-ka kî-thann ê gí-giân

The event is open to people of all languages, please:
  1. Sign up to the event in the Get started section of this page.
  2. Go to the Wikipedia Help Centre and select your language from the left hand side under the Languages section.




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