Amical Wikimedia/March 2014


Toni Sala, Catalan writer, reading a public domain poem by Ausiàs March
Recorded voice of Toni Sala
  • 28th January to 14th April — Il·lustraciència Award from Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica (Catalan Asociation of Science Comunication) give to the participants the option to accept Wikimedia Commons upload of their artworks. Post in the blog 12th february.
  • 4th March - 2013 GLAMWIKI project report presentation to Barcelona Music Museum board and 2014 planning meeting. Kippelboy & Marionaaragay
  • 4th March - 2014 planning meeting with Cosmocaixa, biggest science museum in Barcelona Kippelboy.
  • 13th March — Opening of the exhibition Haver fet un lloc on els artistes tinguin dret a equivocar-se in Barcelona's Fundació Joan Miró. The exhibition includes QRpedia codes in all displayed artworks and wikimedians' work has been credited in the exhibition catalogue.ESM & Kippelboy
  • 15th March — Women Edit-a-thon in Palafrugell. Organitzed together with Palafrugell Local Archive. Arnaugir and Anskar
  • 18th March - Meeting at Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers with its director to prepare possible collaborations. Vàngelis Villar
  • 21th March - International Poetry Day. Recording Catalan celebrities talking for the voice into project and reading Public Domain Poetry. Kippelboy, KRLS & Beusson

Education edit

Meeting between School of Art and Design of Tarragona, the National Museum of Archeology of Tarragona and Amical Wikimedia (Lluis_tgn)
David Valle explaining his work-in-progress for the illustration of a rare mammal. March 14th.
Paula Cuadros, teacher, Irene Martínez, wikimedian, and Laia Ricard, student, at Pau Gargallo School of Art. 6th March.
  • 3rd March — Editing workshop to Journalism undergraduate students from Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University. Kippelboy, Davidpar
  • 5th March — 2nd editing workshop to Journalism undergraduate students from Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University. Kippelboy.
  • 11th March — GLAMWIKI, Creative Commons and Wikipedia lecture to Digital Humanities students of the International University of Catalonia (International Students from all around the world) Kippelboy.
  • 13th March — Editing workshop to Art History undergraduate students from Universitat de Lleida (2nd term of Viquiprojecte:Història de l'Art UdL). ESM
  • 20-25th of March: Wikimedia Commons course to Master in photography students of University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Kippelboy
  • 26 March- Meeting with Floor from the Wikimedia Foundation. Amical joins the Edu-Cooperative project.Kippelboy
  • 27 March- GLAMwiki workshop for Catalan Librarians in Cambrils.Kippelboy
  • 28 March- GLAMwiki meeting with the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philology (University of Barcelona) about the Viquiclàssics project. Marionaaragay
  • WikiArS:
    • March 4th — Meeting at Nacional Arqueological Museum of Tarragona with Museum curators and four students from School of Art that are in intership with Amical. See the assignments here. Lluis_tgn
    • March 6th — Meeting at Pau Gargallo School of Art (Badalona) with students Laia Ricard, Pol Busquets, David Valle and teacher Paula Cuadros. Imartin6 and Dvdgmz
    • March 12h — Meeting at Art del Treball School (Barcelona) with students Adrià Turina, Joan Lalucat and expert adviser Ramon Serra. Luna92 and Dvdgmz
    • March 14th — wikiArS exhibition at Pau Gargallo Shool of Art. Talk by Dvdgmz and students Pol Busquets and David Valle explaining their work-in-progress about extinct and rare animals illustrations.
    • March 17th Meeting at "Can Casacuberta" Library (Badalona) preparing the wikiArS exhibition and parallel activities. Dvdgmz

Other edit

  • 6th March: Press Presentation of the new version of Language Tool: Style & Grammar tool done by Softcatalà.
  • 8th March: Workshop for ca:Marrecs de Salt, castellers from Salt. Arnaugir
  • 9th March: Meeting with the Tech department of the Fundació La Caixa, to talk about open knowledge and Open Licenses
  • 13th March: Meeting with the Councillor of Women Rights and Social Equality of the Town Council of Barcelona, to talk about wikiwomen projects.
  • 20th March: Wikipedia and Generalitat: Session about Openknowledge and OpengGov to public servers (175 attendees) (short video) Kippelboy
  • 31 March: Meeting with French wikimedians in Céret to organise a project for intercultural sharing in Oct/nov 2014.

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