Amical Wikimedia/February 2014


  • 1st February — Wikipedia editing workshop at Almenar's public library. ESM
  • 1st February — Meeting with Secció de Ciències del Museu de Mataró (Science section of Mataró Museum) to explore ways of collaboration. Vàngelis Villar, Papapep, Dvdgmz
  • 11th February — GLAMwiki talk at Update. Actualiza tu patrimonio ("Update". Update your heritage), a course aimed at GLAM professionals held in Seville. ESM
  • 13th February — Follow-up meeting at Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona) to extend the current wikiproject until mid-May. Kippelboy, ESM
  • 18th February — Wikipedia follow up Meeting at the Tarragona Public Library Kippelboy
  • 19th February — Participation in the talk Del templo al mundo (From the temple to the world), given in a Social Media Week Barcelona session. ESM
  • 20th February: Meeting with Libraries of the Pompeu Fabra University. Davidpar
  • 22th February: Meeting with Begur Library and Archive. Davidpar
  • 24th February: Wikipedia and GLAMWiki Workshop to Public Servers of the Cultural Ministry of the Catalan Government Kippelboy
  • 28th January to 14th April — Il·lustraciència Award from Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica (Catalan Asociation of Science Comunication) give to the participants the option to accept Wikimedia Commons upload of their artworks. Post in the blog 12th february.


  • 4th February Wikipedia editing workshop at Esmuc to lauch a educational project Kippelboy, Marionaaragay
  • 6th February - Meeting with MACBA & Fundació Joan Brossa to prepare october's edit-a-thon on Joan Brossa, Kippelboy
  • 10th & 14th Febryary - 2 Wikipedia workshop for 350 students during the Kick off of the Museu del Disseny Wikiproject, where 13 design schools will improve content on Wikipedia.Kippelboy
  • 10th February - Meeting with CCCB to lauch educational projects barcelona, Kippelboy
  • 14th February - Meeting with the Dean of Computers Information of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya to lauch educational projects KRLS, Kippelboy
  • 19th February - Wikipedia editing workshop at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to lauch the educational project #Viquiclàssics Kippelboy, Marionaaragay
  • 20th February - Wikisource workshop for teachers and Wikipedia workshop to 25 students of the University of València. KRLS, Kippelboy
  • 24th February - 2 Wikipedia workshops to 75 students of the University of Barcelona. 2nd edition of Wikimodernisme project kick off Kippelboy
  • 26th February - Meeting with Open University of Catalonia to lauch Wikipedian in Residence project Kippelboy
  • 27th February - Meeting with the Open Knowledge team of the University of Castelló (Jaume I) to draft an eduwiki collaboration Kippelboy
Lactarius deliciosus by Marc Serra, adviced by Josep Cuello
  • wikiArS initiative:
    • February 5th — Wikijunior:Let's Talk about Crystallization in the Naica Mine translated into English. Catgirl
    • April 6th — Llotja Design Degree. Class about free licenses and how to use Open Street Maps and other sources to produce urban parks maps for Wikipedia. Dvdgmz
    • February 6th — Meeting at Art del Treball School with Marc Serra & Carlota Rodríguez, students, and Josep Cuello, mycologist adviser. Dvdgmz
    • February 10th — 3 scientific illustrations of fungui published by Markitus Serra. First use of Campaign:wikiArS.
    • February 14th — Meeting in Pau Gargallo with teachers Jordi Badal, Paulina Muchart and Paula Cuadros, and student David Valle. Dvdgmz
    • During the month: 4 students from Pau Gargallo School of Art working in scientific illustrations; 9 students from Llotja working in portraits and illustrations of animals; in internship with Amical. 2 students from Art del Treball and edRa working in graphics related with Ancient Egypt; and 4 students from Tarragona School of Art and Design working in Roman age recreation images. Contacts with Catalan Libraries Network about the travel exhibition calendar.


  • February 6th - Meeting of the Catalunya Dades group for organizing "Big Data Week" 2014 in Barcelona. Amical Will lead a panel on Open Heritage. Kippelboy


  • 26th February - Follow up meeting with the Women Catalan Institute to plan 2014 projects Kippelboy


  • 4th February: Nomination to Martí Gasull Award by Plataforma per la Lengua. The jury considered that "success of the Catalan Wikipedia is the voluntary and collective success result of the dynamics of a society that wants to put the Catalan language to the highest international standards". Other nominees were Assemblea de Docents de les Illes Balears (winners) and Joan-Carles Martí i Casanova.
  • 24th February: Amical starts a draft agreement with Fundació Puntcat (.cat domain) to share their offices.



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