Amical Wikimedia/January 2012

Editing workshops edit

Workshop at the Víctor Balaguer Museum & Library
  • Wikipedia editing workshop at the Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer (Víctor Balaguer Museum & Library, historical library founded in 1884 which contains a collection of books and artwork). January 13, 2012. For more information have a look at the memo (catalan) and the image gallery. Person in charge: Kippelboy.
  • Conference about "The Wikipedia Project". Aimed to the Astronomical Association of Osona (Agrupació Astronòmica d'Osona). January 17, 2012. For more info. have a look at memo. Person in charge: Pallares.

Relationship with entities edit

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)
  • January 2. Meeting with the Marketing boss of the cultural complex building City of Culture of Galicia. Main focus: negotiation about a possible GLAM-WIKI event in Galicia. Contact person: Kippelboy.
  • January 17. Meeting with the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion. Main focus: negotiation with a potential cooperation project with them about the euro-campus or any other cultural project concerning the euro-region. Person in charge: Gomà.
  • January 31. Meeting with the Public Library of Palafrugell, the public record office of Palafrugell and the Josep Pla Foundation. Main aim: establishment of a potential collaboration between all them and GLAM-WIKI. Persons in charge: Davidpar and Kippelboy.

Communication edit

  • Amical Viquipèdia releases its Google+ (Link). Person in charge: Kippelboy.
  • Amical Viquipèdia creates the Flickr group "Per la Viquipèdia" (for Viquipèdia), aimed to photographers who want to share their works with a free license. Persons in charge: Kippelboy and KRLS .

Other edit

Kike Maíllo, director of the film EVA, winner of 5 Gaudí awards.
  • Authorized Wikipedia members had access to the IV Gaudí ceremony (in which the Catalan film industry presents its awards). In total, 25 pictures with free license were taken. The cineasts and the film awards ceremony pictures have been already uploaded in Commons. Have a look to the pictures here. Persons in charge: Pallares and Aleeix.
  • Amical Viquipèdia participation to the Wiki-Skills workshop hold on January 23 and organized by the FutureLearning Group and the Education Faculty of the University of Barcelona. Persons in charge: Dvdgmz, Kippelboy

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