Alva's College, Moodubidire, Wikipedia Student Association


Alva’s College which has a well-established Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research along with Graduate Programs. Alva’s is a unique educational institution that embodies all academic and cultural characters. Alva’s facilitates each student in their overall growth to link them closely with the corporate sector, higher education and research, administrative services (public sector), professional courses and entrepreneurship.

Motivation & Background

Alvas Education Foundation runs many educational institutions. Alvas Degree College is one of them. Alva's Wikipedia Student Association (WSA) started during the academic year 2017-18. WSA at Alvas College was started by the guidance and as per the framework designed by Karavali Wikimedians User Group. Inauguration of the association was done on July 13, 2017.[1],[2].


The main objectives of Alva's Wikipedia Students association is to:

  • Improve writing Writing Skills (ability to write in an objective fashion)
  • Develop digital information literacy skills
  • Increase ability to critically engage with a concept/theme
  • Enhance Language proficiency skills
  • Provide scope for student's overall progress
  • Develop the habit of research among students
  • Improving the language skills and richness in writings in Indian languages