Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Wikimedia user group approval process - August 2014/ja

  1. Recognizing Wikimedia User Groups is the responsibility of the Affiliations Committee;
  2. The current approval process for user groups is often slower than was originally the intention for Wikimedia user groups;
  3. A user group may later be recognized as a chapter or a thematic organization if it meets the additional requirements.
Therefore be it
resolved that the Affiliations Committee is formally changing the Wikimedia user groups approval process;
The initial Wikimedia user group application will be filled out on the Meta Wiki;
Affiliations Committee will assign two liaisons to the Wikimedia user group applicant;
Liaisons will be primary contacts for applicants and ultimately approve for one year or reject the application on behalf of the Affiliations Committee;
Liaisons may ask for a full committee review and approval or rejection of the Wikimedia user group application at their discretion;
Per the Wikimedia user group agreement, liaison approved Wikimedia user groups will have access to Wikimedia trademarks and a logo as outlined in the Wikimedia movement affiliates logos best practices guide;
Review of renewal application after first year by entire Committee;
Renewal can be for any specified time beyond just one-year;
The Affiliations Committee can, by a majority vote, repeal the Wikimedia user group's status with 30 days notice at any time if the Committee feels it is absolutely necessary to do so.



  承認された決議  投票結果  賛成 7 票、 反対 0 票、 棄権 0 票、 不投票 1 票、 日付 7 August 2014