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  1. Recognizing Wikimedia User Groups is the responsibility of the Affiliations Committee;
  2. The application of New England Wikimedians has been reviewed by the Affiliations Committee and was discussed on their Meta Page;
  3. The scope of the group can be found on Meta-Wiki;
  4. It is the opinion of the Affiliations Committee that the group meets the requirements for Wikimedia User Group status;
  5. A user group may later be recognized as a chapter or a thematic organization if it meets the additional requirements.
resolved that New England Wikimedians is recognized as a Wikimedia User Group for a one-year period ending 31 December 2014.

At the end of the recognition period, the group may apply for the renewal of recognition.



  承認された決議  投票結果  賛成 8 票、 反対 0 票、 棄権 0 票、 不投票 0 票、 日付 30 December 2013