Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Budget Request Belgium - March 2013

According to the Internal_process_on_spending, this resolution requires a simple majority of the members, including treasurer and chair.

Considering that:

  • The Affiliations Committee has allocated budget for startup grants to candidate affiliate organizations.
  • The applicants for the candidate chapter Wikimedia Belgium have put together a request for a start-up grant.
  • The committee has reviewed this request and considers it in line with the mission, and helpful for the candidate chapter to overcome the hurdles in the founding process.

It is resolved that:

  • The Affiliations Committee recommends that the WMF Grants Program (in consultation with the Grants Advisory Committee) approves this grant request as swiftly as possible.
  • This grant may be disbursed from the allocated Affiliations Committee budget for start-up grants
  • The Affiliation Committee requests that the WMF inform the Affiliations Committee of all developments connected to the grant (including review status, decisions related to the grant, reporting status, etc.), and any amounts deducted from the Affiliations Committee budget.



  Resolution passed with 6 votes in favor, 0 votes against, 1 abstentions, 3 votes not cast, on 2 April 2013.