Posições do 'Conselho de Administração' eleitos pelos afiliados/2019/Traduções infográficas

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Posições dos 'Membros de Administração' eleitos pelos afiliados

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A January 2019 change to Wikimedia Foundation Bylaws determined that all recognized affiliates can participate in this community-led process to fill the 2 affiliate-selected seats.


15 - 30 de abril

A page on Meta collects nominations and endorsements. User groups, thematic organizations and chapters can ask questions to candidates.

Discuss involvement in your group

Discuss ideal candidates

Nominate and/or endorse someone


1 - 7 de maio

Candidates are reviewed and screened by the community.


May 8 - May 31

The primary representative for each of the ≈150 affiliates will vote on Qualtrics through a link received by email.

Votar nos candidatos


Fins de junho

O 'Conselho de Administração' aprova os resultados e os novos membros do conselho começam antes da Wikimania 2019.

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