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ソフトウェアエンジニアとして抽象ウィキペディアチームに参加しているCory Massaroを歓迎します。


“I obtained my B.A. in creative writing and classical languages in 2010, then studied comparative literature with a focus on oral history and epic before switching to computational linguistics. I then spent several years working on speech recognition systems and internationalization. More recently, I’ve taken on mentorship and educational roles with a particular focus on helping entry-level workers build class consciousness.

My core passions are teaching/learning, the arts, language, and the relationship of these to workers’ rights. If there is a throughline uniting these interests, it is this: I care deeply about knowledge. I want to contribute to a culture where people possess sufficient education, leisure, and resources to relate to knowledge and act on it. To these ends, I have contributed research analyzing how ideology can create dialect. I also conduct workshops on political rhetoric. In my free time, I write, learn languages, create text adventures, and play music.

I discovered programming as a matter of necessity. Many career paths seemed unreachable due to student loans, while the for-profit tech sector offered a path to stability. Only later did it become clear that values-driven tech work existed.

For this reason, I’m delighted to be joining an organization built on principles of freedom, openness, and cultural/linguistic pluralism. I can’t wait to help make knowledge more accessible and am excited to learn more about this fundamentally democratic approach to language and community engagement. Plus, if there is a modern global analog to the ancient keepers of oral history, Wikimedia is probably it, and that is beautiful.”


また、すでに知ってるかもしれませんが、12月に新しいウィキメディア・ウィキの名称が決まりました。 アルゴリズムのリポジトリの名前は、コミュニティによる投票結果として、Wikifunctionsとなります。 wikifunctions.orgというドメイン名が確保されました。

次のステップは、Wikifunctionsのロゴコンセプトの選択プロセスを始めることです。ゆっくりとスピードを上げていきます。 提案はこちらでできます。続いていくつかの補足資料を公開し、少し単純化するためにプロセスのタイムラインをやり直します。 これは、ウィキデータのロゴに使われたアプローチに似ています。 プロセスが実行されるのをとても期待しています!