Abstrakt Wikipedia/Eksempler

This page is a translated version of the page Abstract Wikipedia/Examples and the translation is 40% complete.

Here are examples of what Abstract Content could look like. Note that these are not prescriptive examples, but illustrative ones. The look of the Constructors and their rendering results will be entirely up to the communities.


 subclassification_string_from_n_n_language(n_wikipedia, n_encyclopedia, English)
  • engelsk : Wikipedias are encyclopedias.
 subclassification_string_from_n_n_language(n_wikipedia, n_encyclopedia, German)
  • tysk : Wikipedien sind Enzyklopädien.

In the syntax below, that would look like:

 Subclassification(Wikipedia, Encyclopedia)
  • engelsk : Wikipedias are encyclopedias.
  • tysk : Wikipedien sind Enzyklopädien.

Fra teknisk papir

   content: [
       instance: San Francisco (Q62),
       class: Object_with_modifier_and_of(
         object: center,
         modifier: And_modifier(
           conjuncts: [cultural, commercial, financial]
         of: Northern California (Q1066807)
       subject: San Francisco (Q62),
       rank: 4,
       object: city (Q515),
       by: population (Q1613416),
       local_constraint: California (Q99),
       after: [Los Angeles (Q65), San Diego (Q16552), San Jose (Q16553)]
  • engelsk : San Francisco is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California. It is the fourth-most populous city in California, after Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.
  • tysk : San Francisco ist das kulturelle, kommerzielle und finanzielle Zentrum Nordkaliforniens. Es ist, nach Los Angeles, San Diego und San Jose, die viertgrößte Stadt in Kalifornien.


A slightly longer example for abstract content: Jupiter.

Example sentences

Basic, extended, and longer sentences that one may expect to be generated in the NLG process, together with their origin and what data would need to be fetched from Wikidata: Sample sentences.


In preparation for the upcoming Phase ζ (zeta), we have created a few examples of function composition.

Mockup af brugergrænsefladen

At Early mockups § Succession, you can see two mockup (very rough) images for what a single Constructor and an English Renderer for it, might look like within an editor's user-interface.