This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
The logo for the project, if you already have one
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionfor anyone but for people mostly with ADD, OCD, styled pedia. What will be its scope? How would it benefit to be part of Wikimedia?
Is it a multilingual wiki?primary eng, others can be added as well.
Potential number of languagespossibly many
Proposed taglinepedia for anyone but material mostly for ADD, OCD.
Proposed URLThe (proposed) website for the project
Technical requirements
New features to requireIf the project requires any new features that the MediaWiki software currently doesn't have, please describe in detail. Are additional MediaWiki extensions needed for the project?
Development wikiDoes your project have a technical-development wiki (e.g., in Wikimedia Labs)?
Interested participants
List of project participants

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Ruggtn (talk) 10:00, 16 July 2021 (UTC)

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Ruggtn (talk) 10:00, 16 July 2021 (UTC)