2018 Revenue strategy/Paths

“The future” will consist of an exploration of options to facilitate growth. For current models, we will work identify improvements with the online, foundations and major gifts and the endowment teams. For new models, we will work with external consultants to explore alternative revenue sources and scope them for cost and profit margin.


What are our possible paths?

  • How can we improve our existing models?
    • Online fundraising
    • Major gifts & foundations
    • Endowment
  • What other models are viable?
    • What are potential other revenue sources?
    • Which ones are viable in terms of cost and benefit?

Strategy 0: Status quoEdit

  • Incremental improvements
  • Growing the pie by expanding major gifts & grants

Strategy 1: Earned incomeEdit

  • Sell services or products
  • Brand licensing
  • Packaging the content into new formats, for new platforms

Strategy 2: Accelerating the EndowmentEdit

  • Strategy for the endowment
  • Messaging

Strategy 3: Creative philanthropyEdit

  • New frontiers
  • Stacked financing
  • Venture philanthropy, impact investing, patient capital, etc.

How to chooseEdit

  • Timeline
  • Structures and processes
  • Capacity to absorb and spend
  • Does it advance or hinder the mission?
  • Does it strengthen or damage the brand?

Random links and topicsEdit