2018 Revenue strategy

In 2017, the Wikimedia movement engaged in a wide, collaborative strategy process that culminated with nearly a hundred independent organizations worldwide agreeing on a common strategic direction for the 2030 horizon.

The Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees was among the groups that endorsed the strategic direction. In 2018, they released a statement "setting forth [...] a clear mandate for the Wikimedia Foundation to invest the resources necessary to support the growth and evolution required for the next chapter of Wikimedia’s future."[1]

The Statement endorsing future resourcing and direction of the organization specifically recommended that the Foundation "Support the fundraising team in raising additional funds beyond what is called for in the annual plan to prepare us for future growth", "Increase revenue as needed to support investment and growth", and "Explore alternative revenue streams for the Foundation and movement".

Following this directive, and as part of its own strategic planning process, the Wikimedia Foundation is now developing a Revenue strategy for the next 3 to 5 years. This revenue strategy will be developed using the “Wikipedian process”; we will conduct research to review the past, examine the present, and explore options for the future.

The three resulting research essays and an accompanying summary will be posted on Meta by summer 2019 for comments and improvements, similar to how the Endowment Essay was put together and discussed.

Individual decision-making can be impeded by bounded rationality and selective exposure. An additional concern when discussing specialized topics as a large group is the information deficit of its members and the communal reinforcement built in the group over time. In order to mitigate those limitations, these documents attempt to frame each issue by situating the Wikimedia Foundation in its broader landscape, as a way to increase the information available for decision-making.

This work will be led by the Advancement Department, in collaboration with relevant teams and departments at the Foundation, and with support from external subject matter experts.


The following pages are still in draft status and will be developed in 2018.

Notes and referencesEdit

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