2003 Fundraising announcement

Wikipedia was founded on January 15, 2001 as an open encyclopedia that can be edited by everyone. Within the last three years, it grew from nothing to 400,000 articles in over 50 languages and has resulted in three major spin-off projects, Wiktionary (a free dictionary), Wikibooks (free textbooks) and Wikiquote (a free quote collection). Together with Wikipedia these are organized under the Wikimedia non-profit organization. All the articles are written by unpaid volunteers, and even the software is collaboratively developed as "open source". All content is free and will remain so forever, thanks to our "copyleft" license.


Most of the necessary funding (hardware, bandwidth) has been provided by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. In spite of some generous donations in the last months (thanks to everyone who helped!), the three servers that currently host all of Wikimedia's projects in all languages are simply not enough, especially as two of them have turned out to have hardware defects. Please read Jimbo's letter below and see if you can help us out.


Letter to our readers and contributors By Jimmy Wales, Wikimedia Foundation, Director December 28, 2003

読者と寄稿者の皆様へ ウィキメディア財団代表 ジミー・ウェールズ 2003/12/28

As you have all seen the past few days, we have been having technical difficulties. The essential problem is that we do not currently have enough hardware to cope with routine failures of any kind. When any one of our machines goes down, we experience cascading problems due in part to the excess load on the entire system.


The solution to this problem is to purchase now sufficient hardware to give us enough excess capacity so that we can be reliable. I estimate that $20,000 in hardware would get us to a point where we have reserves to handle the failure of any one machine. Additionally, we would be well-poised to continue our track record of astounding growth.

この問題の解決法としては、十分な予備容量を得るために十分なハードウェアを新しく購入し、システムの信頼性を高めることです。私の見積りでは、ハードウェアの購入に $20,000 (約210万円)あれば、一台が稼動不能になっても切り抜けられるように備えることが出来ます。また、このようなシステムは、私たちの達成してきた驚異的な成長の継続にふさわしい備えにもなるでしょう。

We currently have total funds of about $4,200. Additionally, I am donating (via Bomis) 1 new webserver. I am putting together, in consultation with our technical team, an order for new hardware totalling $20,000. For details of what we are purchasing, or if you have expertise and would like to help guide us, join the wikitech-l mailing list. [Note that when Wikipedia is down, the mailing list subscription is affected, too.]

私たちは既に$4,200を蓄えています。加えて、私はBomisを通して一台のウェブサーバを寄付します。テクニカル・チームと相談した結果、新規のハードウェアに$20,000必要だと判断しました。私たちの購入予定についての詳細を知りたい場合、あるいは、あなたがもし専門知識をお持ちで、私たちを導く手伝いをして頂けるのであれば、wikitech-lメーリングリストに加入してください。[ ウィキペディアがダウンしている際はメーリングリストの加入にも影響が出ることに注意してください。 ]

I will post daily or twice-daily updates on this web page as well as keeping the mailing lists informed at the same time.


Your help is much appreciated.



Jimbo Wales



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Comments, questions?


If you have any questions regarding donations, you can ask Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales. You can also contact one of our project mailing lists, many Wikimedia participants read these lists and can reply to you there.