Zenodo is a scholarly publishing platform which CERN provides. It is useful for Meta-Wiki as a highly stable platform for storing academic article pre-prints, datasets, and figures which require a traditional publishing format but do not require peer review or the traditional publishing process.

If anyone has the copyright to academic content and wants to store it in a way that is accessible for Wikimedia projects and more, then Zenodo offers quick and easy access to benefits which are hard to find elsewhere.

Why Zenodo edit

  1. Assigns a DOI to any publication, thereby making it machine readable, compatible with Wikidata indexing, and compatible with almost any other academic platform
  2. The website is produced by CERN and represents the best that the European Union can offer
  3. Users report that publishing for the first time in Zenodo takes maximum 5 minutes, which is speedy by 2019 standards and unusual in academic publishing
  4. Zenodo has easily accessible options for Wikimedia compatible Creative Commons license designations
  5. As a preprint server and archive, Zenodo will host almost any kind of user-generated scholarly content