Writing week/Brussels/Topics

(Topics About) Living/Visiting in Brussels:

  • Frites
  • Waffles
  • Traditional dishes
  • Beer
  • make Brussels a country.
  • Cobblestone streets (e.g., what shoes work best, can women wear heels?)
  • Midi Farmers' Market
  • Jeu de Balle fleamarket
  • stricter laws against immigration
  • Vintage stores in the Marolles
  • Expand the rights of drivers
  • Antique shops
  • Bio and slow food markets
  • Driving in Brussels (the good, the bad)
  • The Sunday shopping movement
  • Languages in Brussels (yes, we know about French, Flemish, and German, but what about the widespread use of English Arab, Portuguese, Brabants, all variations of Brussels, unofficial languages, .. and Spanish?)
  • Artist groups and collectives in Brussels. There is a good beginning here, we can expand on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Belgian_artist_groups_and_collectives
  • The large scouting movement in Brussels
  • Brussels car free day
  • Belgian free district
  • Brussels metro stops (as there is a lot of art work in them)

Suggestions: Constant, Nadine, Q-02, Rosas, Overtoon, F/lat, Greylight projects, Open Sound Lab, Open Source Publishing, ... history of prince of Orange