CIS-A2K/Events/Workshop of Agrani River activists, Dist. Sangli

Jal Biradari is working on water issues in Agrani river basin of Sangli district in Maharashtra. To train the activists of this region in documentation on Wikimedia projects, this workshop was conducted in village Dafalapur on 7 December 2018. The project coordinator and 11 activists participated in the workshop.

Background edit

After the River Dialogue in which activists and researchers from Jeevit Nadi, EcoUniv, Jal Biradari & Tarun Bharat Sangh, Ecological Society, Sagarmitra organisations, the first session was organised by Jal Biradari in Sangli. In which, the groups presented their work, the database and the resources with them. These include photographs, videos, training material and data collected on site. Extensive discussion was made for evolving methodology to integrate in Wikimedia Projects. This was the first iteration in the series of workshops in July 2019.

Objectives edit

  • To build knowledge resource on Agrani River Basin in Sangli district
  • To document the history & culture on the banks of river with the local community
  • Mapping of water bodies in the river basin
  • To plan for photo walks along the river

Event details edit

Date : 7 December 2018
Time : 12PM to 4PM
Place : Sangli, Maharashtra, India
Venue : Dafalapur, Dist. Sangli

Facilitators edit

  • Narendra Chug, Jalbiradari
  • Subodh Kulkarni, CIS-A2K

Participants (Usernames) edit

  1. Sagar070777
  2. ‎युवराज ओलेकर
  3. Balasaheb masal
  4. Gulab naik
  5. Deepak madhukar bandgar
  6. प्रतापसिंह जयसिंगराव पाटील
  7. ‎नागेश संजय ओलेकर
  10. मधुकर मोहिते
  11. Shrikant shankar nagane 

Agenda edit

  • 12 to 1pm : Introduction to Wikimedia projects, Wikipedia pillars
  • 1 to 2pm : Account creation, basic editing skills, article structure
  • 2 to 3pm : Structure of category on River basin, preparing category tree and list of articles
  • 3 to 4pm : Practice in sandbox, How to start new article, Copyrights & Uploading on Commons

Report edit

The second iteration of building content on rivers in Sangli district was organised on 7th December by Jal Biradari & Tarun Bharat Sangh organisation. In this 4 hour session, 11 participants worked on category tree and structure of article on river. The editing skills for this were imparted. The images and videos available in the repository were analysed for uploading. The categorisation of media was also planned. The issues like maps of rivers and heritage places on the banks were also discussed. This team will prepare the database and organise the media files available for uploading in respective categories. The next iteration is planned in February.

Gallery edit